holiday treats

Are you looking for baking ideas for the holidays? Because with all the chaos going on around here, I finally just realized that, 'Oh crap! It's 20 days until Christmas. Nine more school days before the kids go on Winter Break and I haven't even thought about baking ANYTHING.'

So to get in the baking mood, I have made a handy roundup of treats and assorted baked goods that I have made over the years on ECM. And I mean I have made over and over.... so I consider them tried and true. Treats that I haven't seen anyone ever turn their noses up at and if someone baked these and showed up on my doorstep, I would welcome them with open arms and a cocktail or hot chocolate.

In no particular order:

Homemade Vanilla Extract. Yes, I am aware it's not a treat per se but if you know someone who bakes all the time, they will love this. It makes a wonderful and memorable hostess gift. Vanilla extract never goes bad and once you give them a foundation they can keep adding to it, customizing the flavor to their own individual taste. It's probably one of the most impressive gifts I  give. People routinely tell me they didn't even know you could make vanilla extract. You get to look like a genius. Also, make a bottle for yourself.

cranberry streusel shortbread bars

My favorite.

Gift Idea: Take three and tie with festive ribbon and place in a cellophane bag.

anzac cookies

Great cookies that last if you want to ship overseas!

chocolate chubbies

Chocolate Nirvana!

Gift Idea: A warning sticker. Seriously, if you have a chocolate lover wrap them up and place a warning sticker on these bad boys.  

triple ginger cookies

Super gingery happiness.

chocolate thumbprint cookies

You got chocolate in my cookie. No, you got peanut butter in my cookie.

buttery shortbread

Great for decorating but also great plain. My go-to cookie.

caramel, coconut, chocolate chip, and bacon magic bars

You read that right. Make them for the bacon lover, they will love you forever. Also you might want to make sure they have a prescription for Lipitor before eating.

Gift Idea: If you can find a empty box of Lipitor wrap them up in that or if you can find a cute piggy platter or bowl that would work too.

chewy oatmeal cookies

Changed the way I look and make oatmeal cookies.

cream cheese pound cake

Perfection and simplicity in every slice. This, wrapped up in a fancy dish towel with a wooden spoon and recipe cards would be a nice teacher gift.

apple upside down cake with caramel sauce


doughnut muffins

I crave these on a weekly basis. It is a cake doughnut in a muffin.

Gift Idea: Wrap these little muffins up in a lined basket with 2 mugs and a bag of coffee or tin of hot chocolate would be lovely. Especially if given on Christmas Eve.


The next door neighbors wouldn't be mad if you brought this to them. Especially when you have to tell them you are going to need to jackhammer a 3 foot x 3 foot section of their driveway to fix your sewer line.

dark chocolate swirl pound cake

Nor would they be mad if you brought this over to them either. Also, you can swap out the dark chocolate and replace with Nutella.

chocolate tart with pretzel crust

Sweet and salty lovers will rejoice.

lemon curd

Gift Idea: Fill Mason Jars with lemon curd wrapped with pretty ribbon. Place in a pretty basket with scones, tea, a tea pot and/or a pretty tea cup found at second hand store or discount store (Homegoods).

brownies with caramel sauce

Good Lord. Hallelujah.

Gift Idea: Make a platter of these with a bowl of caramel sauce in the center and a note to have a sweet 2012!

banana crunch bread

Best banana bread I have ever made.

Gift Idea: Wrap this up with a note to your kids teacher. "I know my kids have driven you BANANAS in the classrom at least once this year. Happy Holidays!'

coffee toffee pecan pie

banana streusel muffins

Gift Idea: Place these in a pink bakery box tied in yarn with a message that breakfast is on you!


stacey said...

So, what kind of goodie says, "I'm sorry my kid flushed a hotwheel down your toilet?"

Therese said...

I am so making the vanilla extract. Thanks for the idea!

LunaCafe said...

What a great collection! ...Susan

Shelley From Ground Beef Budget said...

Oh my ....now I am hungry, this all looks sooooo good!

Lo said...

Every last one of these ideas look delicious to me. LOVE homemade vanilla extract more than words.

eat well, live free said...

I was going to go to yoga this morning, but I'm new to your site, and of course there is this post. So...I just thought I would sit and gawk for a while. Life is short. Happy New Year!

ss said...

Missing your posts! Hope ALL is well with your husband and family!