cheap tacos

Alternate title for this post: .... and BOOM goes the dynamite!!!!

So... I bet if I told you that I am one hot mess right now, you'd probably believe me without even         knowing why I am such a hot fantastic mess. You'd say, 'Krysta, I've been reading your blog for quite some time and everything you've written so far....well, yeah, ummm to put it nicely you ARE a hot mess. P.S. Please stay away from me, I am not sure if your drama/bad luck is contagious.'

I wish there was a vaccine. Maybe then I could get inoculated from all this crap.

And you haven't even heard half of it.


I know someone who will actually physically recoil from you if you even look like you have had dramatic day. What I am about to tell you would make her shit her pants in holy terror and run away like her hair was on fire. Especially after everything else that has happened since the beginning of 2011 i.e. the stuff that you guys don't know about.


I have a stress fracture in my foot.

Make all the jokes you want.

Or get all metaphysical.

Trust me, I have thought of them all because when your husband is recuperating from a heart attack and you are laid up in a super sexy orthopedic boot and both of you are at home THERE IS OH SO MUCH TIME TO THINK (even though you can't see me I am wildly gesticulating this point). Also, there is time to discuss every single thing that you are thinking. Ad nauseum.

Allrighty, now that I have made my point, let's talk cheap tacos or as my mom would call them gringo tacos. I have also heard them called okie tacos. Kind of like White People's Chinese Food or WPCF for short, these are WPMF (white people's mexican food). And when I tell my family with the surname of Guerrero that we are having cheap tacos... they get excited. Strange, I know.

Before you start sending crappy emails about authenticity yada, yada, yada... this a a happy dish from my childhood and if you don't like it.... fine. Move along, there is nothing to see here. There are some things that make a cheap taco, well, a cheap taco. Ground beef, taco seasoning, canned refried beans, iceberg lettuce, chopped olives, and some grease. Change these ingredients and you change the integrity of the dish.

cheap tacos:

1 pound of ground beef (not super lean)
1 package of Lawry's Taco Seasoning
1 can (30 ounce) refried beans
grated sharp cheddar cheese
chopped iceberg lettuce
sour cream
chopped black olives
homemade pico de gallo or chopped tomatoes
hot sauce (I really recommend Pico Pica)
good quality corn tortillas, fried into taco shells, drained on a paper towel

In a good sized frying pan, brown ground beef over medium high heat until brown. Don't drain the grease unless there is way too much grease... use your good judgement. Add taco seasoning and mix well. Add refried beans and mix again. Heat mixture until the beans and ground beef are bubbly. That's it. Make your tacos. Serve on paper plates with plenty of paper towels.


Rich just asked me what I was writing about. I told him cheap tacos. He groaned and asked if he could have still have those. I told him I don't think so... he moaned. Poor dude.

* thanks for all your suggestions, I know that we can still have these tacos...  modified but it won't be the same cheap tacos as before.


The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

Life always seems to bundle all the shit together doesn't it? I've had bad months like that too. No fun. Hope you are both on the mend.

unMuse said...

Even if he can't have that particular recipe of cheap taco, there's always ground turkey or super lean pork, refried black beans (cook, mush and lightly fry in less than a teaspoon of olive oil) and instead of all of the sodium in a taco seasoning mix, make up your own to keep stocked without the salt :)

(been there with the diet changes while trying to hold on what makes food fun)

bettyloug said...

These tacos have just transported me back to my childhood. I can almost smell your photo! Simple yet oh so delicious. YUM

Melissa said...

Aw. Poor dude.

naidre said...

Your hubby can TOTALLY have tacos!!! Use lean ground beef instead of the 'not super lean' and drain the fat that is rendered. Or use fish...or chicken breast...Use low fat sour cream, low fat cheese and instead of the refried beans, throw a drained can of kidney beans in the food processor with some cumin and chili spices. Voila. Healthier Cheap Tacos!!

Sgt. Todd said...

Oh man...seriously?? A fractured foot? What the heck did you do in a previous life?? The taco recipe is great though. It takes me back to college days when a bunch of us would pitch in most of these same ingredients and do a taco night.

Unknown said...

I love this! This is what my family had for dinner last night~ It really hits the spot!! :)

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Woah. I think I'm caught up on the bad news now. I'm so, so sorry about the current situation, but so, so glad everything is fixable.

Tacos like this (except minus the refried beans) were a staple of my childhood, as well. In fact, my brother and I used to have taco eating contests when we were young, like 9 or 10. We both played a ton of sports and so were always ravenous. He holds the record at 12, but I still maintain it wasn't fair because my mom gave him the last of the meat so I couldn't answer the challenge.

Not that I have carried that bitterness with me for TWENTY YEARS or anything.

Jena Lockwood said...

these are known as "greasy tacos" in our house!

ericka said...

There are tacos from my childhood too! I love them! My hubby doesn't like is shells fried in oil, so he gets sissy boy "lightly grilled" tortilla shells! Bummer about your foot! Hope your hubby is feeling better!

Margie said...

Cheap = good.

Anonymous said...

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Vickie said...

I love cheap tacos - my daughter makes them with tofu. I'm just sayin. ;)

Peter said...

I really hope he's at least getting a little better...sucks. All things like this will pass.

Funchkins said...

Wow, these tacos sound so good! I have got to try them.

Britton said...

Those tacos are awesome. I am going to start frying my own shells, yours look awesome. Sorry about all the crap. When it rains, it pours.