root beer float popsicles & 50/50 popsicles

This post almost didn't happen.... and you would have been able to blame Katie.

I'm finding out that Katie and I have a fundamental difference of opinion. We might look alike, gesticulate wildly the same exact way, sound the same but there is one big difference. Recipes. It came to light on a recipe we haven't posted yet. She feels the first time you make something, 'YOU FOLLOW THE RECIPE.' Really, if you heard her lecture me that's what her voice sounded like. All caps, in bold, and in italics. Very Mom sounding. I am more of a, 'recipe is just guideline.' Very chill, laid back like. I will admit she has a point that you need a baseline to know how a recipe will taste then adapt but I also have been cooking long enough and eating even longer that sometimes I can imagine what a meal is going to taste like by just reading the recipe. [good lord, how pretentious does that sound?] I know not to switch out pork for chicken and then wonder why the recipe didn't turn out like it should have.

I guess we will agree to disagree.

So, how come this post almost didn't happen? Well I was on pinterest the other day and I saw these root beer float popsicles. I showed Katie and she read the recipe...  sigh, great. See the recipe originally calls for yogurt and when I asked her go to the store to get some miscellaneous items, including vanilla ice cream. She saw right through that ploy. She called me on it too. 'You want vanilla ice cream to make those root beer float popsicles, don't you?'

'Yeah, why?'

'MOOOOOOOOOM, you really should follow the recipe first.'

'The recipe also says to you can use diet root beer. It's a popsicle not a diet treat. That's like giving the middle finger to someone.' [no offense to the person who writes bite this, I was trying to make a point. That she was giving me the finger.  You know here I was giving my daughter money and asking her to do me a favor and she is being a cheeky little insubordinate monkey.]

She left to the store and when she came back.... she didn't bring me back ice cream.

I feel like she was doing this to me...

[also it's eddie murphy's delirious... you should know it contains bad language and is definitely not safe for work.]

I am pretty sure she thinks because she's 18, soon to be 19, and in college that she can't get into trouble. I might not be able to ground her anymore but I sure as hell can embarrass her on the Internet. [Hi Katie!!!! LOOOOOVE YOU! Next time get me the damned ice cream.]

root beer float popsicles & 50/50 popsicles: adapted from bite this

18, 3-ounce Dixie cups
1 gallon of vanilla ice cream, here's a recipe if you'd like to make your own
root beer or orange soda
popsicle sticks
baking sheet, tray or dish

First of all make room in your freezer for a tray, baking sheet, or dish. Snip a little bit of the Dixie cup. This will make it easier to peel the cup off of the popsicle later on. Place Dixie cups on tray.

Layout all of your ingredients. Fill bottom 1/3 of the Dixie cups with ice cream, then pour root beer slowly over ice cream until the root beer fills two thirds of the Dixie cup. Place tray into the freezer. Freeze for about two hours or until root beer is close to frozen. Carefully, fill the top third of the Dixie cups with remaining ice cream. Freeze for 30 minutes, then insert wooden sticks into the root beer ice cream mixture. Serve when the popsicles are completely frozen.

Combination Ideas:

Vanilla Ice Cream with...

Dr. Pepper
Grape Soda
cream soda
cherry soda

Yogurt with...

strawberry lemonade

Blueberry Yogurt with Lemonade

Chocolate Ice Cream with Cream Soda


carrie said...

that looks so good. my kids would love this for their birthday party. thanks for the recipe ;)

SweetMommaK said...

Yummy! Can't wait to try these!

Amy said...

Love this post, K.

Mindy B said...

This is exactly what my husband does to me! I tell him I'm making this recipe "sorta" and he gets that "this is going to be awful, what is she thinking look" on his face. Granted I have had some failures, but way more successes. These sound amazing! I definitely plan on making them soon!

Christina said...

Freakin' hilarious! I've had more than one person give me the stink-eye when I vary my recipes (like I don't know better or something, sheesh!). I win.

Those look delicious! Like you, I will be partaking in the ice cream version - diets be damned!

Culinary School: Three Semesters of Life, Learning, and Loss of Blood said...

If I got nothing else as a culinary student (here, I wrote all about it: "Culinary School: 101 Things Every Culinary Student Should Know Before They Go" - http://bit.ly/kqooqy), I got the ability to say to hell with recipes. They are a starting point, but the end point is my taste, so if I want more of this or less of that (outside of baking), so be it.

Gwen said...

HaaHaa, love Eddie. This is a fab idea, except I made the mistake of reading it in front of 2 of my boys and now they're whining for ice cream. ;)

Vickie said...

I love your writing.

This recipe sounds delicious and I'm with you on the substitution. I completely agree about using recipes as guidelines. I like to read 2 or 3 and create my own. The mistakes teach me, too.

Nouveau Chef said...

Yeah, I always intend to follow the recipe first time around but somehow never do. I also fix new recipes for guests, so sue me. I've had some interesting "learning moments" but I haven't had anyone complain (aside from my kids of course.) Keep going Krysta! Love the popsicle idea - it's almost warm enough here!

Stacey Snacks said...

These look like fun! going to try them this weekend, it's 105F in NJ! ouch!