saturday pictures

some left over pictures from hawaii.

these two pictures are are ttv or through the viewfinder. if you have an old brownie or duaflex and a dslr and feel like you need a challenge, try it. it changes your perception on what is a good photo and it's seems to be like i can be a little more forgiving on what i shoot. i like the challenge... and the forgiveness.


exploratorium:sf, ca.

fort point.

the best part of having a birthday is conning your family (and yourself) into doing something touristy. i have always wanted to check out fort point so i used my birthday as an excuse to go.

san francisco skyline.

but i couldn't con any of my kids to do a charlie's angels pose on my birthday. boo!

waiting in traffic


this was a prep shot for parmesan-crusted rigatoni with cauliflower and prosciutto
from amy at very culinary. i never got around to posting it, not because it wasn't good but because i was distracted with life.

preview for next week: mac and cheese (redux), italian sausage and peppers sandwich, anzac cookies, and all sorts of other goodies.

have a good weekend.


Melissa said...

Your photo of the skyline is ridiculously awesome.