kauai, hawaii

pu'u o kila lookout [view large]

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i'm sitting here watching the cursor button blink over and over at me, accusing me, 'hey lady! you gonna post something or what?'

i could talk about being evacuated from our hotel at the end of the road on a beach way on the north side of kauai during the tsunami but then i finally watched some footage on tv saturday night (11 days after the tsunami took place, our resort had no televisions) and that really left me fumbling for words.

ke'e  beach [view large]

i guess what i am really feeling like is that friend we all had in elementary school. the one during halloween who would never ever share their candy or even trade you a piece. that one who had the cool hello kitty erasers and the scratch 'n sniff stickers and wouldn't let you touch the erasers or scratch 'n sniff the stickers because you would wear out the scent. i'm feeling a little greedy and want to hoard all my memories for a little while longer. take the time to examine all the facets... make sure they all belong to me and if i tell you about it that the magic won't evaporate or somehow water down the memories i do have.

waimea canyon state park [view large]

though i can share with you...

that on the plane ride there we sat through some particularly rough turbulence, people were praying and white knuckling their armrests, flight attendants were told to strap down tight too, the seat-hog who invaded my bubble by elbowing me in the ribs the whole flight was praying next to me in hindi while also trying to comfort his wailing baby and a very cool chatty 5 year old. let's put it this way the airline gods looked kindly on my best behavior and patience during the flight to kauai and granted me an open seat next to me on the way back so i could stretch out and enjoy the flight back in peace. sweet.

more that one person asked if we were on our honeymoon.

an older local gentleman corrected me when i said hello. he said, 'no, no, no, you say aloha.' i was thinking, 'dude, i come from stockton where just looking at someone funny could get you shot. you are lucky i am even saying hello.'

hawaii quieted my monkey mind which then let me sleep for 10 hours every night. solid sleep, no train whistles, no gun shots, no police sirens, medi-flights, traffic, or to-do lists to wake me up. just one rooster who couldn't get his cockadoodle-doo right. he could get the first part right then instead of the last night note high and long he sounded like someone strangled him and cut him off. cockadoodle-dogrrrrmph.

on the road [view large]

that even two days after i came back i still smelled like hawaii. i love that somehow that my vacation seeped into my pores and that i was able to carry it around for a few extra days.

i love that i missed my kids. i needed to miss them.

that next time i go to hawaii, i will bring my knife kit so i can cook. i missed cooking.

my skin didn't itch or breakout and the redness in my face disappeared. between that, the sleep, and the quieting of the monkey mind was the way my body screamed thank you for going on a vacation.


Liam said...

It sounds like you really had a wonderful time. Truly rotten timing with the tsunami, but at least it makes for a good story and adventure - and it's true that it could certainly have been far worse.

I love the way Hawaii smells and I know exactly what you mean. The way the air feels. It's not just any tropical place that's like that, Hawaii does have something special to it there.

Welcome home =)

I'm Cassie.... said...

ahhhhhh, I got relaxed just reading about it and looking at your stunning photos.

So glad you had such a wonderful honeymoon ;)and that you were able to miss your kids. Sometimes a get-away is just what we need :)

Nouveau Chef said...

Wonderful! Those are the kind of experiences that you really do need to hold close to your heart and ponder. Just sharing those little moments says it all. I had to laugh when you said you were happy to miss the kids and wish you'd brought your knives - been there!
Welcome back!

Mrs. L said...

I went to Kauai several years ago and loved it. Your photos brought back many wonderful memories!

Bren said...

aaah, i'm so jealous. super green over here. I love Hawai'i! Was there for the 1s time last year and just can't wait to go back! It's such a magical place! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful memories and escapes.

Amanda said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like y'all had a great time!