super bowl snacks

A little story you might enjoy before I give you a round up of a few Super Bowl recipes for the big day.

I don't gamble very often. I was always taught that you better have the money if you place a bet, even if it's with your own husband. I think it's too many mobster movies I watched as a kid but I don't want my kneecaps busted or anything. So when the Steelers played in the Super Bowl in 2005 against the Seahawks, Rich was all the Steelers are not going to win. He kept on and on about how the Steelers were going to lose and even though I am a 49'er fan I was all, 'I'm pretty sure the Steelers are going to win." He kept harping and harping asking me if I wanted to put my money where my mouth was. To get him to shut up I said...

'Fine, what do you want to bet?'

'A soda.' He tells me.

'You've got to be kidding me. A soda? You aren't so confident the Seahawks are going to win, are you?' I told him.

'Why you got something better?'

'A car. I want a new car if they win. I get to pick. Brand. Color. V-8.' I figured we were getting a car soon anyways might as well go big or go home.

'Within reason. Let's shake on it.'

We did. I won. I got a car... within reason.

I guess you can figure where my loyalties lie again this Super Bowl. Maybe I can win something again.

Go Steelers!

cheese fritters with  balsamic sun-dried tomato dipping sauce: let's just say this beats tgimcfuglie's cheese sticks any day.

baked caramelized onion dip: Cheesy, warm, awesome. Especially if you are nice enough to serve this to your guests in individual ramekins.

bacon wrapped dates: I like to call these crack bombs. Need I say more?

salsa:  If I were Emily Post of food blogging and parties, I would declare that it isn't a party unless salsa is involved. I take my salsa quite seriously.

spam musubi: fun and easy.

lamb meatball sandwiches with mint yogurt sauce: I know this sounds like chick food but the dudes will love it.

blue ribbon chicken wings w/ homemade hot sauce and blue cheese dipping sauce: so good.

pok pok chicken wings: these are addictive... totally worth the effort and don't let the fish sauce scare you.

char siu glazed pork and pineapple buns: makes a lot and really easy to prepare before hand.

chocolate peanut butter pie: a no bake pie, super easy. who doesn't like chocolate and peanut butter? and it looks and tastes like you slaved away in the kitchen for hours.

chocolate tart with pretzel crust: sweet and salty.


Melissa said...

Stuff I can vouch for:

Onion dip, since T&D actually served it to us at dinner in October. THAT stuff is CRACK. CRACK I TELL YOU.

Salsa. I love your salsas!!

Chocolate peanut butter pie. Made it 4 times now. So. Good.

Stuff I wanna make:

The rest of it. Also, I keep stumbling across that chocolate tart with pretzel crust on F&W slideshows and always wondered about it. Totally forgot you made it. Awesome.

Jennifer said...

Damn I want to come to your house on Superbowl Sunday!

nancy@skinnykitchen.com said...

Great photos...All look yummy!

Elly Lou said...

So are you saying the three bags of tortilla chips I bought at Trader Joe's aren't gonna cut it?

Melissa said...

The cheese fritters have gotten my attention for the second time. Its not a Super Bowl party here unless there is queso!

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

All of that looks way too good. Everyone is having a better SB party than the one I'm going to where the host is vegetarian and there won't be any SPAM. (Okay, maybe I'm not so upset about the SPAM, but I'm missing things like lamb meatball sandwiches and chicken wings!

And go Packers! Sorry. Can't route for the Steelers. They knocked the Jets out of the game and that makes my hubby very depressed.

Laura Scarborough said...

oh my goodness!
what time do I show up on Sunday?
I have my very own Terrible Towel...don't tell my step-Dad, he thought he lost it. I grew up in the 'burgh so you know which way my Terrible Towel will be waving. Thanks for the snack ideas.