new year's day...

Rich and I took a drive down the coast on New Year's Day. Just some time to reboot and relax after the holidays and get some time to ourselves. Talked about a lot of changes to come for us personally, professionally, and here on this blog. Also, we played the I Wish game.

Our I Wish game seems to happen when we take long car drives and when the mega millions lottery game is up to an astronomical sum like 355 million dollars. We never buy tickets but it is always fun to dream for a car ride.

... and we always end up here. At the ocean. On this small tiny road. At the mailboxes with a view. What a pleasure it would be to pick up your mail everyday here. I think even getting bills would be pleasant.

Enjoy your weekend and maybe wish for something outrageous.


Neen said...

Love the mailbox picture. I've been away from the blogging world for a while, and am slowly dipping my toe back in. Only, this time it's photography that is getting me interested in food blogging instead of vice versa. Last time around, I never realized just how darn beautiful your shots are! But you really have quite an eye, and I'm sure a really beautiful camera! Are you on Flickr?

I'm Cassie.... said...

I drove up the coast of California over the past 2 weeks. I remember seeing a row of mail boxes, similar to the ones above, near Big Sur. I remember thinking, Wow, how lovely to be able to pick up your mail with such a breathtaking back drop.

Glad you enjoyed your New Year's Day. Cheers to 2011 and to Evil Chef Mom :-)