fresh cherry margaritas

Let's get the weekend started off right, shall we.

When Rich and I started looking at houses. We did what anal people do... We Made LISTS. Important lists. Lists of things we wanted in a home. Some of items on the list matched up. We both wanted an older house that more importantly was structurally sound. Glad we figured out that was important to both of us.

Both of us wanted air conditioning and a dish washer (four teenagers don't really count as dishwashers, do they? Anyways they don't do as good of a job as ol' George.[the name of my mechanical dishwasher])

But on the top 5 of Rich's list was a porch. He really wanted a porch. I couldn't have cared less. He vetoed houses that were perfectly fine because they didn't have a porch. I kept telling him, "This is California. The land of cars, movie stars, and leave me alone, I really can't be bothered talking to my neighbors."

There aren't many porches in California and you know what? That's a shame. I want there to be a magazine dedicated to porches. I would totally subscribe

Come to find out one of my favorite rooms in the house is the porch (as long as there isn't unconscious guys laying on the hammock). Anyways, I wanted a porch sitting, hammock swinging summer drink to enjoy on these long lazy summer days and this is my porch drink for the year.

nothing says summer better than cherries and drinks served in jelly jars

fresh cherry margaritas: adapted from fine cooking june/july 2010

serves 1

12 fresh sweet cherries, pitted
1 1/2 fl. ounce silver (blanco) tequila
1 fl. ounce fresh lime juice
1/4 fl. ounce Chambord
3/4 fl. ounce agave nectar

1 fresh cherry with stem for garnish
1 wedge of lime, for garnish

Put the cherries in a cocktail shaker and mash them with a muddler or the end of a wooden spoon until well crushed, about 1 minute. Add the tequila, lime juice, agave nectar, Chambord, and eight large ice cubes. Cover the shaker and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Immediately strain into a glass filled with fresh ice. Garnish with the cherry and lime wedge.


Liam said...

Copious amounts of this margarita shall be made tomorrow. Thanks, Krysta!

Anonymous said...

Now you're talkin'! This is a good reason for one last run out to the cherry orchards.

Warner (aka ntsc) said...

Can I use a Mason jar? I don't have any jelly jars although I have lots of jellies (well marmalades and preserves).

I'm Cassie.... said...

I ADORE porches. One of life's greatest simple pleasures.

Now I am a beer drinker at heart, but this cherry drink you got goin' on looks mouthwatering....

Enjoy your weekend Krysta!!

Btw, don't you have a graduation coming up? Or did it happen already?

Familia said...

this is a must!

Ty'sMommy said...

Now how did you know I was looking for something to do with fresh cherries, teqila AND agave nectar this week??? If only I had the Chambord...maybe have to try this one without it just so I can have it!

Liam said...

Krysta - I *loved* these and wound up trying a variation with fresh blueberries on my blog this week. Both the cherry and blueberry version turned out fantastic.

Ty'sMommy said...

Oh yes, I meant to tell you, I tried this one at my house on Monday night and posted it on my blog, too! Great choice!