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Last week I had to do something I never thought I would have to on my blog. I had to shut off comments on a post and the particular nastiness of these comments kind of- no that's a lie - it left me disoriented and wasn't even sure if I should dignify the comments with a response which is pretty rare for me.

Some people feel that their blogs are an extension of their home and you as a guest of their home/blog you should be polite and I am all for that but because of the title of my blog and the some time snarky pissyness of my writing style, I, more than anybody else, know I open myself up to some of the more nasty comments than other people get. Like my mom always use to say, "If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen."

I am going to stay in the kitchen.

Last year I wrote about brussels sprout hash with caramelized shallots and bacon and in that post told a funny story about my son (with his permission), Will and how much he loved his nakey-time after taking a bath. I also shared a badly focused, badly scanned photo of a naked baby Will running away from me so all you can see is wild curly hair and fat rolls and a naked baby bum. The comments were all kind and many of you told stories of your own children running around naked. All was good until this two comments this year...


'Don´t you understand why you get crazy porn spam? You post pictures of your naked child in spite of the warnings that recently came from Save the children but also earlier from other organisations.Child porn is a true sad thing but you shouldn´t contribute to that by bragging about your naked child and show him up here. Why don´t you allow him the privacy you give yourself or do you publish pictures of yourself naked? I wouldn´t think so as you are American. Americans are so prude but most of the naked pictures of children emanate from America. In other cultures nudeness is more natural and not so much a hot topic BUT they protect their children and refuse to feed the peddo´s so you have yourself to blame. If you don´t respect your child so why should these porny idiots do`? Or maybe they disrespect you? You deserve that as long as you exploit your child and brag about it. Is it ignorance or just business? What is it in for you to show naked children, YOUR naked children or internet? Shame on you! You´re slightly better than those silly comments!'

Then 3 days later...

'Show his dick. You have already betrayed your child and you are a bad parent. Fuck you for being such an ignorant bad mother showing your naked child on this blog, in public. And btw let us see your twat as well or do you care more about your integrity and dignity. Your son has no dignity because of you'

My comment:

hey anonymous...

too bad that your first comment had some valid points that i would have been willing to discuss... if you would have left your name. people who leave anonymous comments like yours are cowardly bullies.

everyone else... i am sorry to have to close comments on this post. the tone from this asshat went from somewhat civil to downright nasty very quickly.


I am still speechless those remarks, they just take my breath away.

I do feel that the first comment had some valid points and I want to make it clear to my lovely visitor... I ask for my kids for permission to post photos or tell potentially embarrassing stories of them, if they say no or change their mind about a past posting I will take it down and that is all you need to know. Everything else is none of your business. Now please go back to your hole you crawled out of.


Someone might want to see naked pictures of a 35 year old lady who was pregnant 4 times in 6 years. That would bring a whole different type of fetish porn to my site that could make me a lot of money, so thanks for the idea, my stretch marks are actually going to come in handy.


recipe posted tomorrow.


katie said...

wow, krysta, there are just no words. Good for you for posting baby cheeks and screw anybody who thinks thats wrong. If baby cheeks are wrong, I don't want to be right.

SaintTigerlily said...


I had this whole joke about how I misunderstood this post and all I got out of it was that you got comments on older posts and how jealous that made me but I think I shall take a serious route instead.

Look. You know how much you are loved. Trolls are trolls are trolls. Anonymous or not the internet just makes it easier for them to travel from the undercarriage of one virtual bridge to another. Would it really have made it so much better if this specimen called themselves Gertrude or Colin? Probably not - though I do agree the anonymity adds another layer of assiness. They are like a parfait of jerky behavior.

That said....wow. And...WOW. About two years ago a young family member of one of my mom's co-workers and friends died in a stupid, pointless motorcycle accident at 16 or 17. The local news reported on it and when I went to their website to see more information, specifically to understand the intersection where it happened, I saw that all manner of degenerates had left comments of what I can only describe as an evil nature. I mention this as a particular example, but we all know there are millions.

I don't know what we can take away from people who run around leaving comments like this - or what they add to the world, but I do know that we can ALL recognize that comments like that, ENERGY like that, comes from a bad place, and that is going to be particularly evident to good people, as it will stand out in such stark and shocking contrast. Like it does here.

And thus ends the novella style comment of Saint Tigerlily. At 1:57 in the morning. Eastern time, baby.


Anonymous said...

Oh Krysta, I'm so sorry that you had to deal with that. I agree with you that your blog is an extension of yourself and your home. It's something very personal, and to have someone, who is too cowardly to even leave their name, disrespect it and by extension, you and your family is horrible.
They best that you can do is to ignore those comments, feel sorry for the people who have nothing better to do in life than be hateful and draw strength from those people who love you. In real life, and on the internet.
Here's hoping that it'll never happen again!

Jess said...

I don't comment often, but I'm an avid reader and I'm sorry that you have to deal with these sorts of comments. On the bright side, they must really love that brussel sprouts recipe though to endure what seems to be such a traumatic experience for them.

I find it sad that there are people that have become so utterly sensitive that they can't appreciate a mother posting a picture of her child's bum. It's ironic that these two commenters are so quick to throw around the word "ignorant" when to draw comparisons between your blog and the child pornography industry is the true ignorance.

Keep on keepin' on. ;)

Mayberry Magpie said...

Oh good lord! That's just creepy and wrong.

I truly don't get it. For every 100 wonderful people on the internet, I swear there's one who is angry and maladjusted and hangs out there just to spread bad karma. The worst are the fundies.

The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

If you remember awhile ago I had someone who was leaving me nasty comments. Of course the troll never came out and showed his face so to speak, but I knew who he was. So I called him out, and said what I felt, and I never heard from him again. If you remember you (and many of my other blogger friends) commented on that post and basically said "to hell with them". So I'm saying to you "to hell with them". Let them sit in their own twisted little world and rot.

You know you didn't do anything wrong and that's all that matters.

Kristin said...

There are some scary people out there.

LilSis said...

Wow! Don't people have better things to do with their time than to bully a mom for a cute photo of baby cheeks? I'd say they have too much time on their hands.

"If they don't have something nice to say, then they shouldn't say anything at all!"

redtayl said...

yes, to hell with them.

Liam said...

This is indeed pretty shitty, Krysta, but such is the way of the internet. I hope you don't let it get you down too much.

As personal as it can get sometimes, really it's just such a joke how much venom people can put out there. As a newbie blogger myself, I'm actually kind of anxiously awaiting my first negative commentary or hate emails to see what kind of form it may take. Bring it on!

I don't know if you follow ABDPBT but she's done a couple good posts in the past few days about just this kind of typical internet douchebaggery. There was some kind of blowup that I really don't care enough to get to the bottom of, but there were some great points made as a result of it all.

Anyway... chin up. Don't let the bullshit drag you down.

Cali ʚϊɞ said...

oh geeze mama!!


anonymous had to dig pretty deep to even find that post. YOU are a good mom! don't let the ignorance of some douchebag get to you...

Karlene said...

Love your attitude! There is a reason I come back day after day. Thanks for keeping it real lady! You Rock!!!

tammra said...

Holy Moly. Well maybe you just hit delete when as you read and it begins to go downhill. Bullies thrive on your recognition and answering them fuels any fire. (thats what I tell my kids...does it help? yeah they don't think so either.)Your blog name and style or writing does not constitute an invitation to boorish and rude behavior. Anonymous is offended by your post, I say the comment is what is offensive; heavens what if my naked child was reading that.

word verification--
fundingo: prairie dog out for a good time

Terri said...

Wow! Words fail. Another commenter called those people "bullies" and her assessment was spot on! Trash can comments belong in the trash can. Delete them (with immense pleasure!) and move on.

Rebecca said...

I want to apologize for the world. It's crappy over reactive people who are slowly causing the over censorship of life. Please understand that most people out there understand your stories and the nakedness of young life. I have two nephews who at one time and still occasionally would rather be naked. It's the innocence and freedom. Never apologize for sharing your families love and memories.

stacey said...

it's a freakin baby booty people! come on! anonymous needs to get over it...

Eva said...

this is why i hate people. it's your blog. you can put anything you want on there. if you want to post *insert really disturbing thought/image here* that's your choice. if you don't want to see it hit that little X and move on with your life. people like that make me wonder why more people aren't more sociopathic like me. or at least more open about it.

Girl Schmuck said...

Just started reading and I love the blog. thanks for sharing.

and comments on the Crabby McNasty out there....Other people can not control how you feel.. They can only try and dump their uglyness on you to trick you into believing you too are now ugly... but its just a lie. Stay happy, stay beautiful by sharing what is kind, good and tasty. I am going to do just that myself. Keep on doing the work God created you to do by being the person He created you to be.

Girl Schmuck said...

Just started reading and I love the blog. thanks for sharing.

and comments on the Crabby McNasty out there....Other people can not control how you feel.. They can only try and dump their uglyness on you to trick you into believing you too are now ugly... but its just a lie. Stay happy, stay beautiful by sharing what is kind, good and tasty. I am going to do just that myself. Keep on doing the work God created you to do by being the person He created you to be.

Unknown said...

oh my golly gosh...Ditto to everything above! I just happened upon your blog today and was trolling through the various posts and happened upon this one. People can just be putzes sometimes. Our society has gotten so flippin' paranoid about being politically correct in every aspect of life that an innocent post can be turned into such debauchery.

I can only imagine what they would say regarding a post I may do regarding my eldest daughter's life, including her as a baby. Yep I have a few of those "nakey baby" pictures myself. Though my post will be in honor of her life as the 1st anniversary of her death is quickly approaching.

Keep your chin up, love and best wishes from my home to yours!

lindsay rall said...

i freaking love you.