brown sugar/oatmeal bath scrub

To look at me you wouldn't think I'm a girlie type of girl.

Fancy shoes... nah.

Makeup... not so much.

The color pink... meh.

And Stacy and Clinton would have a field day with my wardrobe.

I do like lotions, scrubs, shampoos. There was a time if something promised firmer, softer, shinier, brighter, whiter, calming, less redness or a more even skin tone... I was all, 'sign me up and here's my bank account number.' I'm like James Woods finding a piece of candy.

Ooh piece of candy! Ooh piece of candy!

Okay, Krysta get back on track.

Anyways it did a number on my skin and I should have know better. The story goes that my mom had to do cloth diapers for me like it was the early 1900's instead of Pampers circa 1974 because my booty was a tad bit sensitive and the rest of my body for that matter.

When I finally saw a dermatologist because my face had cyst acne and was always red and inflamed. The doctor said all you need is some Cetaphil, lukewarm water, and some acne medication and if I was going to use lotion try to stick one brand and stop buying crap. Even *gasp* expensive crap.

I actually listened to my doctor and lo and behold my face cleared up and all the redness and inflammation has left and I try never to walk into Sephora with any sort of money, credit card, or checkbook. It's best not to tempt an addict.

I have a recipe for a scrub and if I do say so myself it's a really good recipe. Not in that way when your preschooler draws a picture and you say 'ahhh, this is so nice' searching for a way to compliment whatever that big blob is suppose to be in the right hand corner and then you find out it's you! This is good as in my kid was accepted into Stanford but before you realize you have no way to pay for it type way (Don't read into that last sentence, Katie never even applied there)

The point is I have a recipe for a body scrub that is just as good as a 60 dollar jar and is all natural and products from your kitchen. Also this is Krysta tested and approved. Meaning if it doesn't bother my sensitive skin chances are it won't bother yours.

brown sugar/oatmeal body scrub:

2 cups oatmeal, ground finely
1/2 brown sugar
1/8-1/4 cup espresso grounds/coffee grounds also work
a couple tablespoons of honey
enough oil to make a paste (olive oil/coconut oil/ almond oil/ macadamia nut oil/ (baby oil in a pinch) all of these work)
grated fresh ginger

Mix into a thick paste. Place into a jar and store in the refrigerator. Use when needed.

A couple things... this doesn't have a long shelf life. Make sure to grind the oatmeal finely because I'm sure you don't want to have to explain to a plumber why there is oatmeal in your bathroom plumbing.


Jackie said...


How often do you use it and how long does it last in the refrigerator.

very culinary said...

What a unique post - I love it. I am extremely fortunate to have never been plagued with skin issues (good genes in the family), but I have many friends who do. I will pass this along to them.

I've never been accused of being a girlie girl either, but I do love freshly painted toes. And I am a show whore...I need help on that front.

p.s. can't seem to sign in as "Amy" anymore?? Only through my google account under Very Culinary. I assure you I'm not trying to plug my blog. I hate that.

SaintTigerlily said...

I use cetaphil! I was so excited when I saw that because ooh! oooooh! Krysta! ME TOO!

However, I fear that this scrub would be too much like rubbing food on my face and I have sort of a weird face thing and a weird neck thing about food or anything sticky touching me. Once? I went to a fancy spa in SoHo and they put sticky stuff on my face and turned off the lights and left the room after wrapping me in towels and I know I was supposed to be all: "Aaaaahhhh luxury." But instead I was more like "Aaaaaaahhh, TORTURE! HAAAALP!"

Sigh. Yes. Just add it to the list of wackadoodle stuff.

That said, I love love love this post. And now I've seen the shrimp and grits picture again, and, inexplicably, it has made me want pancakes.

I miss green tea.

krysta said...

jackie, i use it about once a week but then again my skin... and because i have 2 other girls in my house it lasts about a week. so i haven't had the experience of it going bad. i'd say maybe 2 weeks at the most if it's in the fridge. if it smells i'd throw it away.

amy... i'll look into that... sorry. and i am jealous about the good skin. i always envy people with good skin.

ms. tigerlily... use it on your body!!! i have used it once or twice on my face it isn't so bad but i see why you wouldn't like it. add to list of wackadoodle stuff for me: i hate massages... a stranger touching me is not a luxury.

natural selection said...

Anything that can be consumed and rubbed all over your face and body is good for you period.

Try Cannoli works wonders for me.

seriously nice post and informative
Thank you

tamilyn said...

I swear by Cetaphil-it is the only thing I have used for the past 10 years. I have done an oatmeal/honey mask, but will need to try the additions you have listed. Maybe I'll smell like a cookie?

Melissa said...

See, this turned out great. And I know there are people that can use this. Very cool.

"Ooh piece of candy! Ooh piece of candy!"

Dude, when that gets stuck in my head... UUUUUGH.

Deana Sidney said...

That is a great recipe... no more Borghese for me, although I may re-use the nice jar it came in. Thanks for the recipe!

SaintTigerlily said...

Krysta - Rob doesn't like massages either! I find it baffling. Oh well, more massages for me.

PS: I am so making this as a body scrub, good call!