a winner, an idea, and a question

a winner:

sometimes it's so cool to give away stuff, especially to readers like lennie who've been reading since almost the beginning. [and don't you hate bloggers that say they something along the lines of..."this reader has been there since the beginning" you know that's a fib because really no one, except for your family, has been there since the very first post... but i digress]

anyways... lennie was lucky 13.... and from her comment she needs a little pick me up. so lennie, i'm pretty sure you have my email but if not send me your deets to evilchefmom [@] aol.com and i will get this shipped off to you.

an idea:

i will be back on wednesday with a plan that should be hatched in all it's krazy krysta glory... it's really nothing special but hopefully it will be different and keep you on your toes.

also... i have a question for all you guys {but i really mean guys and gals}

how do you handle things like heath care and all of it's grand bureaucracy? any secrets or tips...

my 15 month old nephew has had two separate cases pneumonia twice now in a two month span. kaiser is being douchey, the doctor is wishy washy, won't or can't make a decision of treatment would rather pawn it off on a pediatric pulmonologist 50 miles away and wants the doctor to make a diagnosis on the phone and no one will give a straight answer to exactly why antibiotics are not working. (you'd be horrified at the amount he has had) i don't want medical advice per se but i'm sure my sister and brother in law would love to hear some tips. do you bring in someone else to be an advocate and bad guy to question the doctor. do you bring in baked goods to sweeten the deal? change doctors and start from scratch? scream, make a fuss? give them your advice...


TKW said...

Shitfire! If that child is that young, has had two separate cases of pneumonia in a two month span, that little guy needs to be SEEN! By a specialist, in person, because take it from me, pneumonia can scar your lungs and you are succeptible to bronchial infections your entire life! This happened to my Mama and to me, and Kaiser is *always* a douche.......sorry, had to rant there.

Screaming and making a fuss does work, alas.

But I think being VERY firm and absolutely pushing for the best care you can get (with a forced smile, because it's ridiculous) is the first way to go. If that doesn't work, go postal.

It's usually not a doctor issue anymore, alas. Insurance Rats run the show these days...but if the doctor isn't doing anything besides prescribing meds that aren't working? This is a BABY, FFS...

Sorry about the rant. Just so upset about that sweet boy and what you all are going through.

katie said...

I work inpatient at Children's Cancer Hospital. I would get in the car and drive the 50 miles to see the specialist. I wouldn't want a phone diagnosis but in a situation like this, you really want a expert in their field. Smeone who does this so often that they know exactly how to handle it and its no big deal. If he is inpatient be sure to get patient advocacy involved and even risk management.

I will tell you two thing about "greasy wheel" families: they do often get what they want but in exchange their bedside care suffers because the nurses and doctors get a sort-of "crying wolf" fatigue. I would be awesome to the inpatient staff, bring cookies, bring candy, buy pizza for the night shift, and be patient about understanding that everyone is doing their very best to help. The flip side is that you still have to be firm about what you want them to do find results.

If you need more help understanding hospital bureaucracy, email me and I'll call you.

Lynne said...

agree with both comments. also, document everything - who you've seen, what they've said, all the meds, all the symptoms, any little detail - and take that file with you everywhere you go. i had a health problem a few years ago that went undiagnosed for a while and that really helped, because i think my doctor forgot some of the details along the way (i have also since switched doctors - really it is their job to know details that have to do with your health, but don't assume anything)

good luck and please keep us posted on that little guy, i'm worried about him now!

Cali ʚϊɞ said...

it has been my experience that sometimes you just have to change pediatricians. i chose one within the same medical practice as the original and the kidlets have benefited greatly from this. the level of care is so much better. plus, she explains EVERYTHING to me.
the girl had to have surgery about a year and a half ago. when they did all the pre-op tests, we found out that she has a heart murmur. even though all of these tests were being done through children's hospital, her current pediatrician kept up with everything and came to see her at the hospital. then the day we took her home, she called to check on her.
i truly think it differs by pediatrician and their concern for their patients.

Amy said...

Ugh. Few things worse than a sick kids, and one in and out of the hospital no less. I have a total love/hate relationship with the medical profession, for sure.

When Haley was admitted to intensive care this year for high fever and dehydration after 10 days (horrific!), I was so frustrated with the doctors. The best advice I can give is go with your instincts! If something doesn't sounds right, question it (too bad about their egos), write all your questions and findings down, and also have another set of ears with you, in case you miss something or need back-up.

Amy said...

p.s. and like Cali said...if you're really unhappy and not getting the communication or care you want, then don't hesitate to look for a new doctor. Don't be loyal for fear of hurting their feelings. Nobody cares about your child like you do.

Familia said...

Go to the specialist.

kaiser is really good if you get the right pediatrician. they will pay for specialty care and even transfer to research hospitals like stanford and ucsf. if you get the right pediatrician who is not afraid to insist on the right care for the child.

definitely keep your own charts/journals of treatments, dosages, because even the best doctors and nurses make mistakes.

me again said...

I won? I won! Thank you!
As for the health care issue.....I can't help you there with any real specifics. I'm Canadian so have no experience whatsoever with how it all works in the states, how easy or hard it is to get a second opinion or change doctors, etc. Sorry.
Will email you asap.....

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Eva said...

Definitely look for a new doctor. 2 cases of pneumonia is probably symptomatic of something else being wrong (or maybe it didn't fully go away?) depending on what is causing the pneumonia, antibiotics may not work. pneumonia can be caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and assorted injuries to the lungs (thanks wikipedia, you can look for yourself, you probably shouldn't take medical advice from a random person commenting on your blog) antibiotics are only effective on bacteria (that are not antibiotic resistant)

anyway, the doctor's job is to check out the kid and recommend a course of action. if he can't do that then you need a different doctor. maybe the specialist is the way to go or maybe another pediatrician. i guess that depends on how confident you are in the doctor.

that's my 2 cents.

Kristin said...

Be polite, but firm & persistent. See the specialist. Tell the insurance company that they (the parents) will NOT be backing down, so they might as well shape up. Don't freak out like I did when my daughter had something like this going on, but they might have him tested for Cystic Fibrosis, but it could just be an asthma or allergy issue...or nothing. Get a new doctor or second opinion if you're not happy with the care you're receiving.

Wall Street money-grubbing insurance bureaucrats are just SO easy to deal with that I COMPLETELY understand why I wouldn't want to deal with a government bureaucracy managing my health insurance. Could they be worse?

Good luck & I hope he's just got a persistent bug.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand WHAT IN THE HELL is wrong with doctors/nurses who are rude/douchey/anything less than involved and caring. I mean, if you didn't become a doctor to help people, then get the f*ck out. Why is it so hard for some of these people to put themselves in your sister & bro-in-law's shoes and realize how scary it is for them? Not to mention the poor little baby? It absolutely amazes me.

ANYHOO, having had my fair share of contact with douchey doctors who might as well be mechanics for their lack of empathy & bedside manner, I'd advise to go to another doctor...and another...and another, if needed, until they find one who is willing to get to the bottom of this on their behalf, and who genuinely cares about the situation. Luckily, those doctors ARE out there. Too bad they all can't be that way.

Best of luck to the little guy. What a cutie.

Letterpress said...

I'm an old Mom. Let me put that out there. When six, my son had pneumonia six times in a row. They finally realized that the antibiotics weren't working and gave him a white horse-sized pill and I had to wake him up every four hours all day/night long, but it kicked it. Six is different than 15 months in so many ways, but sick is sick.

I'm from the generation where we didn't assume the worst immediately, but seemed to believe that it would be taken care of. Medicine has changed and now I believe that every patient needs an advocate, but still. . . I see a lot of running to the doctor on the part of my younger friends because Everything Is Going To Be The Horrible Disease And I, The Mom, Will Be Held Responsible Forever and Ever.

I don't have the answers and any little tyke who's been sick tugs at my heartstrings. Good luck, be calm, be firm.