thanksgiving recipe ideas

snacks and dips:

baked sweet onion dip
hot artichoke and spinach dip


brussels sprout hash w/ caramelized shallots and bacon
a16's roasted asparagus with walnut crema

other sides:

cranberry sauce
plenty of potato recipes

baked goods:

dill pull apart rolls
pecan pie

these desserts are easy, hold up well traveling, actually taste better a day after they are baked, make nice hostess gifts, and go well with homemade vanilla ice cream...

cinnamon crumb surprise
dark chocolate swirl pound cake
pumpkin pecan pound cake
cream cheese pound cake

i've noticed if i bring homemade ice cream to any gathering, it's never turned down, matter of fact i leave with empty containers. everyone is always happy when you bring ice cream. it's better than flowers, wine, or boxes of chocolate...

vanilla ice cream