the most awesome laundry room ever

okay, so i might be over exaggerating here but i really do love my laundry room/mud room.

see, every laundry room i have ever had has been either cramped or dark OR cramped and dark so it's nice to have a huge light filled room.

i love the light. i love the storage. OH MY GOD THE STORAGE! can you see how much storage there is? except it's made for tall people and i am short, folks, real short... but who cares because THERE IS STORAGE!!!! i will just have to use a ladder that i can store in the cupboards.

i love that there is a place to fold laundry... except i never use it to fold laundry, i use it to take pictures because of the light... wait until you see the light.

okay here's a picture of the washer and dryer, not a big deal but... it is.

in our old house there wasn't a place to vent the dryer. you know that little hole cut out in the wall to feed the dryer vent? yeah, our old house lacked it because our landlord wanted to keep the house "original" [eyeroll...as much as i like my landlord this was a point of contention... it was a hole for a dryer vent it wasn't like we wanted to put in a window, for christsake!] so we had to open a door in the laundry room to let out all the hot steamy air the dryer created, even in the winter and if the temperature was over 90 degrees you could forget doing the laundry. we had to replace the heating element in our dryer two to three times a year because the dryer overheated. it was a pain in the ass and a pain in our pocketbook... multiply 40 dollars by twice a year then multiply that by 7 years = 560 dollars (conservatively) all because our landlord wanted to keep the house "original".

what laundry room isn't complete without a disneyland tiki room poster?

the light isn't great in this picture but here's where i am now taking the bulk of my pictures and storing all my paint samples but that's for another post.

so here's the thing, i collect rocks. i have rocks in probably every room in my house. i'm like the crazy cat lady but i have rocks. they are from the ocean, the mountains, the front and backyards. i don't want to know what it says about my personality.

this picture shows my roaming gnome and the LIGHT!

more STORAGE!!!

cool story about the floors...

an architect friend of ours came over and told us that our maple floors in the kitchen and laundry room were quite common for this neighborhood. what happened was when these houses were being built, a few miles down the road a huge old gymnasium was being torn down and they used the floors from the gym as kitchen floors for the new construction around here... in the early 1900's. back then i am sure it wasn't called being green, it was just being thrifty.

we have recycled basketball floors, isn't that cool? i'm tempted to figure out a way to paint a basketball key on the floor.

next stop on the tour, the kitchen.


Catherine said...

I miss this great laundry room :) Sooo much prettier and homier than my laundry room :P

Jennifer said...

fabulous room!
I am also less than tall and have a terrible time with my very high-up kitchen cabinets. But, hell! It's storage, right?
I collect rocks too. Mine are in bowls.

The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

You lucky bastard. So much light! My gorgeous $1,800 (what am I crazy spending that much on a washer and dryer??), are in the garage. I do love, love my washer & dryer tho. I know, it's sick. I would kill for that storage.

I'm happy for you, and don't feel bad about being crazy rock lady, I'm crazy love nut lady.

katie said...

Wow! I might not hate doing laundry in a room like that. So pretty! I am super jealous, I have to fold my laundry at the kitchen table...

Unknown said...

Are you just ecstatic? You're so blessed to have that gorgeous room! I'm green with envy!

Julia said...

So glad you're enjoying the house!! I know it's been a tough move. And I can see why you're so excited about the laundry room. I'm just grateful I have laundry in the house. I feel bad for the folks that still have to truck over to the laundromat.

The Yummy Mummy said...

Your house is gorgeous. And I sense your contentedness and inner peace.

So happy for you. Your new life. New start. New place to hang your hat. No one deserves it more...

Congratulations. Know that I will be visiting. Hope the guest bedroom is half as nice as your laundry room.

(Just joking. I'll get a hotel. My kids could kill your house. But we're visiting anyway...)

xo Kim

Mayberry Magpie said...

I am madly in love with your house. It's not just the light. It's the serene and clean feel of the white woodwork and walls and maple floors. Some previous owner of your house had great taste and I'm so happy you are the lucky beneficiary.

Oh, and the rocks are adorable, but then so are you crazy rock lady.

PS Your former landlord is a nut job. Just saying. I would have accidentally shot a hole through his original wall my with shotgun. Oops. Firearm accident, dude.

me again said...

You are one fortunate pup.....that's a fantastic laundry room. Mine is a teeny-tiny "room" that barely has enough space for the washer and dryer and no window whatsoever. What an enjoyable place to spend some time you have there!

tamilyn said...

What a great laundry room! Mine is okay, but your's totally rocks! And what a great amount of light, and all those cupboards-jealous. LOL at Magpie-I would have had to have some kind of 'accident' too. Isn't it unlawful for him not to provide a vent? You are much better off in this new house. Can't wait to see the kitchen!

Kristin said...

Oh...my...gosh! Did you buy the house for that room alone? I might have. But I seem to recall a Craftsman exterior & might not have even LOOKED at the laundry room before I bought the house. Sigh.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Wow. It's probably weird to be so jealous of something as common as a laundry room, but . . . I am. Of course, I have to descend into the Pit of Despair to do laundry, where I have encountered mice, woodchucks, and bats, and if I pull the laundry out of the washing machine too hard, it hits a low beam festooned with cobwebs and gets all dirty again, so pretty much ANYTHING is better than that.

See? I've already forgotten how excited I was to just have an actual clothes dryer. How quickly we become dissatisfied.

Kirstin said...

Wow! What an amazing room. Love the poster and love the rocks too!

Cali ʚϊɞ said...

i'm so happy for you in your new home!
btw, i totally get your rock collection....

MichelleB said...

So. jealous. It is fabulous.

SaintTigerlily said...

Wait. A room? A room for laundry?

I'm...um...*drools a little*

My nyc brain just exploded.

Familia said...

you must love it! it's awesome!

Laufa said...

Your dog must be trained really well not to even go sniffing in the shoe basket next to it's bed. Beautiful room!!

Spryte said...

Your laundry room ROCKS!

And I love your little inukshuk!!

Erin said...

What a fun story about the floors!

My laundry room is the size of a coat closet. Yet another reason to dispise doing laundry!

noble pig said...

These old houses have great laundry rooms, I have a huge one two with three giant closets and more wall cabinets and a sink and, and...old construction is the best.

LilSis said...

That is one beautiful laundry room! I'm green with envy, and I'm not just saying that!! I have one teeny weeny window and no space to fold laundry. I LOVE the light in that room. If you have to be in a laundry room, I'd love to be in one like yours!

P.S. I'm a rock collector, too. I never leave the beach without one or two or three.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I am weeping a mixture of happy and bitter tears. So happy for you that things are finally coming together at the house, a tad bitter over my laundry situation. One day, my washer and dryer will be in the same room in the same side of the house. :)

Anonymous said...

I AM SO JEALOUS. Your laundry room is ten thousand kinds of awesome. Mine is my basement, and adjacent to a large centipede population.

TexasDeb said...

Your laundry room is totally sweet. But then you know that. I can not wait to see the kitchen now.. especially if that basketball key ends up in there. Swoosh! Dinner in the pan, nothing but net.

Stacey Snacks said...

As much as I love my 1928 house, it's still a cottage. It has no closet space, and I have to store my Le Creuset pots in the basement!
At least I get a workout bringing them upstairs!

I love the laundry room, it's so nice! Now, if I only did laundry.....

Anonymous said...