mediterranean salad with chickpea patties

alternate title: crappy things happen in threes


I posted this quote about being silent and told everyone I was stepping away from the computer for awhile. I needed to be quiet. See my blog was acting like a spoiled 2 year old brat at the grocery store. You know that brat, the one who is yelling and screaming about how they want CANDY! and I WANT IT NOW! kind of like Veruca Salt.

You know you want to slap her silly even I wanted to haul off and smack her when I was a kid. So the point is... me and my blog had a Come to Jesus meeting. You'll see a couple of changes, nothing noticeable except I'll be trying harder to respond to comments and the tasting notes are changing but we will get to it later in the post.

Where was I? So crappy things happen in three's...

Monday and Tuesday: Good.

Wednesday: Ob/Gyn Well Women's appointment. (WTF? Why do they call it that? Shouldn't it be Intimacy Without The Drinks and Dinner and Getting to Know You First Appointment?) Doctor didn't like the look of some mechanics under the hood and decided I need to be violated in some other fanciful ways at the hospital on Friday.

Thursday: Rich's uncle died.

Friday: More getting to know you very intimately without the benefit of dinner and a drinks. Kinky, with wands and lube! Can you say WooHoo? Yeah, neither can I.

Saturday: A 17 foot tree branch fell on my car. There are scratches and dents and broken taillights everywhere. Did I mention it was graduation for UOP and everyone parks down our street? Did I mention someone looking for parking decided to move the branch further denting and scratching my car even more AND to top it all off someone couldn't parallel park and hit my car scratching and denting my front bumper? Excuse me but at this point I think I can safely say "Motherfucker!" and you would understand.

Sunday: 105 degrees and no air conditioner. Really? Do I need to say more?

Oops, I lied that was 5 bad things. All-in-all a crappy week.

This recipe, believe it or not, came from Real Simple. When I get this magazine I normally skip over the food part but this recipe stuck in my mind and when it's a 105 degrees outside you want and need something easy and cool to eat.

mediterranean salad with chickpea patties: (real simple may 2009)

1 15.5-ounce can chickpeas, rinsed
3/4 cup fresh flat-leaf parsley
2 clove garlic, chopped
1/4 teaspoon ground cumin (i used a big rounded 1/4 teaspoon)
Kosher salt and black pepper, about a 1/4 teaspoon of each
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons olive oil
3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
8 cups mixed greens
1 cup grape tomatoes
1/2 small red onion, thinly sliced

In a food processor, pulse the chickpeas, parsley, garlic, cumin, and 1/4 teaspoon each salt and pepper just until coarsely chopped and the mixture comes together when gently squeezed. (mine was a little dry so I used a little more olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice) Form into eight 1/2-inch-thick patties and coat with the flour, tapping off excess. Heat the oil in a nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Cook the patties, turning carefully, until golden brown, 2 to 3 minutes per side. Divide the greens, tomatoes, onion, and chickpea patties among plates. Drizzle with this dressing and serve.

Tasting Notes: Melissa and I were talking the other day about this post. I told her I wanted to steal her idea that there should be a rating system for blogs about how you feel about the dishes you are posting. She had mentioned that she and another food blogger had discussed how all we do is go around patting each other on the backs saying, "That looks good." I know I do. So Melissa and I want to change this (a little bit) we are going to have some very loose categories describing our dishes (YOU CAN JOIN TOO! MAKE UP YOUR OWN)

For example:

Make this or I will cause you bodily harm.
A good everyday meal.
DUDE! Make this to impress.
Nasty! I wouldn't even feed it to my worst enemy.

You get the point. I mean this isn't life changing and you can still pat me on the back, even though I'd prefer you'd scratch the spot I can never reach. A little to the left...higher, now to the right, MMMM, that's the ticket.

Okay, this dish was good for when it's hot or you feel like you need to eat a little healthier. A good weekday meal. I wish the chickpea patties were a little crunchier. Other than that, I'll be making it again.


Eva said...

sounds like a pretty rough week. at least it's over, hopefully.

I'm surprised you actually cooked. The trouble I have with 105 degrees is I don't want to turn the stove or oven on, even for a minute.

But they look good. To get a bit more crunch you may want to try turning it up a bit hotter (or if you are like me give it a few more minutes to preheat) or deep fry.

hopefully this week will be better!

MrOrph said...

Okay Krysta, your week sucked badly. But These patties are fantabulous. Really!

Just hold near that I continue to keep the thought of you in Carrie Ann Moss' black spandex. mmmmKay?

noble pig said...

Okay I hope things under the hood are good. Sounds like an U/S...hate those, unless there's a baby in there. Hope you had your had pedicure because really that's all they looked at.

Girl, come over to my a/c.

And chickpea patties, YUM. Now here's what's funny, I don't skip over the recipes in Real Simple, I love them.

The Yummy Mummy said...

Sorry about your crap week, sweetheart. Your Friday sounds like a nightmare.

As for this week, let's hope it's looking up. I mean, could it be worse? Okay, forget I asked.

As for the rating system, I often find food bloggers to be ineffectual in many areas and I love the idea of rating recipes and techniques. Anything that makes us do our jobs better for our readers is awesome.

Okay, I can't write anymore because I'm convinced everything West of the 405 is going to fall into the ocean, you know, earthquake an all.

Until later, just know you're in my thoughts. Hope your vagina gets a much needed rest this week.

Love you, really I do. (I say this in case I perish tonight).

xo Kim

Melissa said...

This was what I came up with today and hadn't published yet:

5 - Make this or else
4 - Worth repeating on a frequent basis
3 - Basic everyday goodness
2 - Meh
1 - FAIL

Alike to a large extent. And I'm a numbers person, ya know?

And I get what you're saying about this meal. But it's right up my alley, if I could get Steve to try chickpeas.

Sorry I was so kinky on Friday. O_o

Aaaand... hugs and love to you, babe. Really. You're one of a kind.

Jennifer said...

Wow ~ what a crap-fest. I hope things look up this week.

I LOVE chick peas and will make just about any recipe that calls for them. (I'm actually making one tonight - grilled chicken, poblano peppers, lime cilantro vinagrette. Mmmm.)

This looks like an easy, healthy summer meal.

Rebecca (Foodie With Family) said...

Can you add a "So good the kids didn't notice the vegetables in it" category?

Awful week/great food. Is it horrible that the first thing I thought was about putting bacon in the chickpea patties?

SaintTigerlily said...

You deserve an Arbor Mist. Maybe two.

(Sorry about this shitty week, here's the things moving in cycles which means you are on the cusp of th upswing.)

Mayberry Magpie said...

My highest rating will be "So good I can't believe I made it." Yesterday's meal gets that rating, by the way.

Um, your week sucks my dear. The only hopeful words I can say is maybe it's like a lightening strike . . . and that much suckiness won't come your way again any time soon.

P.S. When do we get a recipe with those gorgeous cherries? I've got a bag in my frig WAITING ON ECM!

TexasDeb said...

I am currently in a cook's purgatory, stuck between two picky eaters who have different deal breaker food preferences. One likes chickpeas and the other won't touch 'em. One loves broccoli, asparagus, green beans. The other can barely stay in the room with them on a plate. And so on.

Not as sucky as last week sounds like it was for you however. My money is on the commenter who says your life is due to swing UP now.

I like the ratings idea but I always reserve the right to judge a dish for myself. Although if a blogger makes something and doesn't like it I guess I wouldn't try it. Maybe???

grace said...

terrific patties, krysta! sorry your week was so rough, but i'm glad you at least had some tasty food to help out a little.
by the way, do you prefer willy wonka and the chocolate factory or charlie and the chocolate factory? i think i prefer the latter, just because mr depp is gorgeous even as an eccentric. :)

krysta said...

-me! yeah i did do all that, either the burnt to a crisp or were not crispy enough. i think there was too much moisture in the chickpea patties.

-noble pig... no baby, thank god. i'd break down and cry and need an immediate sucide intervention if they said i was going to have another baby. no pedi because i remembered your post but did wear clean and cute socks! also i'd come but your packing and moving soon!

-mr.orph... one of these days.

-yummy mummy..."Hope your vagina gets a much needed rest this week" this right here is a prime example why i love you!

-melissa... back at you. next time be a little nicer.

-jennifer... then this dish will not dissapoint.

-rebecca...d'oh! i should have thought of that.

-tiger lily... i deserve a bottle of jack. i better be on the cusp of an upswing or i might have to hunt you down if what you say doesn't come true.

-magpie... left you a link on facebook.

-texas deb... yeah, i'm with you on the kids part but all four liked this dish which doesn't happen often. as for the ratings it is just a little guideline because i can. nah! actually because i would love to know what food bloggers actually think of their dishes. we tend to only post the best stuff and don't post


krysta said...

-grace... i have lots of thoughts on those movies. i love tim burton and i like his take on the movie but gene wilder was deliciously creepy/scary and i love it.

LilSis said...

Wow!! And I thought I had a bad week last week! It does suck when you know bad crap comes in threes...always waiting for the next bomb to drop; but five in one week! I hope this week is better for you...

I had every intention of starting off this week on a very positive note, but instead was greeted by a very, very, stubborn malicious bug on my office computer...Took me all damn day to get rid of it!

Keep up the good work. I like your ideas about rating the recipes. The salad and the chickpea patties look really good.

Melissa, I love the "make this or I will hunt you down and kick you in the shins" rating!

Lisa said...

Sorry about your bad week. I do hope things are getting better!

This recipe appeals to me. I really enjoy chickpeas and this looks like an interesting way to use them. I can always use more recipes for good weeknight dinners.

Snooty Primadona said...

OMG! You poor wittle baby! What a horrid week.

I guess the person who moved the limb figured you could just use a new car, right? Argh!

Anonymous said...

Poor dear. I guess after a week this bad things can only get better (I hope).

amycaseycooks said...

I hope this week is more on the up and up for you!

I love both of the Willy Wonka movies and use Veruca as an example many times with my kids.

Green said...

thank you so much for salad recipe.
I've been looking for salad recipe for many places. Thanks again for posting this.

see you next post.


BigSis said...

I'm always looking for another way to use chickpeas, instead of my usual favorite hummus. These look great! I bookmarked this post on Delicious. Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...