fettuccini with summer corn, bacon, and shiitake mushrooms

When I die whoever is in charge of my soul, whether it be God, the Devil, or some other high upon the mount mucky muck, if they really want to punish me they will stick me in limbo. Let me explain...

The house, the house we are suppose to be buying, the house that our checks have been cashed, papers have been signed, loan has been approved, ect. ect. ect. well... we are waiting on paperwork from the sellers. Their paperwork to qualify for the short sale (it is short sale not short sell which you would think should be the proper term but it's not) on the house was/is expired. WaMu, now Chase, needs to have the paperwork redone and they have a few extra steps in the home buying process. Although no one is really sure what those extra steps are. We now have to wait... which puts us in limbo. I blame this on my ex, Katie's dad, who snarkily said something along the lines of ..."You know most short sales take up to 6 months." all the while he has that smirk that I have always hated on his face. (Think Dubya) My first impulse was to strangle him for trying to jinx this for us but then Katie wouldn't have a dad and I'd be in jail and who knows who would get my soul then.

So... to get to my point other than Matt jinxing my dream house is I have been in a state of limbo. I really don't want to pack because there's really no pressure to. I have a bad case ennui. I don't want to cook, I don't want to read, I don't want to write about what I am not cooking, I haven't slept, I don't want to do a damn thing. What I need is this guy.

*get up maggot!!!

Except without him driving me to suicide. What I need is a good kick in the rear end. So go ahead and give me your best R. Lee Ermey in the comments section. I need it, I deserve it.

fettuccini with summer corn, bacon, and shiitake mushrooms: (from Urban Italian Andrew Carmellini and Gwen Hyman)

1 1/2 cups diced bacon
6 cups of fresh summer corn kernels (about 8 ears worth) *I used frozen sweet white corn so again feel free to go R. Lee Ermey on me...
2 pounds shiitake mushrooms, each cut in half
1 cup heavy cream
1/4 teaspoon coarse-ground pepper, plus more to taste
a pinch of red pepper flakes
1 pound of fettuccini
1/2 cup Parmigiano-Reggiano
1/2 cup of chopped parsley
a pinch of salt

Place a large pot of salted water on to boil.

Sweat the bacon in a medium pot at medium-high heat, without any oil, until the fat is rendered and the bacon begins to crisp. Add 3 cups of corn and the mushrooms to the bacon pot and cook together until flavors blend and the mushrooms caramelize slightly.

In a blender, blend the remaining 3 cups of corn and the cream together on high speed until the mixture is all liquid. Strain the corn-cream mixture through a fine mesh strainer into the bacon-mushroom pot, pushing the mixture down with a heavy spoon so all the liquid ends up in the pot. Simmer all the ingredients together until the corn mixture heats through and starts to thicken. Add the black pepper and red pepper flakes.

While making the sauce, cook pasta until al dente. Remove the pasta with a pair of tongs and add it the bacon-mushroom-corn mixture. (do not rinse the pasta- you want all that stickiness so the sauce will adhere) Mix well to thoroughly coat the pasta.

Turn off heat and mix in the parsley and cheese. Season with salt and more pepper.

Tasting Notes: I have had this recipe bookmarked since I bought this book and I am so glad I made it. It is beyond good even with frozen corn. It will be unbelievable when I can get summer corn. It is sweet, earthy, and bacon-y all in one. Not heavy at all. But it will make you come back for seconds and maybe you'll pass by the pot before the leftovers get put away and sneak a noodle and a bit of bacon, mushroom, and corn and maybe you'll hide some in your fridge for lunch the next day. So good that it could break though the ennui you have been feeling. I'm just saying this pasta could do that for you...

*UPDATE: This must be a bad sign... Rich and I actually had a skunk cross our path this evening!!!!

*i'm turning off the computer and taking a vacation. (the momement i write this... i will prove to be the liar and will be posting and commenting a storm) see you sometime next week...


Anonymous said...

My daughter and son in law are trying to buy a house before she gives birth and said how they "didn't have time for a short sale".

Why don't they call it a "forever and a day" sale so people don't think it will go so quickly?

Yummy looking pasta! I made some with peas and asperagus tonight.

tamilyn said...

First off-I so want to paint my shutters the color of your plate. I love it and it made me happy just to look at it!

Second-I'm sorry you are going through this crap with the house. Having worked in the mortgage business for many years, I know first hand what a pain it is. This person forgot a comma, this person didn't write up the form with a blue pen, the copies didn't have "Copy" stamped on it (all things that have thrown a monkey wrench into loans I have dealt with).

Don't kill the ex-not worth never living in your dream home. However, maybe some kind of voodoo, pincushion doll (totally lost the word of what it is-I haven't slept either this last week, though thankfully not due to stress)and just jam him full of pricks and make him dance.

Soon and very soon you will be filling up those beautiful built ins with that white cake plate!

The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

Krysta I'm sorry about all the house troubles. I remember way back when going through the process of buying my house. I was only 22yo and it was nerve racking for me back when I was just a young punk and really didn't know true worry or torment. I was young and naive and really didn't understand what was happening so I can only imagine what's going through your head.

Sometimes I wish I lived on the other coast so I could come take you away for a few cocktails and some laughs. Hang in there. It'll work itself out eventually, ex-husband vodoo curse and all.

Julia said...

Well if that pasta isn't a swift kick in the pants, I don't know what is! I have some amazing summer corn that's aching to be cooked just like that!

Good luck working your way out of limbo.

Phoo-D said...

The flavors in your pasta look like a killer combination! I usually hold off on frozen corn since we eat ourselves sick on fresh corn every summer. I'll hang on to this for a few months from now when I'm wondering what to do with all that corn! Yum.

Hang in there with the house, this too shall pass!

auntjone said...

I have days where I need Gunny to kick me in the ass, too, so your mood is totally understandable.

Here's your Gunny-ism from Full Metal Jacket:
"What is your major malfunction, numbnuts? Didn't Mommy and Daddy show you enough attention when you were a child?"

Hope the house thing is resolved quickly!

Kristin @ Going Country said...

I think you can consider that a lucky sign, assuming the skunk didn't spray you.

Enjoy your vacation!

MrOrph said...

Sorry to hear about the SNAFU. It does sound FUBAR. And what is really sad is that all too often real estate deals have some kind of fly in the ointment. I think they required a urine sample, my PSA score, a peek inside my ear, and (really) an attorney when we refied earlier this year!

Here's the wisdom Krysta, you are leaving there and you will enjoy that new crib. I'll even send Xzibit to yo new crib to punk it fo shizzle!

Nice dish tho.


Rebecca said...

You have an evil, condescending ex-husband named Matt, too?

I hope things go well with the sale. They are quite the headache to get through, but really worth it once the paperwork is signed. Good luck!

Mayberry Magpie said...

I got no hard-ass in me today. Just spent. I couldn't even whip myself into shape.

But your recipe? Corn, bacon and creme? On pasta? My god it sounds like a wet dream. Like how did I not think up that combo?

I think you just gave me my mother's day menu.

LilSis said...

I've got a good friend who's a realtor and she has had such a hard time getting short sales closed. The banks need to get their act together. I don't know why they have to make it so difficult. In my previous life, I was in the mortgage business and we used to expedite the short sales, not drag them out for six months. Good luck! I'm sure it'll all work out in the long run...just a test of patience, right?

And I am definitely bookmarking this recipe. It looks to die for!

noble pig said...

Ugh, that is a bummer. That is the worse kind of limbo you can be in...start having garage sales and get rid of stuff. It will make it easier to pack.

The food looks amazing, I love the mushroom-corn mixture.

Happy Mother's Day

Melissa said...


One of our favorite films.

While I can't think of an appropriate Ermey-ish way to kick you in the ass (and I don't think you need it, you just need a perspective shift/vacation/meditative retreat blah effing blah), I will say that it totally blows about the house thing still messing with you. Wish I could hurry it up on your behalf.

And Happy happy happy Mother's Day, my wonderful friend.

P.S. That pasta? Um, HELL YES PLEASE.

ntsc said...

When we bought our current house, the contract said we could buy 90 days after our bank approved the contract/mortgage/details. Normally that takes 30-60 days all by itself after the contract is signed. We signed on about Sept. 15, my wife counted in here head and informed them we would close on Dec. 15, this before we left the room we signed the contract in.

Stunned look on them and their lawyer. You could see them thinking 'what is she smoking'. They had forgotten the minor detail that she worked as the AdminAsst. for the #2 guy at our bank. He personally approved the papers at 7:30 AM the next day and she walked them to their lawyer the next afternoon. We closed on Dec. 15 and moved in the next day.

We had also sold our house on Dec. 15, never try and do both closings on one day.

Louise said...

Home buying is a sport requiring helmets and pads. And tequila. In the meantime, the dish is dashing!

Donalyn said...

Ugh - sorry for all the hassle - hope it clears up soon. Love the looks of this - have to wait awhile till we have fresh corn here, but saving it till then.

Jennifer said...

Fingers crossed that that sweet little bungalow is soon yours.

And about the pasta ~ what Mayberry Magpie said!

Snooty Primadona said...

Wait! You didn't know that skunks crossing your path are good luck? It's a polecat, not a black cat, lol! But, good luck with all that. It will be over with before you know it.

This is the perfect summer recipe for sweltering summer days. I can hardly wait to try it!

"Tramie" said...

wow! that looks delicious!!!!!!!!!!! I think Im gonna have to make this for my bf soon, he'd loooove it!

Lisa said...

I also have this cookbook and have been eyeing this recipe--definitely have to try it now!

Good luck with the house, I am sure it will all work out.

White on Rice Couple said...

KRYSTA!!!! Don't you know how much of an inspiration, daily life-better, fantastic mom, all around bad ass, the-world-is-better-because-you-are-here chick you are! Don't let some rat-bastard or shit ass bank get under your skin! You are loved beyond words, have an incredible family, and have the talent, intelligence, and passion to get through any crap that comes your way! And here's a hug to back up all that yelling. XOXOXOXO. Love ya Krysta. T.

Anonymous said...