As The Potato Peels... The Western Episode

*editors note: This post will only work if A.) you play the above you tube video and B.) imagine all the narration in Sam Elliot's voice.

In 1849, between the cities of Davis and Stockton California there was a town called Green Valley. It was the last stop before the gold miners made their way up into them foothills looking for gold.

Gold fever was everywhere. All the men left town to see if they could get their fair share of gold leaving the women to fend for themselves.

The doctor's wife, Cathy and the sheriff's wife, Krysta got together and decided that while the cats away the mice will play and opened a brothel slash restaurant to showcase their lovely wares and food. All things potato to protect the good folks of Green Valley from hunger and lawlessness.

Meet Sparkey Marie, the Madame. The head potato ho. Sparkey Marie is in charge of all of her other potato ho's. Her special this month is...

Roasted Medley of Potatoes with Balsamic Glazed Onions.

“Potatoes so easy to make but done in minutes. Perfect for a weekday meal or fancy enough for a formal dinner.”

One day two sisters came riding into town looking for Sparkey Marie and Christina Shane. They dared to called themselves Madame. Sparkey Marie and Christina Shane thought that took guts and admired their moxie and let them join the Ho Down.

Big Sis called herself Madame Potato Ho Wolfie Lee and she brought with her, all the way from Dallas, a dish called Dilled Potato Pie. Wolfie Lee would tempt all the men with this unusual green dish combining potatoes and watercress flavored with herbs, garlic, onion and parmesan cheese.

Madame Potato Ho Wolfie Lee's lil' sis Madame Potato Ho Frosty Gay has her own little specialty of ham and potato pancakes. Frosty Gay is the the silent type and all she said was this is great appetizer for a St. Patrick’s Day Party.

Not to be outdone... Christina Shane, the potato ho with a quick temper and an even faster trigger finger made Soupe De Poireaux Et Pommes De Terre.

Fancy talk for Potato and Leek Soup. A little taste of France in the Wild West. (recipe coming soon)

This here is a photograph of The Daily Spud. She writes the daily Green Valley newspaper also called The Daily Spud. A lovely and much beloved Irish lass who fits right in at Sparkey Marie's brothel.

Miss Daily Spud had also decided to class up the joint by going French with these potato pancakes. Miss D.S. says, "Trust the French to come up with this recipe for fluffy, soufflé-like potato pancakes that would be a delight for brunch, or just about any other time when eating is required."

Meet Lulu. She's one tough broad. She's been known to get a little snooty from time to time when you don't mind your p&q's.

Even though this dish isn't technically a potato ho dish. Would you argue with a lady who's holding a gun? I thought so. Anyways, Miss Lulu swears the mashed potatoes are what makes this dish truly special.

Meet Ginger Jean, all the way from the East Coast. She and her husband are trying to strike it rich but he left her in Green Valley. At least she still has her camel, which makes her quite unique.

Speaking of unique... Ginger Jean has decided to make these beautiful pancakes for all the girls.

The miners have a hard time keeping their hands off Lola Lynde. She always gives them one perfect bite and leaves them wanting more.

Here's Lola's dish with some Spanish flare... Tortilla Espanola.

Look at how sweet Peewee Anne is. Dainty, petite and cute as a button.

But Peewee Anne is dreaming of making it big in vaudeville and her high falutin' dish of Clafoutis of Ratte Potatoes, Asparagus and Bleu D'Auvergne Cheese just might get her out of this stinkin' two bit town.

Here's a couple of sharp shooters... two of my favorite gals.

On the left is Trixie Belle.

Her gruyere stuffed new potatoes will hit the bulls eye every. single. time.

On the right is Pepper Michelle. Her golden potato bread bowls will leave you in awe.

The ravishing dove in gold is Yum Cha Cha Cha.

You know she is serving these lovely pan fried potatoes when she wears that sexy little number.

I know your thinking, "awww how sweet" but don't let Simba Ann fool you. She's got your damn answer right here.

It's her red neck, white trash, blue 'em away french toast.

Lollipop Anne is smokin' hot and always on the cutting edge.

Her baked mashed potatoes with smoked gouda and bacon keep the miners coming back for seconds.

is one multi-talented potato ho.

She definitely deserves her five star status in Green Valley with her cabbage rolls done two ways.

"Corned beef and cabbage with a modern twist and a bit of Asian flare. Vegetarian version features just the cabbage inside a potato roll."

Here we have quite the duo.

Chad and Denise cooked us up some mighty fine grub. Their sweet and spicy quesadillas with a citrus kick are a quick fix.

Here comes LouLou.

LouLou has a lassoed one in with her purple yam souffle.

"Simply beautiful to look at, simple to make, and delicious!"

Sloopy Anne with her creamy shoulders

and her creamy mashed potatoes. But like any good potato ho she has a few (low fat) tricks up her sleeve.

Meet Creamy Colcannon.

Not to be confused with his dish of creamy colcannon. Which is a variation of the traditional Irish Colcannon recipe, with a buttery twist.

And this is the end of another episode of As The Potato Peels. Many thanks to all.

Next month's Potato Ho Down will be hosted by Dyln on April 15th. We might all need comfort food on that day.

As always you can find all the details at the Potato Ho Down site and if you want to host all of us fine outstanding ladies you can contact either me at krysta{at}evilchefmom.com or Cathy at cathy{at}noblepig.com and we'll get you all set up.


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Bravo!!! You've outdone yourself on this one girl!

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You have a warped mind.

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I'm currently pouting that I haven't had my act together enough to post my taters the last 2 ho-downs.

Please forgive me, but missing being a part of this post is punishment enough!

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I hee-hawed through the entire post. It's pure genius! And the recipes are all to die for...

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Krysta, a highly inventive post! Great roundup. Thanks for all the hard work you put in.

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You are quite creative missy. I like my picture, thanks for the cleavage!

Everything looks so dang delicious it's wicked!

Another great month for the Potato Ho's!

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Great Ho' Down! I like my gun totin' holsters. And those potatoes are smokin'. Nice job!

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This is the best round-up I've seen anywhere. You are very, very creative. Could be dangerous.

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What a fabulous roundup! I was LOL reading it. And the recipes! I plan to make them all!

I love my sexy persona. Ravishing Dove! Thank you! This is like having an avatar! I'm getting myself that ravishing gold outfit, shoes and all. I already have the screen and cushions.

Thanks for all the work you put into the roundup. It is brilliant! You set the bar so high, I wouldn't dare host PHD.

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I think I just gained 10 pounds. *burp

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What a Roundup! Everything looks great & I love your creative mind!

Thank you, Madame, for letting us join your Ho Down!

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Brilliant and hilarious, Krysta! Thanks for letting us ho down with you!

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Clearly I was born in the wrong century. Excellent job!

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Yee- haw! How was the west won? Thanks for the reminder about how a few curves and a bit of cleavage (and some serious Potato Ho) put California on the map!

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great hospudspread, krysta. even if i didn't have so much as a nipple in my picture. or a gun.

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I love your presentation of all the potato dishes - great round-up!

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DAMN impressive!!! What an incredible round up and your photo inserts are kick ass!!! Love all these incredible entry's!!!

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F%&^ing awesome post. (Why do I always swear in comments on your site?) We use the G, B, & U song for the ringtones of our dads. Nothin' like the sound our a whip, rifle, and whistle to remind one of dear ole dad. Thanks for the daily dose of cleverness. Love ya sugar! Put the gun down, I'm backing away slowly... Todd.

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you shouldn't be allowed of posting such utter goodness all at one time!! wow. pancakes, spanish tortilla are my faves!! yum!

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I have no words for your awesome awesomeness. I sure do love you, Christina Shane.

(Way to pick the hottest picture for yourself by the way.)

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Wow, what a great entries. They all look so beautiful and delicious. You such a clever and very hilarious ... love the photo that you present for each of us, you are too good dear.

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I simply don't have enough ink in my printer to print out all of the recipes I want! I'm drooling all over the key board - everything sounds so great...so how've you been, besides busy with ho's? I've just spent the better part of an hour catching up - I must say, it was a good read and thanks for the laughs - as usual. xo, Nan

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This was a great way to start my morning...westward HO!!!!