Two Dirty Secrets...

I don't like Sarah Palin. There I said it. Do I feel better now that I've confessed? No. Am I afraid the Secret Service is now checking all my emails and what not? Yes. I have such a visceral reaction when it comes to Palin. I literally clench my jaw shut and grind my teeth down to the gums. My dentist will be loving this. At first I thought it was because she was a woman and I must be doing that thing where all woman must be catty to each other but no, last night the reason became crystal clear. Stick with me here....

If you look at Bush's approval rating as of today it's anywhere from the low 20 to mid 30 percent range. That means 60-80 percent of Americans think he's doing something wrong. And that means even some in his own party do not like him. Even McCain doesn't want any pictures taken with Bush and everyone, including people running for political office, is disassociating themselves from him. It's a widely held belief/theory that we (the American people ) voted in the 2000 election for the person we wanted to have a beer with. The election didn't come down to issues and really not even character but who we wanted to sit down and have a beer with. We had a choice between the uptight super nerdy guy from high school with no sense of humor or the charming jock who copies other people homework. We found out 8 years later, that when we sat down and had a beer with the jock, come to find out, we, as a whole don't like him very much. I think we all feel a little hoodwinked. So what's this has to do with Palin? She's doing the same thing. Average hockey mom... Joe Six Pack American... sorry, Palin you're not average. That became apparent when you were nominated for VP. Please don't try to sell me that shtick, we fell for it 8 years ago. I don't want to sit in a bar and have a beer with you, I don't want to sit in a bar and have a beer or a glass of wine with Obama either. I want someone to go and work for me, not drink with me. You should be too busy for that.

Can we talk bailout for a second? Here's my other dirty little secret...

After September 11th, 2001, my husband lost his job. Here's your severance package and don't let the door hit you on the way out. We did everything right according to financial experts. We had our years worth of savings, we contacted our creditors, we cut down to the bare bones. In a month, both Rich and I both found work. He worked two minimum wage jobs and I worked nights. We moved his parents in to help with child-care. Umm, that probably in hindsight, was the worst thing we could have done. Now we were feeding and paying for utilities for 8. If you look at our tax records for 2002, we went from an income of 75,000 to under 20,000. In the summer of 2002, we called our creditors again, and explained our situation. We told them we have ran through all of our savings and even though Rich had a new job, it was going to take awhile for us to recover. We weren't going to make it. All our creditors were sympathetic but they said, 'we can't help you until you are at least two month's behind on your bills'. I reasoned by then it would be too late and boy was I ever right. I really wish I was wrong. The experts never say,'when you lose your job, you might consider the need to sell your home.' We should have, the housing market was hot and we could have sold our house for a nice little tidy sum but it was our home. Where were we gonna go? It didn't matter in the long run because we lost our house in foreclosure. We did what we thought was right. Contacted our creditors, had money saved... and we still lost our home. We should have filed for bankruptcy but that isn't who we are. Stupid, huh? Maybe we had too much ethics.We worked really hard to fix everything in these last 6 years. We have paid off all our credit cards, and replenished our savings and have very frank with our kids about money, so hopefully they will never have to go through what we did. So, what's this have to do with the bailout? We did everything we thought was right, we didn't have anyone to bail us out of our financial mess. These big companies wouldn't help until we were in in such a big hole there was no way for us to climb out. Now they get a do-over? I cannot fathom this, well actually I can because I'm a pretty cynical person but I am extremely bitter. Are you guys just as angry as I am or is it just me... feel free to vent because I sure am curious on what you have to say.


Anonymous said...

But you could go to emergency rooms, so you didn't really need health insurance.

I think it was necessary, but I'm really unhappy that there was no first home bankruptcy protection added. Essentially nothing for the average Joe six-pack who has tried, never skipped a credit card payment and never done a no document mortgage.

I lost my job three weeks ago, a down sizing, of mostly older mostly higher paid professionals. Not a single VP was touched and our 750 person division has 6 or 7. Back when it was 3000+ people we had two and a financal guy. The only thing I see in this bailout for me, and I'll be paying for it along with you and our kids is the bottom hasn't fallen out of the market yet.

Isn't de-regulation wonderful. Isn't it wonderful how little details of various regulations being waived for banks and lending institutions made them and their executives billions.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

After working in politics for a short time (at the state level), I decided to make it a practice to not discuss politics in public. This is mostly because I'm so jaded about politicians, government, and the absolute worthlessness of both that I get too frustrated to even speak coherently most of the time and usually just end up screaming, "They suck!" Which is pretty much where I am now. I didn't like Palin last night, but I wasn't too impressed with Biden either. I hate bullshit and campaign rhetoric more than anything, and that's all I ever hear, from ALL the candidates. Boo.

But thank you for sharing your story with us. You and your family should be proud of yourselves for handling it the way you did. Bad things happen to all of us--the real measure of character is in how we respond.

krysta said...

oh ntsc... this is just horrible. i'm really sorry to hear about all of your troubles, it really stinks.

as for the bailout... i get it but i don't like it for so many reasons... some people have worked their whole life for just a little slice of pie and we now have this...it is heartbreaking and leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth.

Caroline said...

Palin scares me. I don't have anything against her personally...but if Mccain were elected and "bit the dust" in office...the idea of Palin running our country FREAKS me out. She was a gas regulator, small buiz owner, mayor and Gov of our biggest state (that doesn't have a lot of people living in it). Good life experience, yes. Good Presidential experience, no. Watching the debates last night made all the more clear...

krysta said...

*kristen... touche... i have never been too keen on biden... i thought obama made his pick for very political reason, as the case always is. at first i was really excited about this whole election now i'm just tired and sad.

*carolyn... true, so true!

sandi said...

I'm with you on being a tad p.o'ed about the bail out, yes. And even more so (and pissed as hell at the Democrats who allowed this economic fiasco to evolve) after watching this video:


I was so pissed after watching that, i literally cried.

Mental P Mama said...

It's the people like Krysta and family who suffer all the crap after doing the right thing during a minor crisis. What are the rest of us going to do when the rest of the dust settles this time? And I consider myself solvent. At least I used to.... This bailout is not fair for the great majority of this nation.

Anonymous said...

How I so wish I could have a do-over in some aspects of my life.

And the thought of Palin "winking" at some Russian president because she thinks it's cute and makes her approachable scares me to my core.

Anne Stesney said...

I couldn't agree more with you over Palin. But I disagree with you about Al Gore not having a sense of humor. Did you see the video Spike Jonez did about his family? He was very funny!

I had a very hard time after 9/11 as well. Not as bad as your family, but I understand the pain. Are you having post-traumatic stress over this? I know I am.

Janet said...

Krysta, I am just sick to hear about what happened with your jobs and your home! I am sorry. And I agree with you, how the hell is this bailout fair? And what is the point of playing by the rules when nobody else does (and they go do-overs on top of it! Grr...)? My eyes are rolling back into their sockets and smoke is coming out of my ears now, so I guess I'd better stop before I explode...

Anonymous said...

Oh Krysta that's so horrible, I'm so sorry.

And yes the bailout is so frustrating and maddening. We personally have never put our money in high risk accounts, therefore saved at a slower rate. The "stock junkies" are gamblers and will not be bailed out. It's hard to swallow but there is nothing we can do. I think I laugh out loud everytime a media person says..."The American Taxpayer can make money on this" Omg who is blowing smoke up thier skirt.

Anonymous said...

Krysta, I am sorry to hear your story. I shared it with a friend at work who was telling me about the scoop at the restaurant she ate lunch at. Apparently the folks in the booth behind her were diggin' on Palin. My friend and I share your same viseral reaction to Ms. Palin.

And the bail out... unfortunate but necessary? Outrageous but needed? My retirement took a hit from which it will probably not fully recover. And stocks are down since W signed it into law. Whatever. I'll work til I'm 80 I guess.

I stopped for milk on the way home and saw "Go Sarah Go" t shirts in front of produce. Complete with her winking face.

Shoot me now.

East Coast Girl said...

Gosh Yes! Palin's little grin, wink and sarcasm makes me shudder... trying so hard to be the avarage gal... leaving the g's off all words ending in -ing... not answering one question head on when asked... she is a wolf in a hockey mom's clothing...

So, so sorry to hear how you struggled... am a single mom myself and going through something like that feels like that... sleepless nights counting pennies in my head... it's a sad thing when you have to pick between getting your kids long pants OR boots at Walmart or Target... praying the first snow does not take you by surprise... and my salary has not even changed... but life's costs have...

Jennifer said...

I too am sorry to hear your story. I so respect you for doing all the right things. I am against the bailout I dont think it is really going to help the average american and if it does it will not be in time. Palin is my least favorite person right now.

Aggie said...

Palin is scary and doesn't deserve to be on the ticket or anywhere near the White House. I can't stand her sarcasm or the way she keeps calling herself a Hockey Mom so that all of us women out there can feel like we can "relate" to her...it's actually insulting that McCain and company chose her as a running mate to capture the Hillary votes...ugh.

I'm so sorry your family had to go through a hard time like that...it makes me sick that hard working people like you and your husband had to suffer but these companies with their millionaires are getting a second chance. It's all so frustrating and just makes crazy. I would be bitter as hell.

Like you said, I don't want to have a damn beer with our President, I want our President to go do his job and make this country the best it can be. (need to go calm down now...lol ;) )

krysta said...

*eastcoastgirl... i've never typed this ever but ((((hugs)))) and lots of them... this sucks for everyone but more so for you and everyone in your situation. you shouldn't have to be forced to make that type of choice. please stay strong... things have to get better for you!

*everyone... thanks for all the kind words, i am so angry that people try to do the right thing all the time and we are getting fleeced. yeah, some people couldn't and should have not gotten loans but these bankers knew what was going to happen and took the fast money. what happened to responsibility?

also noble pig... you are right... you were smart and kept your stock risks low and i know people like ag and my dad who don't have high risk 401k's but are still losing money... and even worse my dad is a county employee helping people who can't help themselves... who's going to help him?

*anne... i'm still having pts over this because if the government, especially city, county, and state can't pay their bills ot their employees, where does that leave my family? again... back in the hole that we fought our way out of? traditionally government jobs were safe... not great pay but great retirement packages... but not anymore.

*aggie...i didn't want to mention the sarcasm because i'm really sarcastic but i realized how unattractive it is.

*bob & lucy... i think we should be mad at everyone... it seems to wall street took a page out of the wall street script... greed is good.

giz said...

As Canadians, we're watching very closely what's going on in the U.S. It's widely known that when the U.S. sneezes, Canada gets a cold. I'm frankly appauled and saddened to see so many people losing their life's savings, their dignity, their hope for the future while large corporations get to dip in the governmental wick. Frankly, I don't get it and it seems that the vote shows that I'm not the only one. The outcome was anything but a sweep.

KitchenKiki said...

I feel your pain.

I started to go into detail, I realized that my 1 small glass of bourbon erased some of my personal "filters" so I won't, but I will say in 2002 I was making around $60k, now I'm making minimum wage.

I don't like palin. HP's (Hubby Poo) ex-wife(aka HEX, his ex) is a Hockey Mom. That certainly doesn't endorse the Hockey Mom in my book. She spends money she doesn't have and refuses to take responsibility for her actions or the actions of her family members, but holds others to a much higher standard. (I'm still talking about the HEX, but it could be a republican if I word it that way.)

As for the bailout. well that would take a whole nother bourbon for me to say to hell with the filters and say what I think.

Personally, I lose sleep about how I'm going to pay bills and what is going to happen next. I'm currently working 35-40 hours at my part time job so I have grocery money and am spending much of the rest of my hours working a once-a-year gig that is going to give me a nice fat once-a-year paycheck that is already spent because my father-in-law generously decided to take us on a trip that, even with air fare and much of the lodging taken care of, I can't afford to go on, but am anyway because it is the trip of a lifetime for me and I will probably never have the chance again to see the places I'm seeing.

(I know that is a very strange "poor me", but I can't explain how messed up my world is right now, but I am unbelievably grateful to have a chance to get away from the real world for a few weeks)

Unknown said...

It sucks that everyone is hurting right now. I only wish maybe they should have let the American people vote on the bail-out plan. And not just the leaders. I'm sure it still would have passed, but at least everyone would have a say.
And of course, right in the middle of people losing their jobs, homes, self confidence, and pride, the place I work has decided to change the way they do scheduling and if you don't fit the new mold, you're axed. I'm 4th in line to be fired for not having enough availability since I attend school full time.
I've been so behind for over 2 years now, I'm afraid my daughter and I are going have to sponge off my parents until she's 20...okay exaggeration, but still. It's really scary what is happening with America right now, and I'm not old enough to remember a time like this before. But the political campaigns are a circus act. Can't they stop pointing out stupid comments that have been said in the past, answer the questions in a NORMAL SENTENCE PATTERN (coughsarapalincough) stop calling McCain a maverick, because if I hear that word one more time I'm going to cut my ears off with a dull kitchen knife, and JUST DO WHAT THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO!? I don't think it's too much to ask for...

Anonymous said...


I wasn't looking for my job to end, but I also wasn't suprised and my wife tells me I'm in a lot better mood.

I got a decent package, I can draw my pension which includes medical. I don't need to find full time work.

I write technical procedures and Standards for use in North America and in some cases Internationally. Most of the people in my line of work are consultants. I've already got a lunch with ATT over future work.

The Trade Association which sponsers most of the Industry work I do, supplies committee secretarys and the like, is quite happy to have me continue to chair the committees I've been chairing. Now I just need to find somebody to sponser me.

This was going to happen soon anyway, it just happened a few years earlier than planned.

At least the bail out as passed does include some oversight. The original would have allowed Bush to write himself a check with no real recorse. And there are limits on what companies taking the money can do. I just would hope that the AG starts enforcing the existing laws that this administration, and the prior one, have been ignoring. Such as regulating sub-prime loans.

Aggie said...

Hi Krysta! I'm very sarcastic too...but we aren't running for Vice President! lol

Anonymous said...

Ah… Sarah Palin. She is a little “outside of the box” isn’t she? She is either gonna be somebody you like and connect with immediately, or she is gonna be somebody who tends to annoy you with her quirky talkin’ (it’s a regional thang people) and her affectionate winks. Me personally I like her. I REALLY like her. She comes across to me as authentic. Really real. What a concept! And she is what a real American Woman is. She’s strong. She’s gutsy. She won’t take any BS from anybody. And she’s not afraid to take on the good old boy system. Thank God. We NEED somebody like Palin in Washington to shake things up. And though I don’t know why everybody keeps trying to put one of John McCain’s feet in the grave – for God’s sake, look at his mother! She is damn near 100 years old and from what I saw of her at the convention, still going pretty damn strong. To me that’s a pretty good indication that he will be around a long time. But simply for argument’s sake, let’s say he gets elected and drops dead before he’s sworn in. Palin is as qualified to be a successor President as any other Vice President who has ever been in that job before and it isn’t like running this country is EVER a one man (or woman) show to begin with! That is what the rest of those people in the White House – you know the team of cabinet experts who advise the president? That is what they are there for. That is their job. To ADVISE the president, in their individual areas of expertise. The presidency is no one man, or one woman job. I have complete confidence in Sarah Palin to be able to run this country – should that need arise – and to do just as good a job as any man ever has, and probably a heck of a lot better to be honest.

So what’s the REAL reason you want to be a Palin hater? There. Now I said it.

As far as this whole economic mess, yeah, I’m pissed off about it too. My husband and I have done everything right too but yet we are stuck with the bill for this whole bailout mess. Oh sure … we could have gotten one of those mortgages to move ourselves into a much nicer, and much larger “dream” home too, but we didn’t. Our credit was great. And we would have qualified for a beautiful new home, twice as large as the one we have. We could be living in style. BUT, we looked at our budget, and we looked at the risks should one of us lose our jobs and we decided to stay right where we were in our little modest but nice 1500 square foot house. And sure, we could have refinanced it to the hilt or got a second mortgage for 1-1/2 times the value and added on to our home, or even made some major improvements, but again, we knew if something should happen to one of our jobs, we’d be strapped to make the higher payments or the second mortgage. So even though the bank would have gladly given us the loan, we didn’t fall for it. We stayed in our little house that we knew we could afford. We kept our expenses down. We didn’t live beyond our means. We took that extra money we weren't spending on a bigger mortgage and started paying down our current mortgage instead and today, our home is almost paid off, and even in this tankin' economy our home holds a nice big chunk of equity value. We also used the extra money we had from not living beyond our means to quickly pay down the loans on the two vehicles we own – one is a ’99, one is an ’03, and because we aren't in debt, we are able to keep both well maintained so they are both in pretty good shape. We don’t carry a balance on credit cards either – we have 2 and we use them to pay our bills and buy groceries in order to earn points and cash back which we turn around and use to purchase Christmas gifts with – and we pay them off when the bill comes in. We don't carry a balance. If we cannot afford to pay for it, we don't buy it. And because we aren’t in debt up to our eyeballs, we actually have enough to put a little bit away in a savings account and an IRA every month.

Now back to Palin. Or more appropriately the McCain/Palin ticket. The truth is this economic mess began many, many years ago. It didn’t happen in this current administration. Truth is, some of the responsibility lay with Greedy Greta who couldn’t see through her own eyes that she really could not afford the mortgage that the bank was offering to “give” her, because all she could see was her piece of the American dream on the horizon, or the bank’s offer to step her up to her “dream” home. It was greed at the hands of those lending institutions who fed off of that and gave homeowners the ability to buy outside of their means instead of telling people, “you cannot afford this mortgage.” And, it was the Clinton administration back in 1999 that put the pressure on Fannie Mae – the largest underwriter of home mortgages – to expand those loans to borrowers whose income, savings and credit ratings were not good enough to qualify them for conventional mortgages. For years after that, the director of Fannie Mae cooked the books in order to earn millions in payouts and in ’04, it was the Republicans who called Fannie Mae into question about these practices. But, because so many in Congress were getting millions of dollars in campaign contributions from Government Sponsored Entities (GSEs) such as FM, no action was taken. In ’06 several senators – one of whom was John McCain – cosponsored legislation to clean up these GSEs and called Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac out for their practices, warning of the critical need for immediate reform, but they were ignored. You want more of the same? Put the team of Obama/Biden in the White House. You want reform? Then let go of your catty woman issues about Palin’s personality and put a couple of maverick reformers in there instead, who will also make the protection of our nation a priority (unlike Obama who will loosen the reins) so that we don't experience another 9/11 - another situation created under the Clinton administration. But we won't go there for now.

Stacey Snacks said...

What I think is insulting, is that John McCain would choose Palin thinking that people like me, who voted for Hillary Clinton, would find her appealing because she is a woman.
She does not represent ME as a woman in anyway! I don't share her values or politics. The only good thing about her is that Tina Fey (who I love) does a great impression on Saturday Night Live every weekend!!!!!
We just came back from Europe, and it was EMBARASSING having to defend US politics to people from France, UK, Belgium and Germany. The wanted to know how WE could let George Bush ruin our country.
We have lost the respect of the world and our financial power.
If companies like Lehman Bros. and Bear Stearns can CLOSE, no one is safe anymore.
PEOPLE: GET OUT AND VOTE!!!! This time it matters more than ever!

Stacey Snacks said...

PS and I love how conservatives (like the post just before me), blame Clinton and Democrats, always.
They never want to admit that Bush and his 8 years has ruined this country!

I too, like Cons. American says: am a woman who is a straight shooter and takes NO CRAP from anyone. I am a New Yorker and tough as nails, however, that doesn't qualify me to be in office!

Anonymous said...

Stacey, with all due respect, don't attack me. All you need to do is look up the facts. They speak for themselves. And by the way, your comment about McCain choosing Palin to go after your vote as a Hillary Woman is insulting to me as a woman. There are a number of reasons he chose her - the least of which is her gender. Vote for the candidate you feel is right for this country. I know I will.

Stacey Snacks said...

I totally agree w/ you.
I vote the candidate, never the party. That's what is great about freedom, we all have the right to our opinion. Didn't mean to attack you personally! and I won't use Krysta's blog for any more political rants!

Anonymous said...

LOL Stacey... agreed! Afterall, I came here initially in search of comfort via food, not politics!

Anonymous said...

Krysta, I am so sorry to hear about everything you have been through...sending virtual hugs and comfort food

"Please don't try to sell me that shtick, we fell for it 8 years ago. "

With all due respect, I and millions of others did not...

krysta said...

ca... mom is that you? actually for once i didn't want this to be a political rant about banking... i didn't get into a bad loan at all, just the banking system wouldn't help and now i have got to help them... and that makes me really mad... i really thought my palin issues are not catty... i didn't want to hate her, i just don't think she is a folksy person... she's ambitious and smart as a fox about getting what she wants and not an average hockey mom... and cough cough a maverick in that regard so don't sell yourself (her) short, i'm not stupid and don't play stupid just because the average american likes it... i get upset that it's okay to play dumb or that we want the people that run our country 'not so smart'... average, regular. but other than that welcome to my blog and having a well thought out and well written comment, please stick around, i like smart people who want to discuss... it makes my day, keeps me on my toes, and gives me different view point! carry on!

*philly girl... i didn't fall for it either but i wanted to make a gross overgeneralization like how al gore has no sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

krysta, I'm a food blog lover and have already subscribed! And the truth is I found my way here from another food blog in search of yummies and I am still drooling over that apple cake and amazed that you actually had that many apples on hand) but I guess I can get passionate about my politics too so felt I must comment. None of my commentary was directed toward you or your situation but was more of a generality after reading all of the other comments that were posted. I am certainly sympathetic to your personal situation. I too lost the job I had held for 12 years virtually overnight in a disaster named Katrina that well, especially at the age of 50, changed my life in so many ways that I won't begin to go into. Thank God we were able to hold on financially. It's a damn shame that those of us who have managed our financial lives (and yeah, even our own personal messes) well are having to pay for other's mistakes and the greed of Wall Street, but none of this happened overnight and that is I suppose what I was trying to say more than anything.

Anonymous said...

The REAL REASON I AM a Palin hater is because she had THE BALLS to say in the debate that she wants to protect women's rights (among America's many freedoms). She is a liar because those rights do not include in her book reproductive rights.

Another reason is I want the VP to be smarter than me. I'm so sick of hearing how she's a working mom, managing everything. Hell, elect me. I'm a working mom. I manage 50 people and a multi-million dollar budget. And hello? My grasp of history and foreign policy kicks her ass.

Call me a lunatic. I guess I am. But I sat and listened to the debate and got so angry, this thought crossed my mind: this is how assassins are born. Manipulaters like Palin spew their shit and an average citizen snaps.

Krysta, don't apologize for sarcasm. These are unprecedented times. Frankly, I think they call for more than sarcasm.

East Coast Girl said...

Hugs right back at you!!! I remind myself that I am not alone, and I continue to remind myself that it could be so much worse... my girls are healthy and happy and loved, they are loving and know I do anything and everything I can for them... and I have a job to go to... so I am blessed...

Know you, too, are embraced from miles and miles away... and I wish you the strength and guidance to make it through whatever life throws your way!!

Anonymous said...

mayberry magpie, I wasn’t even gonna respond but I can’t stand it. I am sorry that you feel that way. I admit when I was a much younger woman, I used to be pretty pig-headed that a woman was entitled to do whatever the hell she wanted to with her own body. Heck I even drove a friend to get an abortion. But, I was wrong.

I knew I was wrong when in my early and mid 30s I began to see first-hand what post-abortion life was like for women I personally knew and I witnessed the internal turmoil, guilt and anxiety they have lived with for the rest of their lives, not because of anybody else’s judgment of them, but because of the gaping hole and pain within their own hearts, especially as they had children later in their life who served as constant reminders of the one (and sometimes the ones) they aborted. They hadn't thought of that back then.

Or perhaps it was meeting someone else who as the product of a failed abortion, spends her life now dedicated to counseling other women dealing with those devastating emotional after effects of easily obtained drive through abortions. She shouldn't even be here but now she serves to help heal others who made the same choice her mother made.

Or maybe meeting another man, a great man of God, who not only has brought peace and healing to millions of people but feeds and cares for the hungry in third world countries, provides clothing and medicine and spearheads the drilling of water wells so that women and children who were previously dying from the effects of filthy water and are now thriving, and understand that he was the product of rape, yet whose mother chose to keep him.

Look at a few 3D films of a baby in utero at various stages. Watch a film of a partial birth abortion. Maybe even do a little research on the side of pro-life and you too may look at things differently.

For many, many years now I have believed that as a woman yes, I do have a right to choose, but I must make that choice when I choose whether or not to lay down and have sex with a man, not after I have conceived another life. Where is that child’s choice I ask? And for me, when I stand before God when this life is done, I will cry for all these babies who never had the chance to perhaps be someone great.

Think I’ll keep my mouth shut and just stick with the recipes from here on out.

Fishin' Mama said...

I don't care for Sarah Palin either...she has not impressed me one bit. And I think that we obviously need the Republicans out of office.
We are going thru some trying times as well...6 months ago I lost my job of nearly 24 years (I worked in a real estate related industry). I just received my last unemployment check and not sure what the future holds for my husband and I. Now I am watching my grandkids to help my daughter and SIL with costs. But my husband is in construction and that could come to a screaming halt at anytime. We live in California, one of the most expensive places in the USA. Our house is worth a fraction of what it was when the market was hot.
We may need to tap into our retirement to get by, but our accountant told us to expect to own about 50% of what we take, for taxes.
I would have never expected to be unemployed in my 40's and where do I go when I have done the same career for so long? Should I attempt to train for something else..or try to hold out until the market picks up again?
Tough choices....

KitchenKiki said...

I admire Sarah Palin for where she has come. I think she is ballsy & has attitude and it takes a lot to balance a family & a career--especially one in politics. She can bring home the bacon & fry it up in the pan. I think she is the "Charlie" commercial from the 70s

I won't vote for her though. I can't support someone who doesn't believe in evolution. I'm not even talking about the whole creationism/evolution debate. I'm talking about the evolution of our government to suit the times we live. She doesn't support personal growth, because if you don't agree with her, you are wrong. She wants to bring a small town feel to the White House. That isn't the way to run a major world power. Sorry I don't buy it. Mostly, I can't support someone for vice president who really has less foreign policy understanding than me. I don't want my Vice President or President to be someone I can "relate to" as a woman or have coffee or a beer with. I want my political leaders to be smarter than me. I want to be impressed by their knowledge, their diplomacy and their urbanity (not their suburbanity or their recipe for apple pie).

So while I admire her, as I do most women who excels in her field while managing a family, I don't look up to her & I won't vote for her. She doesn't represent women, she represents herself and represses those who don't agree with her.

Anonymous said...

Con. Amer.

There are two key issues with the abortion debate that you miss the mark on. First, you are suggesting that the opposite of pro-life is pro-death. On my side of the fence, the debate is pro-choice vs. anti-choice. We are not arguing the same issue. Just because a woman is pro-choice does not necessarily mean she is pro-abortion.

Second, you refer to a woman's choice to have sex with a man and create a life. But sometimes that was not her choice to begin with -- birth control fails, rape (unfortunately) happens.

And as a side note, in your argument you are putting the "potential of life" before actual life, that of the pregnant woman. You suggest that it's more important to preserve the baby's life than the mother's whose life could potentially be ruined for being forced to have an unwanted child. Or the baby's life ruined for being brought into the world unwanted.

In an ideal world, women would only get pregnant when they want and every baby born would have equal chance at a loving home, good education and equal opportunity. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world, and sometimes we need to make accommodations for the realities.

Lisa said...

I am totally in agreement with you regarding Ms. Palin. She makes my ass twitch!

I am sorry about all you went through regarding finances etc. Unfortunately I can relate because my husband lost his job when the Silicone Valley went nuts. We ended up leaving CA and now live in OR, (much to the dismay of many California-hating Oregonians), but we couldn't make it there. Like you, I am disgusted with the bail-out. The big guys always get a break.

Sharon said...

I recently got laid off and have found the job market to be rather dismal. It's tough and seeing what I perceive to be an incompetent individual so close to the presidency makes my blood boil. I was in student council, but that sure doesn't make me an expert on leadership or politics! PS. I like your bipartisan noodles. :)

Anonymous said...

Palin/McCain- a swiftboat to nowhere!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I just want to give you hug and props for a kickass post, hon. Sorry I have been MIA lately, I feel like I've missed out on a lot over here. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Hugs.

Anonymous said...



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Amy said...

Ah, so this is what you were talking about in regards to my post...

Everyone thinks the economy has just effected the naive, or lower class, or assembly line workers, or middle america. But it has effected EVERYONE.

I sure as hell don't miss the Bush administration, but I'm hoping Obama puts his money where his mouth was.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

How the hell did I miss this the first time? I was completely anti-Palin, but once the election was over I thought I ought to see her in action. See how she handled her duties as governor of Alaska and see if she didn't change my mind. Guess what? She up and quit that, too. If you can't even handle the pressures of being a governor and finishing the job your constituents have trusted you to accomplish, how in the world could you be VP? Gah.

Anonymous said...