leftover... politics & comfort food edition

Every time I sit at the computer I want to start spewing forth about politics. So, I push my chair away from the desk and go take a walk and by the time I clear my head I get sucked in to the watching TV again. Rinse, lather and repeat. Politics is my porn. [my head is down in shame] It's discussed ad nauseam by everyone in my house. Even Sous Chef Nancy, all of 10 years old, has an opinion. Hindsight being 20-20 and all, I should have started a food and politics blog. A little post on today's political events and a recipe somehow tying the two together. I am trying to maintain a zen like peace about everything and not work it into this blog and let me tell you it's hard. No, it's not hard ... it's so beyond hard there are no words to describe it. Childbirth was easier.

I miss Tim Russert. Isn't that strange? A man I do not know is missed and from the comments you've left me, you miss him too. I miss the calm, for asking question quietly and getting some answers. It is very frustrating to watch any network now. Everybody is talking over each other, spinning like dervishes, interrupting. All I want is someone to ask some questions I would be asking. Tim Russert was good at that. Whenever I watched Meet The Press, I would be thinking about a question I would ask and boom... next thing I knew he was asking it. I think if Russert was still around the McCain camp would have let Palin go on Meet The Press and there would not have been such a hubbub about her. We would have gotten to know her a little bit and her stance on some issues. Instead we got this shoving her in our face but when people have questions, it's sexist. Ack! Tim Russert would have gotten some answers and introduced us to her in a fair way that everyone liked and respected. Maybe then a lot of us wouldn't be angry or confused.

This election campaign makes me want to drink and eat comfort food. I'll admit I haven't cooked much lately because my butt has been parked on the couch watching conventions. Let's see what we have had for dinner in the last two weeks.

Not pictured:

Biscuits and Gravy
Some sort of chicken
Rice and Beans
I can't remember if we had burritos or tacos
Boys made lasagna when I went to Slow Food Nation
World's Best Sandwich.

good bread
thick slices of tomato
mozzarella cheese
pesto or basil leaves
When the going gets tough... stuffed food is the way to go.

stuffed zucchini...

... and stuffed bell peppers

If we talk about comfort food we have to mention pasta, right?

Spaghetti carbonara

One of these days I'll get to these posting recipes. Just let me recover from a massive politically induced migraine and heart attack.


Asthmagirl said...

Another commnet from me going "I know" and "me too".
After I ran last night I came home and made the best pot ever of my lemon chicken pasta. And then I ate two (small) plates of it before going to soak in the tub.

I would love to hear fair and unbiased right now. I am sick of sexist/gender/mantel of change/pitbull in lipstick stuff. If we could just quit spinning and get down to the nitty gritty, that would be great.

The Yummy Mummy said...

Food is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than politics. Be zen, baby.

Think of Tony and good cheese it'll all get better.


Kristin said...

Just breathe.

And eat.

noble pig said...

Hey we're like sisters I made stuffed bell peppers too last week when the spin was just too much!

Only sixty days left!

SaintTigerlily said...

Sometimes it feels like this election has become a reality show. But instead of being silly or fun or insipid or meaningless it is super important but we are still dealing with humans here and wouldn't it be nice if everyone could remember that and why is it that everybody has to be on two terribly distinct sides and round table and where is the middle ground between ideals and reality and why can't I know more and know the truth and boom! my head exploded and wedding and Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

(Don't mind her, her head explodes and then she falls asleep from election fatigue every time she turns on the television...man but The Boss has to clean up a big mess every night.)

Also, your pasta carbonara looks amazing.

Hello, my name is Saint Tigerlily and I have Election Narcolepsy - not because I'm bored...because I'm unbelievably overwhelmed.

Stacey Snacks said...

I am sick of politics. Don't get me started.

Your sandwiches are looking good, but you still need the NJ/NYC bread! I will fedex you some!
Makes all the difference.


Katie said...

Food, politics....my head is spinning. (In a good way.)

Katie said...

Food, politics....my head is spinning. (In a good way.)

Caroline said...

I miss Tim, too. But your pictures of delicious food have made me feel so much better...

MrOrph said...

Don't need a reason to eat great comfort food and you need to post those recipes!!!

I try to stay away from politics. It is a real sore spot with my family because they don't know how to agree to disagree.

Let's just say, I don't vote for someone based on how they look or how they sound. I need substance and Tim was one of those people who could get that information from most anyone.

Passionate About Baking said...

That food looks way better than politics spinning & splitting the world apart! What absolute comfort!!

melissa said...

I have a sandwich like that coming up. Post ready, waiting for me to hit publish. I cannot thank you enough for acquainting me with tomato/basil/mozzarella. Seriously.

I tune out to a lot of the political stuff. I know I really, really shouldn't. This is a very interesting time, I'm an intelligent person and should probably be more involved.

melissa said...

I love the picture that greets me right now when I click on your page. ;)

chefectomy said...

I am a political junkie and have to admit, I am enjoying everything going on right now. I do miss Tim Russert, such a good man. Like or hate Ms. Palin, bottom line is the GOP shook up the race.

More importantly, that sandwich photo look awfully good.


Neen said...

Sigh, I know. I've been going through political blogs like porn. This is one of those few times a year I wish we had a TV.

Course, then I'd get even less stuff done.

BTW, your photography skills are really getting amazing!

KitchenKiki said...

mmmmmm mozzarella sandwich. Now take a deep breath. If all else fails, make some mashed potatoes with lots of cheese. That will make everything better.

Mayberry Magpie said...

I'm sick at my stomach over politics. And -- I'll admit it . . . I'm partisan. I'm so wildly partisan I can't even talk about it to most people.

So -- I'm burying myself in cooking this weekend. Omelets this morning, pasta tonight. Anything to get my mind off this election. I may gain 10 pounds before it's all over!

Bren@flanaboyanteats.com said...

awww i miss Russert too! What an incredible man. So sad. And like you, I"m a Politics whore! It's really bad. I even watch pundantry in my pumps!

okay sike!

xoch said...

great post. And great sandwich pic!

I'm getting tired about and upset with U.S. politics too, so I took a break this weekend.

The last politic related things on Friday were Bill Maher and a piece I had to do on the Fannie and Freddie bailout. After that, gardening, sleeping, groceries and makeup shopping. No Newsweek. Internet could only be used to check recipes or to check Amazon. No looking into deus ex malcontent.

I'm aiming for hope and perspective this week. If that's unavailable, some really good cheese from Oaxaca. Cheers!

Anonymous said...