Caprese Salad w/ Heirloom Tomatoes and Balsamic Glazed Grilled Chicken

Right now, as I'm typing this at 8:30 at night it's 95 degrees. No, I didn't type that wrong... the numbers are NINE and FIVE as in ninety freakin' five degrees at 8:30 at night. The last couple of days its been over 100. Didn't someone get the memo upstairs that it's September? There should be a rule once the football season starts, the weather cools down. When I think of football season, I think of crisp weather and yelling. Yeah, that's also not a typo. My husband is a yeller... at the TV, no less. Rich yells so loud I think, he thinks the refs, coaches and players can hear him by the sheer force of how loud he gets. Like that will get the Forty Niners to play better. Ha. I'm genuinely surprised the cops haven't came to our door asking if there's some sort of domestic disturbance and if I need the number to the local woman's shelter. One little sad fact around Stockton when the Oakland Raiders lose a football game there is an uptick of domestic violence. So now that I think about it maybe this isn't such a funny thing to joke about.

*and the award for the longest name for a dinner goes to...

Caprese Salad w/ Heirloom Tomatoes and Balsamic Glazed Grilled Chicken and Homemade Breadsticks:

There are no measurements for this dish, so sue me, it's hot. My brain is fried to a damn crisp, what the hell do you expect from me? Oh, did I ever mention when it gets hot I turn into a raving mean ass bitch. Yeah, like you don't. Come talk to me when you don't have air conditioning and it's the end of summer and four kids are constantly whining about how hot it is.

Caprese Salad:

chopped tomatoes
mozzarella cut into cubes
chiffonade basil
olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
hand torn butter lettuce

A trick I learned from Ruhlman. Salt the tomatoes a half an hour before serving and toss with the basil to get the flavors going. After a half hour, toss in the cheese and a little olive oil. Serve over lettuce.

Balsamic Glazed Chicken:

I marinated some skinless boneless chicken breasts in some [a lot] balsamic glaze and some crushed garlic cloves for about an hour. I can hear you tsk, tsking at me about the chicken but as I already told you my brain is fried. Then I grilled the chicken until it's done. Slice and serve with the caprese salad.


I admit right here I am a genius dumbass. I decided that there would be nothing that would compliment this great salad better than homemade bread sticks. Shall we do the math, Einstein? A hundred degrees outside plus a 500 degree oven inside a house with no air conditioning. Do you know what that equals? The heat of a thousand suns in the fifth circle of hell multiplied by infinity. So to save you from heat stroke and me from a few lawsuits... no breadstick recipe until it cools down.


Rayrena said...

Okay, now I just feel like a sissy for complaining about it being 82 degrees the other day...

That dinner looks FABULOUS! Can we come for dinner? We'll bring a kiddie pool filled wit ice...perfect for chilling the beer and the moms.

Cheryl said...

That dinner looks dang good and here I was complaining we got to 81 yesterday!

Familia said...

it's cold here again. of course, if you came for a visit, you would probably bring the sunshine with you!

Grace said...

sounds like a good call to abandon breadsticks for the time being. :)
great salad--very colorful, healthy, and delicious to be sure. :)

melissa said...

I can't STAND the heat and I can't believe it's still that warm up there! WTF?! It's so much cooler down here, I don't get it. Hope it gets better soon...

The caprese pasta you got me making all summer - a couple of times I threw diced chicken in it and added a splash of balsamic. So I can totally imagine how this salad tastes. Awesome.

Mental P Mama said...

Now that's a salad for me! Yum....

Kristin said...

My sympathies on the weather. And also: THANK GOD I don't live there.

Tammy's Blog said...

I am with you on the cooking....it has been a scrocher lately...thank goodness today is cooler.
If you lived closed I would send my hubby to your house...yesterday he was yelling not only at the niners, but also the giants!
And he wonders why I bury my head in my computer. Geez...

jack's utter lack of surprise said...

baking in that heat? you must be crazy!

Undomestic Diva said...

Your photos are so awesome, it almost makes me want to cook. Almost.

Magpie said...

For whatever reason, I do much more cooking in the summer. Probably because there's better produce and more hours of daylight.

It makes my husband apeshit when I turn on the oven on one of those blistering days...

The Yummy Mummy said...

eh. Who needs home made bread sticks anyway?...they're all carbs.

What? Did I just say what I think I said? Am I stark raving crazy?

See this...My husband has finally infected my brain with his no carb diet.

I need an intervention. Fire up the oven, baby.


MrOrph said...

95!!! Still!?

Hell, I thought it was bad here being 89-90.

Great looking salad though. You gotta love the heirlooms, man.

NO AIR CONDITIONING!!!! WTF! I would literally die! How do you do it?

noble pig said...

You need one of those window a/c units! Something woman, you need it!

The salad is beautiful along with the chicken and bread creation. I'm amazed you are all not at a restaurant every night in that heat!

giz said...

What a great time it is when we get fresh tomatoes and the heirlooms - OMG - I had some of the yellow ones tonight and they're beyond incredibly sweet.

KitchenKiki said...

ooohhh I feel your pain! HP & The Girl's birthday always falls on the hottest week of the year and making cakes makes me cry from the heat.

As for the bread sticks, they look great, but I'll walk to the bodega down the street & get the fresh Cuban bread. Not quite as good, but my kitchen isn't hot.

Mama Goose said...

Mmmmmmmm YUM!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

OMG! That looks like it will become a favorite around here. After I get back from overseas, this will be one of the first on my list to make.

Foodista fan said...

I was just thumbing through the foodblogs when I found your site. This is great!Heirloom tomatoes are perfect for salads! I also found one simple and easy to make recipe at http://www.foodista.com

jennyonthespot said...

Oh lady - that looks absolutel delightful! I'm bookmarking it!

Anonymous said...