Y'all Ready?

It's about that time. It's the third Wednesday of August 2008, it's time to stand up and declare your absolute love of the potato and declare that, "Yes. Yes, I am a Potato Ho, and damn proud of it."

There is no shame in loving the lowly tuber. We might be a little puffy but who in the hell cares? Life without carbs would seriously suck. So folks without further ado...

Claudia from cook.eat.FRET sent me a private email saying,

'my latest pizza post features yukon golds thinly sliced with taleggio, pancetta, fresh rosemary, thyme and parmigiano

the end'

I think she was rubbing it in. Like ner,ner,ner,ner,ner...I made pizza with potatoes and you didn't. I have her private e-mail if you want the recipe because she didn't include it in her e-mail.

Duchess Grace from Baking Delights made smokey smashed potatoes. She swears that there are so many seductive flavors that your tongue will think it is on Fantasy Island.

Did I ever tell you I had a thing for Tattoo? I think it's because I'm taller than him.

Bellini Valium from more than burnt toast made Pomme Puree with Basil Puree. I loved her e-mail to me...

'This is not a recipe that can be altered or changed except to add your own flavour combinations, so, the instructions are just as chef Gordon Ramsay has written....the recipe is after all on how to create the perfect Pomme Puree.'

Oh snap. Was that a little dig after what happened to Melissa from Alosha's Kitchen?
I'm sure most of you read Equal Opportunity Kitchen. The mother/daughter tag team of Giz and Psychgrad but guess what? Psychgrad's boyfriend R contributed to this month's Ho-Down. We have ourselves a pimp. I'll try to refrain from all Jay-Z Big Pimpin' references it won't be to hard because his name is Teddy Leslie. Teddy made Poutine. Poutine for those who don't know is fries, gravy, and cheese curds. Drunk, drinking, hangover food! Especially when you be big pimpin' spendin' cheese.

I swear I'm done.

Potatoes, chicken, honey mustard? All together? I'm coming over.

Sparky Marie decided to make this. It's Scalloped Sweet Potatoes in Lemon-Ginger Cream Sauce. Check this description out:

'All Potato Ho’s know the value of custard with their potato. Thinly sliced sweet potatoes in a creamy, sauce…it’s Holicious.'

Then she had the nerve to say have fun with all the links.


Gussie Gail of miscellany made Rockin' Potato Salad. It's a basic potato salad with shhhhh! 'a secret ingredient'. I'm sure that Cook's Illustrated has it already copyrighted.
Lollipop Ann from The Cutting Edge Of Ordinary has made us Garlic and Lime Sweet Potatoes. It also has cilantro in it, I tell you this because I can swear I can smell this through the computer screen. When are they going to make Smell-O-Internet for food blogs? I need to know.

Where's My Damn Potato Recipe? Maxine Denise wants to know. The chicks from Where's My Damn Answer? are serving up Tex-Mex Baked Potatoes.

'Looks are not Everything - I may not be pretty on the outside but on the inside I ROCK!!'

Baby, anytime you stuff a potato it will make you beautiful in my eyes... every time.

I made homemade gnocchi from Thomas Keller's French Laundry Cookbook. I'm all about the food porn and the master is Thomas Keller. I can only grovel at his feet.

Light little potato pillows in a cream and mushroom sauce. You know you want it.
Sherli Hon Dory of [eatingclub] vancouver cooked up these lovely things... Faux Kamote-Que. What in the hell, Bobby? I sure didn't know what these were until I read their post. Now I want some, these are on the must make list. I'm not telling you what they are except you need to think sweet potatoes and brown sugar. How come you taste so good?

I need to say something here about the next entry. Just the blog name and her ho name scream "Luscious Food Porn!" It's Addison Kitty from Not Quite Nigella. Addison made Potato Bread. Mmmm... potatoes and bread...not quite like Homer Simpson but close enough.

Milky Lee from Fig & Cherry, has decided to go go the opposite of meat and potatoes. She's gone vegan with Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup. Five ingredients and healthy and easy. She's a ho with a heart of gold.

Riley Marie from dlyn is a ho after my own heart. Potato Gratin with Feta and Herbs. She used, I swear, a bowl full of herbs straight from her garden. I want to be her neighbor so I can sneak over and pick all her flowers.

It wouldn't be a Ho-Down without a few gratins. Here's Tawny Jo's entry... Gratin of Potatoes with Ham, Egg, and Onion. It has breakfast written all over it.

Tilly Ann is a baaaaaad girl. She's snarking it up a bit and sticking it to the Bow Tied Man. The man food bloggers are having issues with. The man who's name makes me want to spit venom. Tilly made 'A Rogue Potato Salad: Warning: It has no recipe. It has not been tested 100 times.'
Tilly, I'm in love with you.
I'm in love with Tilly but I'm lusting after these. I know it looks like chocolate brownies and they are but they have potatoes in them. I KNOW! That's flippin' awesome. You know what's even better? Her Ho name, Indy Ana. I just want to hum the theme song to the Indiana Jones soundtrack. I picture Indy running around the kitchen dodging knives, whipping stuff with a... whip.

October Noelle decided to go against the grain and make smashed potatoes. '

'A virtuous version of a comfort-food classic that doesn't call for leaving out anything tasty or replacing it with goody-two-shoes fat substitutes!'

Can ho's be virtuous? Is that an oxymoron?
ELRA... that's her ho name and she's sticking to it. I'm trying to find out what the acronym stands for but it's late and I'm tired. I'm sure one of you will figure it out. ELRA baked up some potato bread that's 'Crusty, Chewy and Easy to Make'

Olive, The Other Relish, did something awesomely cool... Mini Baked Potatoes. If all of us Potato Ho's had a get together. You know these would be gone is a flash. There would be cat fights over some mini potatoes. Don't ever get between a girl and her potato!

It's been hot in my neck of the woods and I am looking forward to fall and all the good food that comes with it. To make me jealous Skipper Maria decides to enter this in the Ho-Down. Calde Verde (Portuguese Creamy Potato and Kale Soup) she calls it pure comfort.


Lorraine E said...

LOL Love the writeups-they gave me a good chuckle this afternoon! Now I have more fantastic potato recipes that even a ho would know what to do with! ;)

Lorraine E said...

Oops forgot to say, thanks for hosting!

Mental P Mama said...

I think I just gained 5 pounds. Yum.

cook eat FRET said...

the potato pizza recipe is on my blog under the post "pizza party"...

make it tonight
you will thank me
yes you will

marye said...

wow..it all looks....so.....HOT

Kristy - Where's My Damn Answer said...


:: adds a bunch to my list of things to make as soon as the temp cools down ::

I love the vegan soup recipe and I tasted the Tex Mex Baked Potatoes on Friday and OMG they were yummy.

Thanks for hosting this month. You ROCK!!

Passionate About Baking said...

HO HO HO! YUM!! Wow...what an array with the humble ho! Sorry I never got here in time. By the time I roasted the blessed things, it was way past deadlines, bedtimes, whatever! :0(

Rayrena said...

Those all look great but the pizza is going to be bouncing around inside my head all day. Okay, probably for several days or weeks until I make it.

Krysta, you're hilarious. Your husband must be a great straight man to your comedic musings :)

noble pig said...

What a round-up Yee-haw! Good job girly...are your fingers tired.

Psychgrad said...

You did all of that while babysitting a 2 year old? You're a machine! Great job. Another awesome round up.

doggybloggy said...

another 'holicious'month...they all look good but I must admit since I have never had poutine that will be the one I want to try...

Deborah said...

There is nothing better than a good potato - except for a great dish featuring potatoes!

Jordana said...

I think you got Skipper Maria confused with Dragon from Dragon's Kitchen in the last entry. Other than that, great round up!

Krysta said...

jordana... everyone has a ho name... dragon's is skipper maria... my name is krysta/evilchefmom/christina shane.

Kristin said...

I have just started some early harvesting of the Potato Field. Soon, I can make every single recipe in this Ho-down, in one day, with all of my potatoes. It will be glorious.

Kim said...

Good roundup and funny commentary. Yes, I do think Claudia is rubbing it in, but can you blame her. That pizza looks just as good the second time around. It all is making me hungry.

Stephanie said...

I can't wait to try all of these! Potato Ho heaven! One nation, under carbs.

Christie @ fig & cherry said...

Bam! This s*** just got real! :) What a high standard of entries. So impressive.

Good on you evil chef mom for a fab round up! Yee haa!

Dragon said...

Wow, I'm so impressed. Great round up!!!

Sharon said...

I'd marry carbs if I could :) Creative entries yet again! I am digging those potato brownies.

[eatingclub] vancouver || js said...

Thank you for this round-up!

That potato pizza sure looks awesome! Sher Li Hon is going to be happy with these potato hos!

Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer said...

Thanks so much for hosting this month - What a great round up. One can never have too many potato recipes!!

deb said...

The pizza did me in. Fantastic! Thanks for having me. I'll be back. :)

Bellini Valli said...

Another great lineup. I am still trying to catch up with all my fellow Ho's. I have heard about the trouble with America's Test Kitchen and think a person can change a recipe however they want and call it their own. My Pomme Puree recipe came out beautifully and I'll tell you a little secret... I didn't follow the recipe exactly...wink...wink..

melissa said...

Thanks for the refs to my blog, they made me giggle. Hee.

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Yes I've died and I'm now in potato heaven! So many great dishes, it feels like starting at the top and cook all of them all the way to the bottom. And then of course go to the gym! Great round-up!

canarygirl said...

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaang! That's a lotta good freakin potato recipes! I especially love those minis! How cute! I love your intros, too. .)

Anonymous said...