A Bad Food Day...

*krysta is having one of those days... bad language ahead!

It started off with McCain's choice for veep. If I hear the Term 'Hockey Mom' on more time I might have to take my mandolin and slice off my ears à la Van Gogh and just as a further precaution I am going to take a skewer to my ear drums to make sure I never hear that fucking term ever again.

I am me. I am complicated. I like blue and I like red and sometimes I wear both colors together! Whatever sport my children play does not define me. Being a mom also doesn't define me. It plays a bit part in the role that is my life. I am more than a mom. Sorry if that angers some people but you do not give yourself enough credit if you think that being a mom is the only way to define yourself. I will not vote for you just because you are a hockey mom or a mom of 5. Address my issues and maybe I'll listen but damn it, stop pandering to me! I AM SMARTER THAN THAT! Until then... piss off.

To top this all off I had the one of the blah-est meals of my life. It was an insult to my taste buds... and boy were they mad! I find bland food just as disgusting as poorly prepared food. Both are a culinary sin!

We walked in to find pictures of neighborhood houses on the walls with the artist's statement but the strange thing was the sign below which ticked me off to no end...

"If any of the pictures are of your home and you do not want them displayed on the restaurant walls. Please contact the artist and we will promptly remove the picture."

Dude, you are taking semi-good pictures of houses without the owner's knowledge, then publicly displaying them, THEN they have to contact you to get the picture removed. That sucks.

Rich and I order our food. Salad for him because he's a chick and I order a sandwich with some potato salad and iced tea.

Iced Tea Rant: When I order iced tea, I mean ICED TEA. Not tropical flavored toilet water. I assume that when I order iced tea, it's like ordering iced coffee. Black, bitter, and unadorned... just like me. I am not expecting something green or white or clear or flavored and if you think you should serve that shit, give the person who's ordering a heads up. At the very least say, 'We have a few different flavors of tea. What kind would you like?' Iced tea is...tea steeped in water and then served over ice. There is nothing that saying steep it in fucking potpourri.

So strike one and two. Strike three...bland food, even the onions on my sandwich were flavorless. Same with Rich's salad. The most tasty thing we had was a Pepsi.

Our lunch was so bad we had to immediately rectify the situation and get something else to eat. You know a meal is bad when you have to do that. My taste buds are much happier now, thank you for asking.

gotta go and prepare for stuff... wouldn't you like to know! Details soon.

*picture of christian, brother of ollie!


The Yummy Mummy said...

Baby, baby, baby...sorry you had a sucky day.

You are not defined by your kid's sport. You are defined by the crazy, wacko, screwball shit you write here...you are bigger than hockey mom, you are blogger mom. Deal with that and all it's crazy repercussions.

Hope they find a candidate who can represent us.


PS Thanks for the awesome e-mail, which I think I'm going to post on my blog for all to see...bwa ha ha

PS What is this about another blog? Potato Ho? First, I wasn't invited. No invitation in my in box. Thanks. Second, David is still refusing the starch, so I can't do it anyway.

I guess Meat Ho doesn't exist, right?

Ari (Baking and Books) said...

I'm not a mom but as a woman it annoys me to no end when folks assume I'm voting for McCain just because he has a female running mate. But on the upside, it is interesting how, whomever wins there will be a historic change in the white house.

Bland food is the worst!! Sorry you had such a crappy day. Hopefully the long weekend will contribute to a great weekend?

noble pig said...

I am so sorry, and the heat added to the crap right! When you get so mad, I laugh, not at you, just with you...but you weren't laughing. I'm sorry!

katie said...

Ugh, I hate meals like that. For the calories, money, and time I require restaurant eating to be worthy. I feel for you! Make yourself something awesome for labor day.

Rayrena said...

I'm totally with you on flavored teas. Why don't they make a passionfruit drink so they can leave it the hell out of my tea.

Politicians and news people: idiots.

Mayberry Magpie said...

Last week, which sucked in a million ways all because of work, I ate FIVE dinners that consisted of convenience store hot dogs. Last week I would have wept over any bland food that wasn't a hot dog.

Oh, and to wash down my FIVE hot dogs? Flavored convenience store tea.

THAT'S how bad last week was.

Stacey Snacks said...

ok, I am staying out of your way today!
Look out!

and I am with you......I hate "scented toilet water"! I ordered an iced tea the other day & it came out w/ raspberry and peach flavor! I sent it back.
and ALSO!!! when I order an ICED COFFEE, I want just that, an iced coffee, not HOT coffee over ice!

Ok, now I am in a bad mood!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

This post made me laugh out loud in the middle of a movie Hubbie was watching. So funny about the tea!

As for the sport mom thing, my kids aren't old enough for me to have gone through that yet, but I will keep this in mind.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Oh, and I had just had to read this post aloud to Hubbie. It cracked me up so much I had to share--he loved it, too!

Mental P Mama said...

Amen. On everything.

Katie said...

I hope tomorrow is better. Bad days are the worst!

Psychgrad said...

I don't like iced tea in any form...but I am always shocked when I drink it in the states. Iced tea in Canada is the stuff you don't like - basically a sugar crystal-type drink. I usually end up adding sugar to my iced tea when drinking it in the states (I never order it, it's just usually the free option) and then it just tastes over sweetened and gross.

I don't have kids - but it annoys me when parents define themselves solely by their kids. I don't know what I'll be like when I have kids, but I hope I'll be able to balance my identity as an individual with an identity as a mother.

MrOrph said...

Well, I like his choice, but the they can loose the moniker. As for you, I always thought of you as a "cookie mom" on your own accord.

So what's the big change man? Are you bustin' out the Carrie Ann Moss bod? I want pix, if so!

xoch said...

Word. On all of it.
Not a mom, but annoyed / laugh at parenting magazines and the like where women don't have names of their own and instead are Annie's Mom or Jennifer's Mom; or Molly, Mom to Jake (5) and Emma (8). You even have to lose your name to motherhood?

About Palin and McC and Rove's pandering bid for Clinton supporters, well, I hope it blows up in their faces. I have an unpublished draft since friday morning (yes, procrastinantion is an olympic sport in my family, and in mexico).

Bland food, man don't even get me started. We have a limited number of calories and a limited number of meals a day people, do not waste time and resources!

I had a running coach who tried to ban salt (and chocolate, and cheese) from our diets. Needless to say, I still use salt (and chocolate, and cheese). I don't run anymore.

Cheryl said...

I am not a mom but I soo agree with you! I hate that crappy tropial tea as well, YUCK!

GiGi said...

My husband's name is Rich, too. Funny. I hate having to have that second meal after a crappy one.

Maggie said...

AMEN to the tea rant -

Meg said...

Bland food? Boo. Picking a woman to be your vice president 'cause you're trying to pick up some liberal votes? BOO!

janelle said...

LOVED starting off my day reading some good humor, and laughing out loud!!!! Thanks!!!

freefun0616 said...