Let's Take A Ride!

Hop in the car and go with me
You don't have to pack everything
Don't you wanna feel the breeze?
And forget everything, baby

Let's Take A Ride, Justin Timberlake

Okay guys, the skies have been grey from smoke and the sun has been orange for days because of all the wildfires in California and I'm nowhere near the Butte or Big Sur fires. So let's hop in the car and take a trip. Who cares about work.

Let's hop into my (dream) car. A 67 Chevy Camaro SS convertible and take a trip to the ocean. I'll play some local boy Chris Issak's music and off we go.

Stop looking at the ocean for a minute! Do you see that sign? Way up in the tree. Cool.

Oh, that can't be good! Run, little guy, ruuuuun!

Smooth sand, quiet beaches, let's dig our feet in, shall we?

Pigeon Point Light House.

In need of repair.

Okay, off to one of my favorite places. Bean Hollow State Beach. Bean Hollow or Pebble Beach (not to be confused with the golf course) is special because...

Just take a look for yourself. The whole beach is little smooth pebbles.

And they end up everywhere!

*nerdy science and random fact alert!

The pebbles on the beach are quartz chipped from an offshore reef, tumbled ashore, then wave-polished and rounded into small stones.

The holes in the rocks are called tafoni. It is created when water leaves behind mineral deposits that eat away at a rock with an inner layer that is softer than its exterior material.

Let's take a little hike and see the tide pools on the other side. You might want to empty your shoes because the little pebbles hurt your feet and trust me they are in your shoes. Also, because we love our state beach, we empty our shoes. Don't take the pebbles, I know it's hard they are really pretty and smooth and you need a souvenir but just don't. My kids tell me it's a two hundred dollar fine and right now California needs all the revenue it can get, they would probably search you, just to get some money.

Lots of crabs

and starfish. Underwater

and not so underwater.

Lots of witches hair.

Thanks for playing hooky with me. See you tomorrow.


Annie K. Nodes said...

Um, remind me. WHY do I live in New York City again? 'Cause your neighborhood looks a lot more appealing right now. Even with the haze.

melissa said...

*Sigh* Thanks for the small escape, K. :)

White On Rice Couple said...

Bean hollow state beach? I've never heard of it being called that before, cool! We're hoping to head up on a little coast road trip in a few weeks. We'll make sure to stop by there to see those great sites.
Your first photo is beautiful, even with the smoke. It gives the sun a firey red color.

Mental P Mama said...

That place is beautiful! Thanks for the trip.

Mary Beth said...

Swing by NJ - we'll get a little Born to Run going and hit the east coast too.

Great pictures - am hating that I'm stuck in an office right now!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the diversion. I'm at work right now. That was a much needed little get away.

noble pig said...

I feel the breeze..so nice. Love the starfish and pebbles.

Sarah said...

Ahh, what a nice trip. I feel better already :) LOVE the pebbles!

jack's utter lack of surprise said...

i love the picture that looks like rock caulfat with little pebbles in all the holes.

Mayberry Magpie said...

Oh how I needed a hooky day on my first day back at work with an inoperable blog at home! Thanks for taking us all along. I feel better already.

Mayberry Magpie

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Color us jealous. We wish we were there. Sigh.

Leah said...

You are so lucky that you have such gorgeous views within driving distance ... looks like it was the perfect field trip.

Beautiful pictures! You have quite a talent Miss Krysta!

Snooty Primadona said...

WoW! How totally beautiful and Cool. That is one place I can add to my list of places to see. I'm totally enchanted...

Paula said...

Ah, sand, surf, and a sweet ride in that convertible. Sign me up next time you play hooky! (Love the encouragement to the Tsunami sign guy as well as the Deeply sign!)

EAT! said...

I just returned from vacation - and I still need another "vacation." I love the shore.

Grace said...

i'm always up for hooky. great pictures. :)

Sharon said...

Such a great reminder that I need a vacation! It's high time to play a little hooky, huh? Thanks for the momentary escape!

asthmagirl said...

I love that first shot. And the beach pictures are amazing!

QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

thanks for the ride, the scenery was fantastic!

Meg said...

I love tidal pools and have always wished I could see one in person. Loved the pictures. Thanks for playing hooky so we could see them!

freefun0616 said...