Sticking It To The Man...

So....The Man isn't happy. Oh flipping well. So because of that we're sticking it to the man.

Dear Readers, The Man, my husband, Rich, didn't like your some of your suggestions for dinner and he moaned, groaned, and bitched, and I quote, "I don't want to eat this shit." He was actually talking about only a few dishes. But still, how rude. You guys suggested 60 dinners and we narrowed it down to 29. No one was allowed to pick the same dish and I almost stuck it to the man right there, how dare he dis my readers!

Rich's Picks:

roasted corn chowder

taco salad

shrimp and sausage jambalaya

Krysta's Picks:

Shrimp Boil w/corn on the cob, polish sausage, and red potatoes

beer can chicken

fish tacos w/mango salsa

crab cake burgers

pineapple chicken & fried rice w/pineapple cilantro chutney

Katie's Picks:

grilled chicken calzones

chicken/lamb schwarma


homemade pizzas

grilled dry rubbed tilapia w/latin quinoa salad

Drew's Picks: (he's picky so he was kinda acting like his dad without the cussing)

thin crust build your own pizzas


bbq spare ribs

cheeseburger pie

Will's Picks:

krabby patties w/ the world's best tartar sauce

steak w/ ancho chile sauce


pasta salad

Nancy's Picks:

linguine w/ white clam sauce

slow cooker sloppy joes

fish tacos

shrimp scampi

That's six meals you can vote for. I can hear you yelling at your computer screen but there are seven days in a week. The seventh day is the day , after I create the world and so on and so forth is the day I'm gonna chill and have Shrimp Rockefeller, Black Bean Dip and Mojito Slushies. The kids can cook...

pepper steak fried rice

simon & garfunkel pasta (really Kim, you just had to name it that?!)

grilled PB&J's

Now there is something else... Everybody, and I mean everybody, wanted this next dish. I had to break up the fighting with a water hose because that's how we do it in the Evil household, that and a taser I keep on me at all times, but don't worry I only use the taser after the sous chefs have been hosed down and are soaking wet and have a taste of the pepper spray I use for seasoning. Everyone wanted to pick the Spanish Potato Omelet. So on the eighth day, ECM made Spanish Potato Omelet. Sunset Zaguan you are quite popular around here, the sous chefs risked life and limb just on three little words. I think I might have to make you an honorary sous chef! Please email me (evilchemom @ aol. com) with the recipe or I might have another riot on my hands.


noble pig said...

I voted, I voted!

Katie said...

Thank you so much for the kind comment :) That is so sweet of you to say.

It's really cool that you cook for your family. I know a few families with 4+ kids and I know that their heads-of-households don't put half as much effort into what goes on their plate as you obviously do. Love the blog!

White On Rice Couple said...

LOL! I should have had Todd come up with some super duper macho meat dishes for Rich. Maybe then will his belly be happy!

Love the funny video and our votes are in!

ntsc the art of the pig said...

My votes are in.

My wife of 27+ years is working on educating my palate, she hopes to get there in another 25 years or so.

Do you use a white pepper spray or a black one?

The Yummy Mummy said...

I'm in...

And seriously, it is a little like holding the fate of you and your family in the palm of my hand.

I feel the P-O-W-E-R!!!!!!!!!!

I'm beating my chest and doing the tarzan yell. Ah ah aaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Let's do this some more...

xo Kim

KitchenKiki said...

I put the beer can chicken in because I thought it would be manly. I mean really, ya stick a can of beer up the rear of a chicken and put it on the grill.

Sticking things, ummm never mind that one.

I tried.

Krysta said...

*ntsc...real pepper spray... so i'm thinking it's red peppers.

*katie... (and for the people reading the comments, not my katie) i think anybody getting into food is a good thing, and i really can't wait to see what you do!

*kiki... my husband doesn't grill, either me or sous chef will does. rich is my kitchen bitch.

melissa said...

I voted! I feel like such a good citizen. ;)

Have a good weekend K!

Mayberry Magpie said...

"I don't want to eat this shit."

TMD. (Typical Male Deal)

Amazing, isn't it, that we work so hard to MADOF in light of all the TMDs?

Last night I asked Mr. Mom if he had come up with a special meal I could cook for Father's Day. His response (he claims without malice): "That's a hard one. Everything I really like I HAVE to cook."

Mayberry Magpie

Anonymous said...

Is it sad that in a little way I'm voting for dishes I want the recipes for and not what I think your family would like? Is that a little mean? 'Cause if it is, then I'm NOT voting that way.

That said, I cannot wait to see what you end up eating...and I'm with Yummy Mummy on this. I think the power might be getting to my head. This whole controlling your meal destiny may be too much. I could become Lex Luther with better hair or that weird Green guy played by Willem Dafoe in Spider-Man except no where near as creepy 'cause let's face it Willem Dafoe is the master of creepy and I cannot compare to that even with all this power...and where was I?

Good luck with all the cooking!

ib said...

Haha! My Evil plan is working mom, these blog readers dont even realize they are allowing my brain to go into total summer mode by making them have the power.
Hmmmm okay nnow for the ib part of my brain this is how dictators come to power because people get lazy and want someone to solve their problems for them. Hmmmm I'm sure good at being pro totalitarianism when I'm not in school.

The Yummy Mummy said...

Did Sous Chef Numero Uno actually throw a 7 syllable word out there?

To-tal-i-tar-i-an-ism. 7.

Quick. Definition?

How does the grasshopper know such worldly things? That Ib thing is working...

x Kim

Krysta said...

*yum mum...i can't even pronounce it let alone spell it... you know what the great thing is about ib is? it's taught at a public school! i'm not paying a dime (except taxes) for this education.

ntsc the art of the pig said...

My only left high school circa 1993, with a Regent's diploma which kind of suprised us.

What is IB?

MrOrph said...


I am passing on to you the Arte y Pico award.

Keep up the great work you do!


Anonymous said...