My Holy Trinity, Food Wise

I'm not a good navel gazer. As a matter of fact, I'm horrible at it. No epiphanies come except that I have a innie and a few sit-ups probably wouldn't hurt. Then I think about dinner and then I start thinking about trinities.

Every religion has some sort of beads used for praying and also some sort of trinity. Here's mine...basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. Cliche? Oh no, no, no! This is the food of the gods, never has there been a greater combination than this... other than peanut butter and chocolate but that's not a trinity now is it? I eat this combination all summer long. I have it in a sandwich, I'll make a caprese salad and I'll make this dish.

I remember my step-momster making this when I was a kid. I'm not sure where she got the recipe but she used to peel the tomatoes and make a big production of it. Sorry, but why go through all that trouble of standing over a hot pot of boiling water? It's already hot outside and I want to go swimming. Forget about it! Just chop up the damn tomatoes and enjoy your day, it's summer for gosh sakes! Chill out.

ECM Trinity:
tomatoes. chopped into bite sized pieces
basil, chiffonade-ed? what is the correct term for that anyways?
grated mozzarella
olive oil
salt & pepper

Put tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella into a bowl. Add enough olive oil to coat the tomato mixture. Add salt and pepper to taste. Cover and refrigerate until ready to eat.

A couple of things: Notice I didn't give you measurements. This is just a throw together dinner. I go by proportions.

I used grape tomatoes in this dish. Every tomato has been pulled off the market and California was cleared from this stupid salmonella scare. Everyone is afraid to touch a damn tomato, but not me. Oh no, I go trying to find tomatoes (trying to cheat death) and all they have is those 3.99 a pound on the vine tomatoes and forget that...I'm not paying that much for a crappy tomato,and there was no farmers market, so what's a girl to do? Improvise! Grape tomatoes it is.

Use cheap mozzarella for this dish. Trust me, I've used fresh mozzarella and it's just wrong. Fresh mozzarella is beautiful and gentle and must be respected but in this dish she falls apart into a stringy, soggy, nasty mess.

Make this in the morning and let it sit in the fridge. The longer you let this sit, the better it tastes. Cook some pasta and toss this in and you have dinner. I eat it as a main dish and then I eat it for breakfast the next day, then lunch, then dinner again. Rinse, lather, and repeat. It's that good.

What's your holy (food) trinity?


mindy said...

Mmm... I made a cold pasta salad yesterday: Round zucchini (which I thought was a Mexican squash of some kind), sliced bite size and sauteed in hazelnut oil, tossed with basil, wheat penne, salt, pepper, italian seasonings, and balsamic. --My holy trinity? I'll have to work on it, but perhaps shallots, mushrooms, and parmesan!

mindy said...

Ps: This looks great. I'm going to give my tiny-refusing-to-flourish basil plant a rest and buy a big bunch at the farmer's market this week!

Kristin said...

NO! You can't post this now! Because now I'm craving basil and tomatoes, and so far I only have the basil in the garden. You're such a tease. Check back with me in about a month, and then I'll be totally overrun with tomatoes (for real--I have 24 plants out there right now) and will be eating this holiest of trinities all day, every day.

Mental P Mama said...

One of my favorites! My trinity is garlic, garlic, garlic.

melissa said...

Laughing at Mental P's comment. ;P

Don't know about a personal trinity. But I know I love tomatoes and basil and mozzarella. And I have a big crush on pasta salad.

I am so making this tonight for my lunches for the next few workdays. It's cheap (and I need that right now), cool, healthy and tasty. Thanks hon!

Christi said...

Too funny. I made some Italian flat bread last night, cut up tomato basil and mozzarella sprinkled with olive oil and threw it back on the grill until melty.

Like fresh mini pizzas. Mmmm

My other trifecta is fresh lemon, feta cheese and spinach.

Meg said...

I love tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella. I can make this. This looks like a dish I can make. I can do this!

My holy trinity is fresh bread, butter, and cheese. Intermingle the three as needed. Sometimes that's all I'll have for dinner, fresh bread and butter.

noble pig said...

Oh my! I love it, I'm making this for tomorrow's dinner...I am!

lcsa99 said...

Bread, garlic and cheese!

me again said...

My holy trinity of food? Gosh, that's easy. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate!

Lisa said...

garlic, olive oil, lemon.

I thought the shredded mozzarella was orzo at first. that would be a nice addition...

Rebecca (Foodie With Family) said...

Mmmmmmm... basil. That looks delicious!

My culinary trinity? Garlic, salt, black pepper. Everything else is gravy! (Don't get me wrong- it's GOOD but I NEED the garlic, salt and black pepper.)

KitchenKiki said...

That looks good!
My holy trinity? hmmmm, depends on the day of the week.
I like this one
I like garlic, ginger, shallots when I'm feeling exotic.
I like 3 things I've never used before on a regular basis.
I like Beer, Can, Chicken when I'm feelin' lazy.

Jill said...

I'm a member of your food religion and tomato, basil and mozzarella are totally at the top. I must be from a different branch or something because I prefer the fresh mozzarella. I will eat the other kind if it is all we have but I much prefer the fresh. Here in Oregon we are weeks away from fresh tomatoes and my basil took a real hit from the cold weather we had a while back. . .sigh, it will be awhile.

PS I think the correct term is a chiffonade of basil. However, I could totally be wrong, it's happened.


Mayberry Magpie said...

I worship at the church of Evil Chef Mom! Your trinity works for me as I have no faith of my own.

Except maybe bread and butter. But like chocolate and peanut butter, it's not a trinity, so it doesn't count. But if I got to eat bread and butter with your trinity -- man I'd follow anyone off the cliff.

Mayberry Magpie

Krysta said...

*jill...i prefer fresh too but in this dish it's really bad and a waste of money, trust me on this.

Familia Cazorla Wood said...

Tomatoes, mozzarella and basil sounds like a pretty good trinity to me!

There's also bread, garlic, and olive oil.

And there's coffee, wine, and chocolate.

And let's not forget potatoes, onions, and eggs! ;)

I'm a little excited about that mushroom pizza bread thing.

Grace said...

do you aspire to be a good navel-gazer? i know i do.

my holy trinity is black beans, corn, and cilantro. with some form of tomato on the side. :)

Neen said...

Okay, I was being so attentive until I got to your second photo and got distracted by your beautiful, beautiful knife. Do's Dad got him one just like it for his birthday and he adores it.

melissa said...

Bought the ingredients when I was shopping at Whole Foods yesterday. Took your advice and didn't get fresh mozzarella. :)

White On Rice Couple said...

This is so colorful and awesome for summer! Our holy food trinity ...Viet iced coffee...milk, sweetened condensed milk and espresso.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I have never tried it with the shredded mozzarella before. I will have to try it. We used to get a caprese salad at our deli in the High Sierras that used a white basalmic vinaigrette. It was heaven. I am on the hunt to recreate that in my kitchen. Someday, when the kiddos let me stand at the stove for longer than 30 seconds.

freefun0616 said...