Point Reyes Part II

Click here if you haven't read the first post about Point Reyes.

So... did you enjoy the view? Are you well rested? Because we have to go back up. There is much more to see and do.

Three hundred and eight steps, no problem. I do that on the stair master. Pawshaw...
Ready feet, start walking...

Hold on, wait a second! I have to go all the way back up, to that dome like building on all the up on the right hand side? You're killing me, Smalls...

I didn't want to show you this sign that greets you before you start your trek down to the lighthouse or you would have never wanted to go. Someone wasn't screwing around when they wrote that sign.

There are rest stops to sit and rest every one hundred steps, but the best way when there aren't so many people around is to stop every ten steps or so and enjoy the view, that's how the rangers do it because those stairs kick their asses too.

Everybody caught their breath? Good, onward.
One of the neatest things at Point Reyes is the life saving cemetery. The Life Saving Station opened up in 1890 (this was before the Coast Guard) to help save the lives of ship men whose boats had wrecked on the coast. The cemetery is not located anywhere near the Station itself. It's actually on a private ranch road with a little sign pointing the way. You park your car next to some cows that are 6 feet away with no fence to separate you from them (it feels sort of like the movie Cujo, except with cows) and walk up a grass road. There are no signs pointing you in the right direction there was only this marker in the ground.

George Larson died in 1893 from an accidental capsizing of his boat during a practice drill.

There are only seven marked graves in the cemetery and one seemed to be a family.

This is the view looking out from the cemetery. It was peaceful, quiet, and lovely. A perfect place to be spend eternity.

Hungry? Yeah, so am I. Let's hop back into the car and go back to Point Reyes Station to get some cheese...

Umm, yeah, about that. I had been looking forward to going to the Cowgirl Creamery . We walked into Tomales Bay Foods where the CG Creamery is located and went to the cheese counter. The two cheese gals behind the counter couldn't be bothered to help me or Rich. When we asked 'what's good?', their response was 'let us know if you want to try something.' and then they went back to finish their conversation about some other lady and her husband and jacked up family. We bought the Tomales Bag for twenty five bucks and spent our money elsewhere.

In the bag...

Point Reyes Original Blue... (bottom cheese pictured) the best blue cheese ever... it was almost worth the crappy customer service.

Matos St. George...(not shown) still haven't tried yet, looks promising.

Redwood Hill Farm's California Crottin... (top cheese pictured)a goat cheese. It was just eeeeh. Kind of bland, not very tangy. Just eeeeh, probably really good in a salad, just blah on its own.

Cowgirl Creamery's Mt Tam... (middle cheese pictured)this is their signature cheese. A triple cream that was so smooth and rich, almost like butter.

I also bought a tub of creme fraiche. (not shown)

Speaking of spending our money elsewhere. We took a walk around town and in the middle of this feed barn there is Toby's Coffee Bar. It really looked like that and that guy drinking coffee behind the counter was there. They had the best iced tea ever. It wasn't bitter or sweetened. Oh man, was it ever so good.

I, also bought a Queen's Coconut Bar. It's a chocolate chip, pecan, coconut cookie bar. Recipe tomorrow.

Hey! Are you awake? Just to see if your paying attention that's the wedding picture. What do you guys think?

Coming up this week...

Cherry Gelato

Chocolate Chip, Pecan, and Coconut cookie bars

Ask Evil Chef Mom & The Sous Chef's... (great band name) if you have any questions or just feel like being a nosy busy body or if you need to know the meaning of life you have until Wednesday night to get your questions in.


Mental P Mama said...

I would love to have that picture as a wedding present. Go for it. Snooty cheesegirls, blech. I cannot wait for that recipe. Safe travels home.

Neen said...

The wedding photo is gorgeous. Bummer about the customer service, what were they, teenagers gossiping about the prom?? The cheese looks amazing though, which does sort of make up for it. Sounds like a wonderful mini-holiday!
My question for Ask ECM is provoked by the whole romantic getaway/wedding theme: How did you meet Rich and/or do you have any fun stories about your early times together? :)

Mayberry Magpie said...

Oh that is a fabulous wedding photo!

I want to know more about creme fraiche. How about a tutorial? What does one do with it?

I also want to know Nancy's favorite dessert and how she got her name.

me again said...

The wedding picture is a winner. It's gorgeous. The cheese looks fab too; I am a cheese addict and now I am craving some. Off to the fridge......I need sustenance after climbing all those stairs!

Snooty Primadona said...

I love the lighthouse, but I'm sure I couldn't have made it down that hike & back without oxygen, and maybe a lift, lol.

OMG - ready made fresh creme fraiche? And the Cowgirl Creamery's Mt. Tam.... it looks like a Brie, only I'm thinking ever so much creamier. Yum.

And yes, the wedding picture is a lovely shot. Have a wonderful time @ your Dad's wedding

Sous Chef Numero Uno said...

Mom i'm ready to come home. =[
We went to ikea today and it was ehhhh... and steven broke up with Julia..stupid freshman. anyways I guess i will see you tomorrow after school.
Cherry Gelato? sounds good but I have to write a Spanish paper so i will be up really late one night this week so maybe some apple stuff that you make so welll????? =]]]]]]]]]]] (hint hint wink wink nudge nudge )

noble pig said...

The shot is beautiful! Perfect!

But why did you not come by with some of that cheese. I mean I'm sure you drove almost by on your way home....!

melissa said...

Ha ha! A comment from Katie. Awesome.

The shot is... well, I was going to say what NP said - beautiful and perfect. What a totally thoughtful gift idea. :)

Sucks about the service but I would love to try the Mt Tam cheese. Looks good.

Leah said...

Ooooh, make that sweetheart kid of yours the apple thing she wants, she's going to have to work hard on that paper she needs to write!!

What a fabulous trip; beautiful pictures!

White On Rice Couple said...

Your trip took me away to our Point Reyes trip over a year ago. I worked this whole dang weekend, just got home and found your pictures to be the perfect getaway to finish off my busy Memorial Day weekend. Ahhhh..., thanks.
I love the wedding picture, it's perfect. That one caught my eye immediately. I'll order a 5x7 of that please. ;)
And last but not least, Cowgirl Creamery. Ahhhh....
A trip up North is never complete without a visit to cheese heaven.

Grace said...

two thumbs up for that picture--it's a stunning view!

the shot above it ain't too shabby, either...i'll be looking forward to that recipe--i'm a sucker for coconut.

lcsa99 said...

That picture is perfect! I think they are going to love it!

As for questions, if there was only one recipe you could make sure each of your kids know when they leave home, what would it be?

And for the Sous Chefs, what is one of your Mama's recipes that you would love to make on your own?

Asthmagirl said...

The picture is awesome. I'm sure your dad and his new wife will love it.

Could your shoes be any cleaner?

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

We saw paw shaw ALL the time and have our 18 month old saying it.

GIVE ME THAT CHEESE! and also the cookie bars.

Beautiful pics!

The Yummy Mummy Cooks Gourmet said...

A couple things:

1. You take gorgeous photos. Really. Just beautiful. Which makes me love you more and also secretly envy you. There. I said it.

2. I have my eye on Sous Chef Numero Uno because I suspect this kid is a font of knowledge about you and will spill A LOT if I, like, send a tray of something delicious and chocolate (except that I can't bake to save myself. but don't tell that to Numero Uno)

And yes, I'd bribe your kids just to get information about you, you know that, right? I think Numero Uno will spill.

I am crafting my questions as we speak. Bwaaaa Ha Ha Ha!!

Glad you're back.


PS I do get an extension, right?

charcuteire said...

Back in 84 I worked the Democratic convention in SF. I would get off my shift, drive like a bat out of h-ll up there and watch the ocean every chance I got.

When I'm in the area, which hasn't been for years, I do go back.

Anonymous said...