...but you haven't posted anything good!

"Mooooom! You haven't posted for like two days." Katie yells.

"I posted on Monday night." I said.

"Yeah, but you haven't posted anything good."


Ah, the joys of having a teenage daughter as your most faithful reader. It's not like I haven't been busy. You know with things like... baseball practices, hunting down wind breakers and getting quotes on embroidery for said jackets, doctors and orthodontics appointments, adjusting to The Man's new work schedule (6am - 6 pm, if you must know), picking up the kids from school and various after school functions, going on field trips, and cooking dinner for all those numskulls who said I haven't posted anything good, lately. Nah, I'm not busy at all.

So... let's do something different. Tell me about yourself using my handy dandy questionnaire.

1. Beatles or Stones? Led Zeppelin

2. Favorite Color: Orange

3. Porn Name (use the name of the street you lived on as a child and the name of your first pet) Christina Shane, I think I have a great old school porn name.

4. Sweet or Savory? Savory, though you wouldn't know it by looking at this blog lately.

5.Favorite Food? Cherries

6.What would be your superpower? I'm torn on this one because I'd love to fly but I sure think it would be fun to be invisible.

7. Who would win in a cage match, Rachael Ray or Sandra Lee? And no, you can't wish that both of them would die!

Okay, dear readers, stop lurking and comment. Let's prove my daughter wrong and give her something interesting to read!


Anonymous said...

1. Duran Duran
2. Orange
3. Kirkwood Sparky
4. Savory
5. Anything Fried
6. Invisible
7. Sandra Lee

Anonymous said...

it's stacey...
1. Tool
2. Red
3. Christina Blue
4. Sweet
5. Alaskan king crab legs
6. To move things with my mind
7. Rachael Ray

Anonymous said...

1. Beatles
2. Red - it's actually a neutral for me.
3. Bay Meadows.
4. Both please.
5. Oooh, this is hard..I would have to say I have 3 favorite foods...pizza, Costco turkey rollups and Taco Bell taco supremes...can never eat just 3.
6. I'd like a "thin button" and a "fat button"....I'd see a fat person and make them thin - starting with myself and I'd see a thin person and make them fat...just for the day - maybe.
7. Rachael Ray would win by knocking Sandra Lee into one of her tablescapes rendering her speechless, causing the cancellation of her show to the applause of the entire Food Network Nation! And may she RIP.

Pixie said...

1. I'm with you on the Led.
2. Black
3. Prince Polly , can you guess the pet?
4. Both, more Savory
5. Cheese
6. Would certainly be to fly...it's the only way I could get to see family quicker back home.
7. Can't really comment as I don't really know much about either, and from the sounds of it that's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

1. Stones (and Aerosmith over the Stones lol)
2. Blue
3. Cinder Ashberry
4. Sweet!
5. Pasta
6. Telekinesis
7. Rachel Ray - And thankfully by time the battle is over both beautiful, perfect, perky people will no longer be beautiful, perfect or perky :)

Anonymous said...

1. Beatles or Stones? U2

2. Favorite Color: Blue

3. Porn Name : Sassy Aspen

4. Sweet or Savory? Savory

5.Favorite Food? chocolate

6.What would be your superpower? shooting lasers out of my eyes.... right after breathing perfectly

7. Who would win in a cage match? Rachael Ray would win by knocking Sandra Lee into one of her tablescapes rendering her speechless, causing the cancellation of her show to the applause of the entire Food Network Nation! And may she RIP.
(This answer was so good, I stole it)

Anonymous said...

Hee! These are always fun. :)

1. Beatles, Beatles, always Beatles.

2. Green.

3. Augusta Frisky (heh).

4. Sweet.

5. All of it.

6. I'd like to be like Batman, where I don't have any real superpowers to speak of, I'm just really nimble and rich.

7. Sandra Lee, no contest -- she came from a really rough background and you can see that steely look in her eyes, just beneath the polished surface. Rachael Ray is just a moron; she's not hardcore like Sandra.

michael, claudia and sierra said...

1. both equally. ok, maybe the beatles win out by a smidge...

2. black (for clothing always)besides that i love all colors equally.

3. gladys yellowstone. i mean is that freakin' hysterical or what???

4. both

5. anything perfectly executed. i eat and love all foods.

6. eating and never gaining weight

7. who cares?

Christi said...

1. Beatles
2. green
3. Marshmallow Hilltop... oy.
4. savory
5. cheese
6. change shape to whatever I want
7. Rachael

She Who said...

1. Harry Chapin
2. Purple
3. Milford Water
4. Savory
5. Watermelon
6. Teleporting
7. I'm probably gonna get flogged on this one. I don't know who either of them are.

Cakespy said...

Fun! This one's for your daughter! :-)

Beatles or Stones? Beatles.

Favorite Color: Tiffany Blue

Porn Name: 18th Avenue Minty (not sure if that is awful or awesome)

Sweet or Savory: Duh. Just look at my name!

Favorite Food: Cake

Superpower: Flying!!

Cage Match Faceoff: Oh, Rachael Ray. She's got claws I think.

Snooty Primadona said...

1. Beatles... ummmm Grateful Dead
2. Burnt Orange (as in Hook 'em Horns)
3. Juanita Dick
4. More like well seasoned
5. Caviar
6. X-ray vision might be fun for 5 minutes. Or scary. Otherwise I'd definitely want to fly.
7. But I DO wish both of them would die. Paula Deen for me.

MrOrph said...

Okay, I'll play...

1. Miles Davis
2. Red
3. Wadsworth Zorba
4. Savory
5. Seafood
6. Flying
7. Ray - but after the caffine wore off, Lee may be able to mount a comeback

Anonymous said...

Because you don't already know waaaay too much about me:

1. Beatles, I guess. But can I cheat and pick AEROSMITH?
2. Black
3. Harry Marco (Shit.)
4. Savory. Or SALTY. Better yet: SPICY
5. Salsa
6. To be invisible
7. WHO?

ib said...

finally mom
I have been waiting to read something interesting and those porn names well those were hilarious!

Princeton Jessabell

It really is a whore name.....

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least your kid is honest with ya! (Told you she was scary smart!)
We just got back from out of town, so least we didn't miss on too much then, except for all this food porn that has been quite the topic lately here.
So here's my answers. Todd is still sleeping at 5:45 am:
1.I'm riding the fence on this one: a little bit of both.
2.Burnt Orangeish/caramel brownish. Does this make sense?
3.Prospect Dante
4.Savory all the way baby!!
5.Noodle Soup/Rice/Viet baguette...all asian carbs count as one dish for me
6.To be able to feed the worlds hungry
7. Rachel got the meat and muscles, so I think she would win. Besides, I have no problem with the both of them. They both contribute something to the food world. I could go on and on and on about this and would get lots of S*** for it, but I don't care. I'll save my musings on this topic for a later post.

JPENG said...

I haven't commented in a million years!

1. Beatles
2. Brown
3. Mona King (mine is awesome haha)
4. Savory
5. Steak
6. Invisiblity
7. Rachel Ray, I hear she's a real bitch in real life.

Anonymous said...