spinach strawberry salad

Guest Writing for Evil Chef Mom is Sous Chef Numero Uno, AKA Katie

The other day I came home from school and I was hungry and it felt like spring outside so I felt the need to eat something that tasted like spring. So flash backwards to Sunday dinner, homemade mac'n'cheese and spinach salad with blood oranges.
"That's a fabulous idea" I thought.
I got all excited and pulled out my favorite blue fiestaware bowl, some spinach, olive oil, salt, pepper, and blood orange vinegar. I then opened the fridge to find that we don't have any blood oranges.
"What the heck?" I am actually making myself a salad, I am actually willing to peel and orange and then take off the gross white membrane, and there are no freakin' oranges? "You have got to be kidding me!" So, being the creative and ever so resourceful ib Kid that I am, I decided that I would take the leftover strawberries from Goat's birthday and I would make a salad with those instead. I traded the blood orange vinegar for balsamic vinegar glaze. Bada-bing bada-boom! I've got myself one tasty looking salad.
Tasty looking is one thing but tasty tasting that's a whole another story.
I go sit down at the table and my cousin and aunt give me the biggest look of disgust ever when I tell them what I'm eating. Sitting next to my beautiful salad was a piece of beautiful sourdough toasted all buttered and gold to perfection. Well, my cousin has a thing for toast and she was like, "Can I have a bite?". This cousin of mine also never eats salad and I didn't want to give up any of that buttery perfection for nothing, so I say "Sure." Now at this point she's about ready to grab the toast,"but only if you take a bite of salad." Her response was a predictable "no"
and I was perfectly fine with that, her loss. But I also want her to grow to have a sophisticated pallet so I teased her by taking a bite of the toast after every couple of bites of salad. Finally she said, "Okay I'll have a bite of salad for a bite of the toast." I get a piece of strawberry and spinach on the fork and she cringes as she puts it into her mouth and then chews.
"You like it?" her mom and I ask.
Do you know what she said???? "Yes" I thought I must have been going crazy she HATES sal-lad. I gave her a bite of toast as promised and do you know what she did next!!!??? She asked for another bite of salad!!! Hell froze over and pigs started to fly along with every other cliche on the planet. It was like the Eagles going on tour again but better. This means that salad was not only tasty looking but it was tasty tasting! If you want some of this not only tasty looking but tasty tasting salad keep on reading

Not Only Tasty Looking but Tasty Tasting Salad:

-How ever much baby spinach you plan on eating

-Enough clean sliced strawberries so that you can have a piece in at least every other bite

-Balsamic vinegar glaze (1 tablespoon)

-Olive oil (3 tablespoons)

-Salt (to taste)

-Pepper (to taste)

-A bowl

-A fork

-A mouth

- The will to try something new

-whisk balsamic glaze, olive oil, salt, and pepper together. Drizzle over spinach and strawberries. This is enough dressing for one big serving of salad. Can be doubled, tripled.