Morning Sunshine!

Good Morning everybody, it's pie day! First of all, thanks for stopping by and wanting to participate in this crazy idea of mine. Second, stop by all day today and this weekend to give the full round up of links and my own weird summaries of what's going on.

Since it's early and I don't do well in the mornings, I'm going to post links to those who have already have already posted so they can get their linking love.

Heaven is Chocolate, Cheese and Carbs: First of all, she just posted straight food porn. It's a topless pie as she likes to call it. Dirty Girl! Heaven made a Double Chocolate Carmel Brownie Tart. Did you just fall out of the sky or is heaven missing an angel?

Dancing on Eggshells: She has issues! Not really, but she's one of those prepared people. Oh, how I wish I could be like her! Henseeth made spaghetti pie, another one who talks about naked pasta. What is it with you guys? Is it because spring is in the air?

Asthma Girl: Poor Asthma Girl. First of all, she thinks she Spartacus! All because she has this behemoth of a new oven. Give a girl a new oven and watch out she becomes a chicken pot pie making fool.

Mayberry Magpie: Sorry guys! She just threw down on all ya' all! She says and I quote:

"But, before I share my recipe for Perfect Pecan Pie -- and, indeed, it is perfect pecan pie -- I must offer a warning. This pie is so good I once ate the whole thing. By myself. It’s tragic, but true. I didn’t eat it in one setting, I’m glad to say. But when a particular Thanksgiving found us with too many pies, I ate an entire Perfect Pecan Pie, one slice at a time, over the course of 24 hours. If you have difficulty exercising self-control, I’m going to suggest you forgo this pie recipe. Pop over to Evil Chef Mom and find a less-scrumptious pie recipe than this one. I’m just doing you a favor, for which you can thank me later."

Uh oh!