leftovers....&...overheard (Sharing The Linking Love)

...overheard at the Crab and Shrimp Feed " Rob's a shrimp shucking mother (shut your mouth)" gotta love Rob.
... undomestic diva has a post about God and having sex for 30 days straight. it's a must read.
... head over to she eats. if you like rachael ray you'll get turned on... if you don't well you might need some eye bleach.
... enter lexophile's best doctor story if you want to win the traveling starbucks thong... don't let it the thong die, folks!
... i'm loving white on rice's site. i get lost and have been discovering new things all the time, like they are writing a cookbook and have a huge garden and will mail spices to you if you don't have or can't get something. that's love. i'm probably throwing off their visting stats but i can't help it.
... again... thanks for signing up for 3.14 pie day. i expect great and funny things.