ECM's Crazy Idea!

What's this? A bread bowl on a plate but what's inside? Soup. Nope! Chili? Nah, guess again. Well, as far as I can tell those are the only things you might want to put in a bread bowl.

It's rigatoni in a garlic bread bowl. Yes, it's probably too much carbs, but you can't tell me it's not a good idea. Maybe, if you have to feed a lot of hungry guys and gals for a Super Bowl party, maybe, just... maybe, you'd want to make this. Make your own sauce, gravy, ragu, oh man! pesto would be soooo good. Boil your pasta. Do all the stuff you would normally do for your pasta. When it comes to your bread bowls, cut off the top quarter of the bread bowl and hollow out the bread in the center to make a bowl. How redundent. Butter the inside of the bowl and add whatever you normally add to your garlic bread. Do the same to the lid of the bread bowl also. Put the bread bowl and the lid under the broiler until toasted. Serve your pasta inside and add some parmagian cheese on top of the pasta.
You'll look like a genius! And I'll even let you take all the credit.