We Have A Winner!

Yes, we have a winner! First, I wanted to say thank you for everyone who participated in our crazy contest. I had so much fun that next Wednesday I'm having another contest and the prize will be customized for you!

Here's how I judged the contest. I asked my husband and the kids which one's they liked the best and which one sounded the most like me. Since we couldn't just pick one... We also have three honorable mentions. They will receive a $5.00 gift certificate to Starbucks. I feel like I get to announce the winner for best picture at the Academy Awards. Yes, I am well aware that I'm a nerdy, geeked out freak.

First honorable mention goes to Meg with "You. I've decided to give cannibalism a try. Who wants to be the appetizer?" I laughed so hard I nearly fell out of my chair!

Second honorable mention goes to Shell for "Pickled Snakes Hips" Who knew snakes had hips? It was perfect in it's randomness.

Third honorable mention is my husbands favorite, Mayberry Magpie for..."What makes you think Mom's in charge of dinner? Do I look like I went to college, then worked my butt off for 20 years for a despotic boss, then slaved for three more years to get a master's degree so that I could be in charge of dinner? Did I raise you to swallow ever gender stereotype perpetuated by a patriarchal society? Do you think . . ." That rant deserves to be in bold. I feel your pain.

*drum roll please... the winner is jack's utter lack of surprise with.....

"Ask your dad!"

My kids laughed and laughed. They thought it was pretty damn hysterical. I honestly thought they were going to pick Undomestic Diva's "Shit. I knew I was forgetting something." or Janelle's "Skata mi fleedes. (Phoenetic Greek spelling) Translation is Shit with Fleas." or Goop's "Whatever is marked January in the refrigerator...and take that thong back to ECM....it's not a slingshot." but "ask your dad" was their favorite. Maybe it's because I have never said that before and if I did they would be momentarily speechless or maybe it's because if I did say it the little sous chefs know there isn't going to be dinner.

Again thanks for playing along. I have found a lot of new blogs to read. Now for the winners...Meg, Shell, Magpie and Jack please can you e-mail me your names and addresses to gkrs5@aol.com so I can send off your prizes by Friday. Check in with the other blogs to see where the thong is going to next.

List of blog winners:

*undomestic diva

*evil chef mom

*the lexophile aka jack's utter lack of surprise


Humble Abode said...

oh wow! i totally wasn't expecting to win. i just know if, growing up, mom had said that to me i'd have had a heart attack. haha.

Anonymous said...

I bow to you Jack.
I was sorta, kinda, really wanting to win the "infamous thong" to white elephant it to my blogger friend to spur her on to greatness.
I must continue to find ways to assist "pushing" her to the realms of your greatness. UD thanks for turning me on to ECM. Both of youse guys are great. That's Jersey speak.

krysta said...

Janelle... What's her blog so we can check it out!

Who Are The Goops? said...

Dammit...I had the outfit all planned out and I NEEDED that thong.

krysta said...

Goop...I don't even want to know!

Anonymous said...

I love that the thong is making the rounds. Creepy and cool, all at the same time.

I still can't get over the barista posing with it. Perfect.


Anonymous said...

While I really wish I had the thong...thanks for the honorable mention!

Anonymous said...

Check out my reply to your query on UD.