Oh...The Weather Outside Is Frightful...

If you've been watching the news at all this morning, other than Britney (we will be getting to that topic momentarily) you know out in my neck of the woods, Nor-Cal, it's CRAZY weather. You know the kind of weather that makes you want to light some candles, sit by the fire under a blanket and not move for the next 24 hours. Or if you are like me, you want to bake and cook for the 24. To keep me, my husband and my four sous chefs occupied today, I'm going to do a lot of little posts with them helping me out. We will see how this turns out!

* On the Britney news: I know I'm not a gossip or news blog. I will keep my opinions about childhood stardom, parents making money off their children, yes people (i.e. managers, parents, ect.), media that's focused to much on celebrity, gossip bloggers (i.e. Perez Hilton) who are gleefully sitting at their keyboards happy that this poor girl is self-destructing all for their profit, and her poor kids who are going to need a lot of therapy. I'm going to keep all those opinions to myself, which trust me, is very hard to do. I just want to take Britney home, give her a huge hug and feed her all sorts of good food to make her better. My husband says "That's the mom in you." I know it's a foolish fantasy to think that good food will make her better but I really can't shake the feeling if someone listened to her, told her NO a few times and cooked for her a few meals she would be okay.
What do you think?