Lazy Sunday

It was a lazy (boring, if you ask my kids) Sunday around here. So boring in fact, that they started taking pictures with flowers in Katie's wellies. It did make a good picture, though.

I did find out that my husband loves me more than his TV only when I'm around. Ahh, the power of HD and football, there's no way I can compete! I should put my wedding ring on the remote and be done with it.

Yesterday was football and it didn't matter to my husband that his team was out of a playoff berth like 3 games into the regular season. Rich's game plan was "We were going to watch football all day and eat nachos. I'll even go get the stuff AND I'll even help you make them." Cool beans!

So we made nachos. Ground beef, refried beans, homemade guacamole (holy guacamole! 1 Haas avocado costs a $1.49), homemade salsa, sour cream, green onion, olives, tortilla chips and Velveeta cheese. Yup, Velveeta cheese. There I said it... Velveeta cheese. Yuck, I hate pretty much all pasteurized cheese products and especially Velveeta but it seems to be a must have for nachos. The trade off for the Velveeta cheese is having Rich in the kitchen. I actually taught him how to make salsa. He didn't understand why his wasn't as good as mine. I tried to explain that it's all in the tomatoes. Red, fresh, ripe, farmers market summer tomatoes will always taste better than pinky-green, winter greenhouse ones shipped to the grocery store. He didn't buy it, he thought I said it to make him feel better.