I'm Not Sharing!

I don't want to share... my books, my cameras, my IPOD or my kitchen equipment. Let me explain...

Let's start with books, shall we? My daughter is reading Canterbury Tales. Well, let's just say she is having some technical difficulties with it. To help her out I bought my own copy, so I can read it and maybe, just quite possibly, help her out. She likes my copy better than hers because it's a better translation. There goes my book! I like her translation better so it's an even trade. But as a parent you should know that's not the point!
* Thank You E! Katie said "Your comments helped out a lot and it's nice to know there are smart people in the blogging world."
I have two cameras a Minolta film camera and a Olympus digital camera. I'd like to use them, except every time I pick either one up all I hear is, "Hey Mom, let me take a picture, let me take a picture!"
I won't get into the computer or the IPOD stuff but I am going to talk about the kitchen equipment. My kids have decided to argue about what they are going to get when I die! WHAT! I'M 33, HEALTHY AND NOT EVEN CLOSE TO DYING!!!! No, you can't have my Le Creuset or my mandolin! Get your filthy paws of my pig (molcajete). I think when I die I'm going to have my ashes stored in my Le Creuset to teach them a lesson.