Wicked and Evil Asian Inspired Chicken Thingy or I'm So Articulate!

The picture above turned in to the picture below...

Wicked Good Dinner actually gave me the idea for last night's dinner. Now let's see if I can write what I did because I didn't take any notes or measurements. "I don neeeed no stinkin' meesurments or notes." I mean what kind of blogger would that make me. That's right.... not a very good one.

Wicked and Evil Asian Inspired Chicken Thingy
(I'm so poetic... Wait! Well spoken...ummm... that's not the word. Oh! I'm articulate. Yeah, that's it! I'm articulate!)

Cook rice according to however you cook rice. But if you have sticky rice use that because it will taste so much better. Of course I didn't have any so I had to adapt, improvise and overcome. Ooh-rah!

Marinate chicken in General Tso's sauce from Trader Joe's and some sesame oil. Broil or grill until done. Slice and serve over rice.

Green Beans: par-boil for a few minutes until almost cooked through. Drain and sautee with some sesame oil, salt, pepper, some juice from a blood orange and some sesame seeds. Again, I didn't have any sesame seeds... you know the rest.

Okay... now the piece de resistance... the carrots!

Wash and peel the carrots. Half, then quarter, then cut into bite size pieces. These carrots were soft but crunchy (I guess that's called an oxymoron). I'm not sure if that was due to the color or something else but I just sauteed the carrots in sesame oil, cilantro, green onion, freshly grated ginger, sesame seeds, salt and freshly ground coarse black pepper and finished it with some freshly squeezed blood orange juice.

My oldest sous chef, Katie, and I liked dinner.

Here is what my harshest critics said:

Nancy, sous chef#4, didn't like the carrots. "Too Sweet!"

Will, sous chef #3, I found out doesn't like the taste of sesame oil. " I don't like that funny taste!"

Hannah, niece sous chef, didn't like the carrots. "I can't remember why!"
My pickiest eater:

*Drew, sous chef #2, liked it! " I liked it!"

* He's a 12 year old boy, who's growing like a weed. Things he never liked before he's now eating. If that is because his taste buds are maturing or he's consuming everything in his path because he is turning into a teenage garbage disposal... is a matter up for discussion!