Which Goop Are You?

I am totally coveting?(or is to covet, I don't know.) But I really want one of these shirts. So Which Goop Are You? Look at the shirts and accessories here or here. Samantha and her business partner are amazing. They came up with these cool shirts and accessories based on a 100 year old book. Click on the links because I really can't do it justice. If you have a kid, you will find a character based on your child, yourself or someone you know.

* Samantha and her 3 kids live next door. One day when she came over to pick them up and I saw her wearing this black shirt with a Goop character on it. Being the nosy neighbor that I am, I asked what was on her shirt and where she got it because I wanted one. She told me this was her and business partners company. Holy Cow! I didn't know that. Here's a woman raising kids by herself, working full time(she's a teacher) and running her company. Samantha is one tough, sleep deprived chick. And one day in the very near future she's going to get rich and famous and move away.