There's A Glitch in the Matrix...Part Two

This is a Hirschfeld drawing of the Odd Couple. {Can you spot any Ninas in there?} This used to be my sister, Stacey, and I. I was Felix, uptight, neat, play by the rules, bookworm. I am still... but I think I'm mellowing a little bit.
"Hey pick up your mess, kids, I am trying to type and I cannot think with that mess all around me." Then again, maybe not.
My sister, Stacey, was Oscar to my Felix. Artistic, not a care in the world, just a little bit messy when we shared a room together, also a night owl from the day she was born. We were polar opposites until she settled down and had a baby. We have a little more in common these days. One of the many things I could never understand was that she said she couldn't cook. I always thought she could because she was smart and creative. Also stubborn but flexible. Four qualities I think you need to be a good cook and guess what? I WAS RIGHT! nah nah nah nah nah!
My sister made a kick ass apple pie and a cherry pie with a perfect homemade crust. With little stars on it because that's the way she is. I couldn't be more proud of her because I can't make a pie to save my life.
Wait... that's not right! I'm the older sister and Evil Chef Mom. I have to get into the kitchen right now and learn how to make a pie crust just to show her who's the numero uno chef around here. She's invading on my turf and crossed the line of demarcation! It's war, Space Case, it's war!