There's A Glitch in the Matrix

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I'm recovering.
"Recovering from what? It was only Christmas. Get off your lazy, pansy ass and do something." My few readers scream at their computer screens to me.
Yeah, well, I had three parties at my house in four days. My house is trashed. Like a bunch of frat brothers decided to use my house for rush week. I was going to post pictures of what my kitchen and living room looked like but I really thought someone call the building inspectors and CPS on me, it was that bad.
On Saturday the 22nd, we had a party/potluck/gift exchange for my husband's side of the family. They are notorious for being... well, let's just say that when they come over something breaks or dies. Iron gate...broke. Two Catfish....dead. Dining Room Chair... rest in pieces. Dinner was good, though, I made chicken enchiladas, rice, guacamole, appetizers, and pie. Mom-in-law made chilaquilies and my sister-in-law made beans.
For as long as I can remember Christmas Eve has always been at my Grandmother's house. This year there was a glitch in the matrix. Actually a virus at the retirement home but it sounds more interesting to say a glitch in the matrix. My Grandmother called me the day before to say that even though the retirement home wasn't quarantined they ( meaning doctors, nurses and management staff ) didn't really want people coming in and out of there.
"Then let's have it here, Grandma." I told her.
"I don't want to impose." Grandma said.
"Grandma. I'm having dinner here on Christmas. The house is clean. What's one more party?" I asked.
After going through the "I don't want impose" and so on and so forth a couple more times, my Grandmother's Christmas Eve get-together was at my house. All the kids (my brothers and sisters and their assorted brats, mine included) stayed around until midnight watching movies and wrapping gifts. Bad idea, because Christmas started at 5:00 am. Brunch at my Mom's was at 11:00 and dinner at my house was at 5:00pm. Craziness ensued! Scrabble, Spades and Dominoes were played. Name-calling and harsh teasing were bandied about. All and all a very fun Christmas!