So, I bet your asking " Why is there a book cover on your blog post?" Well, this is probably my favorite book by my favorite author but more importantly it has to do with this post. Bear with me here, I'm trying to give this post context.
This book, among other things, is about life in a dying textiles town and Miles, the owner of a diner, who's business is doing well but will never be great until he gets out from under an old women's thumb. Long story short, a lot of the story takes place in the diner and the things I overheard reminded me of this book.
Yesterday, Rich and I went out to lunch at Chuck's. I have talked about this place before, it's a very popular diner with lines out the door even on a Tuesday morning. Yesterday afternoon it was very slow and quiet so we were able to get a table and ear hustle (eavesdrop) on some conversations. Is it ear hustling when they are speaking loud enough for the whole diner to hear?
Two people were talking about their visit to France...
" They don't speak American."
" They don't know how to cook an egg. You know like eggs and bacon or eggs and ham. All they do is boil that shit."
" So I ordered a lot pizza and hamburgers. They didn't do that well, either."
Swear to God thoose are actual quotes. My mouth fell open and I was in shock. WTF? They went to France and ate pizza and hamburgers?! And the French don't know how to cook an egg? Where did they eat? Why did they even go? Again, WTF?!