Let's Leave This To The Professionals

Here on the West Coast of California, the storms are starting to roll in and that means surf advisories. The top picture was taken at Mavericks by Half Moon Bay, California and the bottom picture was taken at Ghost Trees in Monterey County. Yesterday, Peter Davi, one of the early riders of The Mavericks Surf Contest died while surfing at Ghost Trees.

They are calling yesterday, Big Tuesday, because the waves were said to be 60-70 feet high. So now the waiting period for The Mavericks Surf Contest has begun. When the wave contitions are right they call the contest.The invitees then have 24 hours to get to Half Moon Bay. This isn't Hawaii folks, this is frigid water, a dangerous current, jagged rocks, and oh by the way, did I mention sharks? If you have time and live near by, bring a telescope or some binoculars and watch, it is breath taking. If you don't live near-by but are interested in something different, check out The Mavericks website. It has on overview on the contest, the history of Mavericks, the science of the wave, seafloor imagery, current conditions, and all sorts of other neat stuff.