Hopefully, you have checked out Wicked Good Dinner , and if you have, you'll know she also blogs about family traditions. It got me thinking about our family traditions and thought maybe you'd want to hear about one of ours.

Who wants to cook on Christmas morning? Are you crazy? All I want to do is play with my kids toys and all my kids want to do is eat candy. Christmas and Easter are the only times I let my kids gorge themselves on candy. They get to eat candy at 6 o'clock in the morning but not just any candy. There's no way Evil Chef Mom would let them get off that easy. I get the kids strange candies and goodies from the ethnic stores around our area. We have a blast trying out new things. Also, I sneak in their favorite candies like Tolberone and Ferrer Rocher Chocolates because they don't get to have those very often.

After my kids have crashed from their sugar high and feeling weak from the empty calories, they want breakfast. So, like the good dealer... oops did I say dealer, I meant mom that I am, I give them another fix of sugar. I make them beignets, hot chocolate, and orange juice. Beignets are french doughnuts covered with powdered sugar. Since I have made it very clear I don't want to slave away on Christmas morning, I buy the Cafe Du Monde beignet mix at Cost Plus World Market. Instead of making the kids sit down at the table to eat, I serve the beignets in a paper lunch bag with their names written on it. Breakfast is now portable and they can take it with them and play with their toys or read their books. (don't ask, that will be another post!) For the hot chocolate, I serve Scharffen Berger Cocoa with whole milk or a combo of 2% milk and half and half. I would serve chicory and coffee but no one drinks coffee in our house and I don't even own a coffee maker! Oh, the horror! A Starbucks latte or mocha would be good but I don't think anybody would go out to get it for me, so it's a moot point.
I'm sure one of these Christmas mornings CPS will be at my door because I'm dealing sugar to my kids and also contributing to the Type 2 diabetes epidemic. The headline will be worth it all... "Sugar Mama Arrested on Christmas Day for Dealing Sugar to Her Own Children!"