Happy Hanukkah!

My kids favorite third grade teacher makes latkes for her class on Hanukkah. Many of them have never even heard of or had latkes. Many of the students haven't even heard of Hanukkah for that matter. While the parent helpers are making the latkes, she explains what Hanukkah is about. The students get to sing songs and play with a dreydl. This year I bought her a book to read to her students called "The Latke Who Couldn't Stop Screaming" by Lemony Snicket. It's about a latke who leaps out of a frying pan and tries to explain Hanukkah to a gingerbread man, a Christmas tree, and a candy cane. They call him a hash brown that they can serve with the Christmas Ham. *GASP!* After all this, he still gets eaten. It sounds a little morbid, it is after all a Lemony Snicket book, but it's sweet and gets the point across about Hanukkah.
For her students, Mrs. Third Grade also sends home the recipe for latkes.

Latkes (potato pancakes): Courtesy of Mrs. The Best Third Grade Teacher Ever!

6 medium potatoes

2 eggs

1 tsp. salt

2 tbs. flour

1/4 tsp. baking powder

1 small onion

1 small apple

Peel and grate potatoes, onion, and apple on a coarse grater. Drain off water. Beat eggs lightly; add grated potatoes, onion, and apple and blend well. Add salt, flour, baking powder and mix thoroughly. Pour 1 inch oil into skillet and heat. Drop mix by tablespoons into hot oil. Fry and brown on both sides. Serve hot. Drain off any liquid before frying each cake. Serve with sour cream or apple sauce. Makes 20.