Christmas Gifts

" You know Mom would rather have a dinner at French Laundry than jewelry as a Christmas gift." said Katie, sous chef #1.

My best friend, Denise, has very defined ideas about gift giving and the above quote would absolutely drive her insane!

Denise's Gift Giving Rules:

1.) A pet is not a gift.

2.) Household items are NOT gifts. For example: vacuum cleaners, toasters, ect. Especially if your spouse gives it to you!

3.) Gifts are supposed to be fun. See rule 5.

4.) You should ask for things you wouldn't normally ask for. i.e. something you wouldn't buy yourself because of the cost.

5.) Theme gifts are always fun. For example, The Godfather Gift: Francis Ford Coppola's Wine, Pasta and Sauce, and a dvd of The Godfather. Preferably stuffed into a hobby horses head. Seriously.

6.) Listen to people. You'll find out what they really want.

Denise is the best gift giver I know and these rules have never failed her until she met me and my family. We drive Denise absolutely nuts. Every year she asks for a list and every year I tell the kids her rules and every year they write things like clothing and books on their list. She says my kids are strange. Kids shouldn't ask for clothes or books. What kinda fun is that? I irritate her further because all she hears me talk about is wanting cooking supplies for Christmas and that breaks rule #2 and #3 on her gift giving list. Cooking is not fun in her opinion, so why would anybody want a Le Creuset dutch oven. I tell her it's rule #3 and #4, I would never spend that kind of money on myself and for me, cooking is fun. So, HAH!

Needless to say she has broke her own rules, because she has given me Fiesta Ware and Le Creuset dutch oven. All my best presents have been kitchen gear, which Denise doesn't understand and subsequently gives her a headache. So, in no particular order, here are the best gifts I have ever received.

1. Global Chef's Knife

2. Global Paring Knife

3. Le Creuset Dutch Oven

4. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

5. My Magnalite Professional hard anodized cookware.

6. Fiesta Ware

7. Hopefully, one of these days... a meal at French Laundry.

Hear that family: "No jewlery... just a meal at French Laundry" If you can't get me that, I'd be happy with a used copy of " The French Laundry Cookbook".