Can't. Type. Now. In a sugar coma. Mmmmm...candy. Am I a bad mom if I take candy from my kids? I mean they're not babies, right? Only Nancy and Will went trick-or-treating this year, Katie and Andrew stayed home. While it was easier for me, not making or buying costumes and putting makeup on all of them. I realized they are growing up so quick and that was a little depressing, but I helped myself to some of their candy and immediately felt better. Ahh, the power of candy.

If quantity is better than quality during Halloween my kids hit the jackpot. Actually they did good in both departments, I think saw at least 5 full size candy bars in their pillowcases. Wow, I don't remember getting a full size candy bar, ever. The sous chefs won't share the full size ones. They even put their names on the wrappers. Nancy WILL NOT share her Three Musketeers, Will loves Baby Ruths, and Andrew and Katie will sneak candy out of their siblings candy stashes. There's nothing like brotherly and sisterly love. I didn't have to steal from them because they gave me all of their Twix candy bars. It's good to be the mom!

Dinner didn't go as planned, though. I was going to make linguine with cauliflower. A riff on ziti with cauliflower from Mario Batali's Babbo cookbook.The linguine was going to be the Guinea and African Eye Worms, and to further gross out the sous chefs, the cauliflower was going to be brains. I figured the pasta would give them enough energy to do lots of trick-or-treating and maybe fill them up so they wouldn't eat too much candy. This didn't happen. I had ziti, a half of package of fettuccine(definitely not enough to feed 8 people), but no linguine. I also found out we didn't have any bread for sandwiches, either. That's a whole different can of worms, so to speak. I decided to improvise.

"Guess what guys? It's "You're The Chef night."" I told them.

They all hit the kitchen and ransacked the place. Prawns and cocktail sauce, oatmeal, leftover Pompie's casserole, garbanzo beans. They ate it all and destroyed my kitchen in the process. Even an improvised "You're The Chef Night!" goes wrong from me. Don't they realize it is suppose to make one night easy on me. All I am asking for is one night. One lousy night! Forget it, let it go, its Halloween. I hustled them out the door so we could meet up with some friends and all go trick-or-treating together. When we get to their house my friend, Tami, pulls the best trick ever by offering me a drink before we leave and never giving it to me. When we were kids, people who gave out suckey candy or no candy at all got their houses egged or at the very least TP'ed. I think I'm going to go egg her house tonight.