Thanksgiving (hostage) Negotiatons.

Halloween is over, so it's time to start thinking about Thanksgiving! Normally when you ask people " What is your favorite holiday?" I swear at least 80% of the answers are Christmas. Well, Bah Humbug! My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. There is no pressure about buying people the perfect gift or which parties to attend. Cooking is not pressure, neither is eating and hanging out with my family. But before I can even start writing about cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I have to solve the problem of where are we going? or Am I having it here? My parents are divorced so it can be a delicate question. Where did we go last year? Where are Stacey, Nick, and Robin (my siblings) going? Do they want to do Thanksgiving at their place? Do either one of my parents want to do dinner at their house? and don't forget about our various spouses and their families. It's like a hostage situation. Negotiations start, threats and demands are issued, and either someone ends up dead or at the very least bloodied. Sounds like fun.
Robin put out the first feelers this year by asking me what I wanted to do. This is the curse of the oldest child, in one sentence she shifted all of the negotiations to me. Though, at my niece's (her daughter) soccer game she did ask my mom what we were doing for Thanksgiving. No answer, crickets chirping, not a peep, I'm not even if sure if she heard the question. Then a day later I asked my dad what was going on for Thanksgiving. He, at least, said he was going to talk to Shelia (his fiancee). I need to know folks, after all I've got a food blog I'm trying to write.