Random Top Chef Sighting!

I love me some Top Chef, but now having watched The Next Iron Chef, I wish Top Chef would go with more of a professional, less drama type show. It was really refreshing to watch a real cooking show, with real chefs on Food Network. Enough time wasted on playing TV critic and back to the topic at hand. Guess who was standing in front of us last night at the movie theatre? Michael Midgley from Season 2 of Top Chef. He was the guy who had wisdom tooth surgery done, then won both the Quickfire and Elimination in the same episode. He was the only "chef" to do that so far. I put quotes around chef because in my hometown paper I see his name and picture all the time as a... (wait for it).... realtor. I guess Top Chef didn't take Michael so far or maybe he's biding his time until he opens up a restaurant. No, I didn't ask to take his picture or even talk to him. What is there to say " Hey, you're that guy on Top Chef." Sorry, that's just lame. Now if it was Anthony Bourdain (sigh), I would totally be willing to make an ass of myself.