It's Official, I'm an Idiot!

Yesterday, started out great. A trip to the farmers market to get my knives sharpened. Doesn't that sound weird, sharp objects and public places could be a cops nightmare. This gentleman, he had such a beautiful accent, European, that I forgot his name. Well, he owns Perfect Edge and goes around to the Farmers Markets in our county and some of the cooking supply places around town and sharpens knives. He took my knives and told me to go shop while he sharpening them. Do you know when you don't have any money that's when you see something you want to buy? Walking around the Farmers Market was like that for me yesterday. If Thanksgiving was at my house this year I would've changed my whole menu at the last minute. They had these carrots that I wanted to adopt, they were absolutely beautiful. They were light orange and fat with the bright green fronds still attached (until I get a digital camera, you are gonna have to use you imagination). I restrained myself and only bought some sunflowers and the most perfect walnuts ever. They actually called out to me. " Buy Me. Do something wonderful to me!" So I did. I'm just not sure what the wonderful thing is yet.

When I went back to pick up my knives, the knife guy, wait I can't call him that. He is way too dignified for Knife Guy. The Knife Gentleman gently scolded me about my beautiful Global knives. How they nick quite easily and I really should use a big heavy German knife for the harder things. I hung my head down ashamed, and mumbled something like "I've committed knife abuse and I'll be more careful in the future" just like a little kid. He just chuckled and said he'll see me again. I think he didn't believe me.

I get home, ready to cook and I do. I'm a cooking fool. Things are going perfect. Everything for Thanksgiving, except the potatoes and dinner for the night, are cooked. Until... I burn my wrist. This is so stupid. I burn my wrist, not on the oven, not on a hot pan, not in oil or water. I burn it defrosting meat for dinner. I put some hamburger that was in a Ziplock bag in the microwave to defrost and instead of pressing the defrost button like a smart person would do. I cook it. When I grab it out of the microwave, POW! The Ziplock Bag explodes. Hot steam and hamburger fat everywhere. It's official, I'm an idiot. What a stupid mistake. But I didn't read Kitchen Confidential for nothing! I ran cold water over the burn, grabbed an ice pack and a kitchen towel and tied it to my wrist and re-did dinner just like a good chef would do. I don't need no stinkin' doctor! Actually, I wouldn't want to go into the doctors office for something so dumb.

Instead of telling everyone have a happy Thanksgiving. I'm going to say "Have an Injury Free Thanksgiving!"