I Need, I Want, I'm Whining!

Do you ever have one of those days when you wake up you just know its going to be funky? Not really bad, just kinda off. That's one of those days for me. Maybe it's the time change or just too much Halloween candy but all I feel like doing is whining. Let's let it rip.

To even admit this, puts me in a funk, but I really need a digital camera. This blog really needs pictures and I hate the idea of a digital camera. I love my Minolta camera using film, real film. I hate Photoshop. I know I'll have fun with a digital camera, I can edit the photos I don't like on the spot. What about the ... I'm going to stop right there because it's an arguement without a clear winner. Just like a political debate, round and round without no one really answering the questions.

I want a new IPod. Perferably an IPod nano with a dock so I can listen to it in the kitchen. I have always listened to music in the kitchen but I'm finding out I want better sound quality.

I also need to get my Global knives sharpened. Carving pumpkins took a toll on them. I should be reported to someone, because my knives are being abused. I'm ashamed.

I have cooking block. I don't know what I want to cook. I just went grocery shopping, so it can't be that I don't have anything to cook. It's I have too much to cook.

I'm not worried about the war in Iraq, my kids, Pakistan, or my house falling down around my ears. Oh Noooo, I'm worried about knives, sound quality, and cooking block. I really need to go back to bed and start my day over again.