Definition: Cooking Block & Eating Block

Inspiration struck this morning while I was laying in bed. So I got up and thumbed through Michael Ruhlman's The Elements Of Cooking to look for a definition of what cooking block might mean. No definition. Come on now, there has to be something about this. I'm sure all around the world there's discussions about this all the time.

In a restaurant kitchen I imagine it might go like this:

" We have already done this special a couple months ago, we can't repeat it."

In the restaurant dining room it might go:

" We already had this here. I made this for dinner last night and I really don't want that." I know I have done this one too many times.

At home it might go like this:

"We had chicken last night. I'm really not in the mood for salmon tonight. No, I don't feel like cooking omelets either."

"Then let's go out. Where do you want to go?"

"I don't know. I don't want Chinese, Sushi, Italian, American."

You end up at home, standing in front of the fridge trying to figure out what looks good, while eating a PB&J sandwich you didn't even want!

Cooking block: When a cook has all the ingredients and tools to make a meal but just stares at the fridge or ingredients stupidly because they can't think of what to cook.
Eating block: When you are hungry but nothing sounds good. Do not mistake someone with eating block for a picky eater. They are two very distinct and separate food issues.