Practically Perfect in every way.

Nancy was right. The soup was good with beans. I'm too tired to even be a little mad or jealous or whatever.
I was visiting one of my favorite web sites, davidlebovitz.com and saw there is a new Vosges chocolate bar out. Mo's Bacon Bar. Applewood smoked bacon, alder smoked salt, and deep milk chocolate. Mmmmm. The first time I saw a Vosges candy bar was at Cost Plus. I was there to get , you know I can't even remember because I was so distracted seeing this candy bar. I'm not a big chocolate fan but this Barcelona Bar I saw was intriguing. Almonds, grey sea salt, and deep milk chocolate. I love chocolate and salt together. You want to charge me $5.99 for a candy bar? Go ahead because I HAVE TO TRY IT! Oh lordy, it was so good and I wasn't at all disappointed. I lied, I was disappointed because I had to share. And you know what, Rich just wolfed his down like it was a Hershey bar. I was offended. I can't think about it right now because... Ugh! Let's get back to the bacon bar before my blood pressure goes up any higher.
"Hey Katie! Guess what Vosges has now? A bacon chocolate candy bar!" I think I yelled this at her. Partly because she was out of the room and partly because I get excited about this kind of stuff. I am such a nerd.
"That's got to be the best candy bar ever." See, she gets it. Or maybe it's she's a big food nerd too, because all the other sous chefs were groaning. They're just kids, we'll forgive them for now. All I know is the sous chefs and that bacon bar, I haven't even tried yet, are practically perfect in every way.
Mmmm...bacon and chocolate.